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N7 Mass Effect Jacket

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Product Description

N7 Mass Effect 3 Leather Jacket

The inspiration of this stylish n7 jacket taken from a game Mass Effect worn by Commander Shepard’, where ‘N’ stands for the special force and ‘7’ the highest level of the marine. The game is about saving the earth from destruction by the hands of the ‘Reapers’, an ancient human race.

This sturdy and macho styled mass effect jacket is made from 100% synthetic leather. The inner viscose lining provides cozy comfort and extra durability, consists of a stand-up collar giving it a very classy look. It has YKK zipper front closure. Mass Effect Leather Jacket has a vertical side pockets on each waist side 2 additional inner pockets are given for practical use. A band of sizzling red leather stripes runs from shoulder to open hem cuff. The matching color curve stripe then runs from shoulder to waist line hence giving elegant and chic look.

Put on your N7 leather jacket and be a part of the Special Force.

Product Reviews

  1. Made The Right Choice

    Posted by Steven Johnson

    The reviews about this jacket helped me a lot as it motivated me to buy it. I also love the Mass Effect game, so that’s 2 points to craze me up even more. So I purchased it by all help from the Customer Service, and it reached to me on time. The jacket is perfect and comfortable too. Thanks a million Fjackets.

  2. My Plan , Hopefully To Be A Success

    Posted by Kenneth Moore

    Planned to wear it for my friend’s birthday party, because I know the ladies are going to be there and I need to look good in front of them. The reason I purchased this jacket is because of the designs and plus I’m a fan of Mass Effect Game. So now I’m going to make my way there, let’s hope for the best.

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