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SKU: 200413

10th Doctor Who Coat - Full Length

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Brown Trench Tenth Doctors Coat


  • Screen Accurate Design
  • Material: Cotton
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Front: Standard Notch Lapel and Button Closure
  • Pockets: Two Outer Flap Pockets, Two Inside
  • Length: Full Length
  • Color: Brown


David Tennant wore this coat in the Doctor Who TV Series. He added a little distinctiveness in his look by wearing his sneakers along with it. The 10th Doctor Coat will look perfect with the Doctor Who Brown Suit.

The Doctor Who Coat is made of high quality cotton fabric. It enables you to have a superbly stitched and comfortable trench coat. It can be worn as a costume as well as a regular outfit. The features on this coat are chosen with great quality inspection so you get a proper, long lasting outerwear. Avail this screen accurate outfit now.

More Information About This Product

About Drama

Doctor Who is one of the best ongoing and most watched TV series of all time. Many characters have been introduced since 1963 when the first episode of Doctor Who journey was transmitted. This show was introduced by BBC and is based on science-fiction. It has a significant use of technology and yes, this serial has something that every doctor has used. A Sonic Screw Driver to fight with the evil forces that use to harm innocent peoples and Doctor as a protector of them save them from that bad sources and stop them from changing the history as well. As the doctor is from time-lord, he was capable of regenerating his damaged body can change his appearance whenever he had a chance to do so.

The time traveling machine in which the doctor traveled from planet to planet earth is Tardis. This machine is in the form of famous Police Box and since there in the series from 1963. Every doctor has traveled in this machine to lots of planets still it’s there in the show. The reason that this Drama Series is famous is because there are many new ideas introduced in this series that made it new every time that is best for viewers. There are some plans as known and assumed for bringing some new stories, character and scripts, and of course, introducing the latest fashion like David Tennant Coat which can be adopted by anyone. This series is considered being on the top, loved by all viewers and have been known as the most-watched shows world wild.

About Character

Like every other doctor who has worked best in the series, David Tennant, who portrayed the role of Tenth Doctor has done a perfect job in the show. Coming back after 16 years of absence, the show became a big hit premier in 2005 “Rose”. After when the time came for the second series, the BBC announced that Christopher Eccleston the Ninth Doctor of the show is not going to be the doctor anymore. After this announcement, BBC announced that David Tennant will be the next Doctor of the drama. Since 2005, Tennant has been working in the series as the tenth Doctor and was first to appear as a doctor in the ending scene of “The Parting of the Way”. His appearance was just for 20 seconds to show the regenerate of personality and appearance from Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston to Tenth Doctor David Tennant.

David Tennant’s first episode as doctor was a mini episode Children in Need in 2005, and the Christmas Special “The Christmas Invasion” in the same year. With the coat that he wore, David Tennant made his impressive look of turning formal into a funkier formal version way. He gave his approach onto his coat by wearing sneakers, which normally we don’t see many people wearing sneaking with formal coat. Thus his style of wearing the Dr Who Coat Cosplay and the way of his acting fascinated many viewers everywhere and for that there are talks about he being the perfect doctor ever seen and wish that they don’t see him disappearing but continue to play that role as he fits greatly.

Tenth Doctor Who Coat Owners:

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33 Reviews

  1. Just what i needed 5

    Posted by FJackets Customer

    It was hard for me to find the right trench coat but then I found this and it fits perfectly

  2. Five Stars 5

    Posted by Joshua Kern

    Absolutely amazing. We'll worth price. Expertly made, I plan to wear it even when not being the doctor.

  3. its perfect!! 5

    Posted by William Starling

    its perfect!!! i am 5.5 and 12 years old. i bought the small and was expecting it it be to small, but it was perfect!. if you want to look JUST like david tenet (the Doctor) then this is the best trench coat to buy. if i told you all the things i liked about the coat i would be here for the rest of the day(its 12:00 right now)

  4. Five Stars 5

    Posted by John Smith

    Can't wait to wear this to Denver ComicCon!

