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Asymmetrical Leather Jacket Fashion Trends


Leather jackets are a symbol of courage, it is the companion when you face dangerous situations and gives you the confidence you need to make it through.

That’s why motorcyclists are fond of Asymmetrical leather jackets because they’re the best for harshest of situations, whether its cold weather or protection against road accidents, these jackets hold up pretty good.

What's the difference


An asymmetrical, also known as biker jacket are designed exclusively for riders. They act more like a protective gear. While a simple leather jacket is only to be used for fashion purpose. A biker jacket can also be used for fashion. 

Key Features of an Asymmetrical leather Jacket Mens:

  • Fit adjustment system, you can wear it both open and close style.
  • Include classic built-in waist belt/buckle.
  • Extra Inner and Outer Pockets for storing valuables.
  • Reflective hardware studs that are visible and attactive.
  • Comes in many colors and styles that suits riders need.

Plus, it gives that spark in your look that makes you look like someone with a fierce attitude.

These asymmetrical jackets are not just known for bikers, they are a fashion statement as well.

Equally loved by everyone as they create a class in style, enhances your charm, and adds an edge.

What about fit

The main concern is how the jacket should fit. Here are a few things that I previously discussed in other page about biker jacket fit. 

  • Length - should be a little below waist belt because it tends to look better on an average build person. If you're tall, you can try longer length jackets. 
  • Sleeves - they must not be tight or cover the fingers. The sleeves need to reach only the wrist area.
  • Movement - makesure the jacket makes you feel flexible. Try moving your arms up and down, left and right. If you notice any restriction, go for one-size up instead.
  • Armholes - the perfect way to identify whether the jacket is poorly cut or too big is through armholes. Low armholes mean the jacket is not designed good or big for you. 
  • Shoulders - the sitting on the shoulder needs to be proper to make it more comfortable. The tightness can crack or restrict movement.

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Which leather is best for jackets?

Lambskin and cowhide are the best quality leather pieces for men and women

What is asymmetrical jacket?

It is a lapel that is featured on biker jackets, mostly leather. The work as a style and gives an awesome outlook.

What is the most durable type of leather?

Cowhide is the most durable form of leather. 

Are biker jackets in style?

Yes, they are both stylish and functional. Both riders and casual travelers wear these jackets. 

What is biker jacket?

It is a motorcycle gear that are designed exclusively for riders. Now, men and women also wear it as a casual jacket for outing.

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