  5. Amazing quality. Used this for when I went as ... 5

    Posted by Andrew Bartko

    Amazing quality. Used this for when I went as David Tennant (Dr. Who) for Halloween. Had many compliments on this.

  6. Five Stars 5

    Posted by Adiel Sanchez

    Love it. If you're cosplaying the doctor, it's perfect. It's a great by itself as well. :)

  7. Quality was better than expected and it came extremely quickly 5

    Posted by The Doctor

    Quality was better than expected and it came extremely quickly! It was very wrinkly as mentioned by other reviewers, but well worth it for what you get for the price.

  8. Got a LOT of compliments on this. One thing ... 4

    Posted by socalgecko

    Got a LOT of compliments on this. One thing to note is that if you want to use the rear buttons of the duster, you'll have to finish the cut work on the button holes as they were a little unfinished.

  9. Good quality! 5

    Posted by Angela Springer

    Got this for my son for his birthday as he

  10. My daughter loved it and still wears the coat 5

    Posted by Jeff

    I was a little nervous about ordering from company overseas. The vender was very responsive. They expedited my order so that I received it in time for Halloween. My daughter loved it and still wears the coat. The fit was exactly as advertised. The quality was great for the price.

  11. Coat is great. fit perfectly. Great quality 5

    Posted by cschobert

    Coat is great. fit perfectly. Great quality. Only issue was it was a bit thin, but that's not really a bad thing. Definitely recommend buying

  12. Great quality and fit 5

    Posted by hlb74

    This coat is good quality, much better than we expected and suitable for everyday wear as opposed to only fancy dress. My son really loves it, he wanted a replica 10th doctor who coat and this was as close as we could have hoped for. The sizing was perfect, we ordered a m small for a 13year old boy. Well worth the wait and money, purchased from the U.K.

  13. Not Just for Cosplay 5

    Posted by Eleanor Parker

    My husband loves this coat. Not only is it a great replica of Tens coat, but it feels nice and is good to wear. It is also pretty warm. Not only is it a good value, but I'd say it's better than I would expect for the price by a long shot

  14. Great quality cosplay costume 5

    Posted by Sophie

    I bought this for my 16-year-old, my 13-year-old was having a Doctor Who themed bar Mitzvah party. This coat was great especially considering the price point. It had all of the little details done correctly.

  15. Cool for cosplay 5

    Posted by R.C. Dukes

    Bought it for Batman cosplay. Too lightweight for anything else. Nicely constructed, but not a functional piece of clothing.

  16. Looks great 4

    Posted by Herb Wolfe

    I'm a big fan of the 10th Doctor, and have been looking at various trench coats. I bought this based on the reviews. It looks and feels great, but it is a bit snug on my frame. I'm 6' tall, and have lost some weight, to where I am currently about 235 lbs. I was able to button it, but I don't think I could wear it, buttoned, over a suit, nor would I have been able to button it a few months ago.

  17. Very Impressed 5

    Posted by Bill

    Very Nice Coat! Highly recommend. Bought it for a cosplay initially, but find it to be an amazing coat for normal attire too. The colors, material, and fit was quite nice, and the way it sways when you walk is satisfying as well. Overall, was not expecting such good quality for the price I paid, especially when compared to other custom made coats I was considering. Definitely a good buy and good value.Oh, and the reviews that recommend ordering one size larger seemed spot-on. I ordered XL and I am a fairly skinny tall person. With the size I ordered, it fit quite well, but I could see how a smaller size may have been a bit tight. As long as you keep this in mind when buying though, it seems to not be an issue. Thankful for the reviews that informed me of this before I made my purchase as well.

  18. Just like the show 5

    Posted by Lindsey

    Looks just like the 10th Doctor's coat. Is a little thin, but not cheaply thin. Just one layer of imitation suede and one layer of the lining. This will not replace your winter coat. It is simply a layer of fabric on top of whatever else you are wearing. That being said, the quality is great. If you are using it for the style or a cosplay, it's perfect.As far as fit, fit me well. Has room through the shoulders for a suite jacket, sleeves came about halfway down onto my hands (but my arms are a little short, so this happens a lot), and the coat tails fell just about to the bottom of my calves. I ordered the Men's Small. I am a 5'6" woman who weighs about 130 lbs, to give you some context for my description of how the coat fits.Overall, very happy with the purchase!

  19. Okay value for the price 4

    Posted by R. Grace

    Being a fan of the 10th Doctor, I've been debating buying this coat for a couple of years now. I may need to get it altered but not how I thought. I'm about 5' 6" and got the XL coat. It sweeps the floor when I put it on. The sleeves are also a bit long, which I didn't expect (I'm a female, but I'm used to commercial sleeves being too short for my arms). I also didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to button it up. Admittedly, I need to lose a few pounds but this is why I hesitated in buying the coat for so long. I expected that I'd lose the rest of the weight and the coat would be way too loose. I generally wear L or XL-sized clothing, both men's and women's, so this is strange. I expect that a L coat would be better length-wise but would be even worse around the middle. Of course, this way, I suppose it looks more like I have the actual coat instead of my own.The fabric is also thinner than I expected. I've got a faux-suede button-up shirt that's got thicker fabric than this thing does. The whole coat arrived folded up smaller than a thin sweater. But if you're going to be wearing this over a 3-piece suit, it should be more than sufficient. It definitely feels heavier when you put it on. Mine also arrived with the back pleat button-up portion cut correctly (I've seen some listings for other coats complaining that it wasn't done at all) and all the buttons and buttonholes properly placed. There are some loose threads, but that's not a big deal; they're easily snipped off.My biggest complaint is about the pockets. There are four of them, two outside and two inner breast pockets. None of them are that big. I know that we don't have actual bigger-on-the-inside technology but it would be nice if the pockets were just a bit deeper and maybe slightly wider than the pocket openings. Not sure how much I'll be able to carry around in these things, certainly not as much as I was hoping.But, all in all, I'm pretty happy with what I got. For less than $100, I got a decently sized coat that looks pretty authentic and needs minimal alterations. You can't get a coat of similar quality for that price even at Walmart and this is much better looking than one from there, IMO.

  20. Allons-y! 5

    Posted by FJackets Customer

    If this were the 9th Doctor's coat, I'd say it was "fantastic," but since it's the 10th Doctor's coat, I'll say it's perfect for shouting "Allons-y!" before hopping in the TARDIS and going on an adventure to fight aliens. The attention to detail is incredible. They got the color of the faux suede, the blue lining, the orange lining on the pockets, the buttons, the pleat, and the split in the back so the coat billows fabulously while you are running from Daleks. The pockets aren't bigger on the inside, but you'll be able to fit a Sonic Screwdriver and banana for your next dinner party with room to spare. Some of the other reviews I read said that the coat was too lightweight, but I think it's great. It's a good, solid coat. Not being super heavy is better for a cosplay since it won't be as hot, especially after you add a suit and go to a convention. Another common trend among the reviews was concerns about the sizing. Especially where people were saying the coat they ordered was too small to fit young teens and children, this made me worried that, even though I'm a small person, the small might not be big enough. However, I decided to try the small and see what happened. For anyone who's trying to gauge what size to get, if it helps, I'm 5'1" with 17.5" shoulders. The sleeves were a few inches too long, so I'll have to hem those, and the coat is almost to the ground but not enough that I'm going to bother with hemming it. It fit great in the shoulders, a little big but comfortably so, and it will probably fit even better after I add a suit coat. Overall, great coat. You're not going to find a coat with better quality and accuracy to the TV series as this one without paying an arm and a leg, being skilled enough to sew one yourself, or robbing BBC (but please don't do that). I'll post photos after I have the full costume put together and good photos to share.

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