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Why Distressed Leather Jacket so Popular?


Leather Jackets are a staple for men and women and recognizable statment piece all over the world. It's not just for movie stars or sub culutures but a valuable for anyone who's looking for a wardrobe essential, it is for anyone who wants to add some class in his lifestyle.

It might be an expensive item, but has a long life and could be used for years, which justifies its costs, plus they are a good defense against the cold and people tend to notice when someone with classy looks passes by.

Generally, it is believed that distressed leather jackets are only to be used in winter, maybe in case of some African or Asian countries where temperatures go high, but in countries where the temperature doesn’t rise very much, this outerwear can be used in every season. They may look old, rustic, or even from the warzone, but to be honest, this style is timeless and is just as it's supposed to be. Plus, women who want to add effortless pieces to thier style can wear a distressed brown leather jacket womens to gain some instant style.

A distressed leather jacket womens is a fantastic option because it adds a vintage structure to the appearance. A total game change if you'd ask us that no other leather jacket has. 



Styling a distressed leather is not hard. Similar to a regular jacket, you can wear it over your regular clothes but it gives more options to improve the basic combination. First you need to know how to choose a distressed jacket for your summer and winter fashion.

It should not be too distressed:

When purchasing this type of jacket, check the complete structure. A distressed layout is rustic and looks aged. But some companies sell damanged or used leather jackets as vintage style and people not aware of it get caught in their traps. Check the complete structure before purchasing. 

Material must be 100% real:

Keep in mind the material must be 100% geniune and made of proper skin. If a distressed jacket is made of PU or any artificial material, the product is either broken or the seller is trying to scam you. Always go for a lambskin, cowhide, or other skin hide. 

Fit, Balance and Size:

Once you've checked material, structure and features, it's time to wear and see how it fits. A leather jacket value decreases when the fit is bulky or does not balance with your clothes. Whether purchasing online or from a physical store, always measure your sizing to get the perfect fit. 

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How do you make leather look distressed?

If you already have a leather jacket and want to make it look even more worn out, spray alcohol on the edges of your jacket and rub it with a heavy bristle brush. You can also use sandpaper to speed up the process. However, don't spray too much alcohol or completely dry and crack the material's surface.

Is distressed leather real leather?

Yes, distressed leather is real leather, the only difference is that it has a  beaten up look that comes over time after wearing your jacket for several years. However to speed up the process various distressing methods are also applied.

How do you dull a shiny leather jacket?

To give your jacket a dull, weathered look, spray alcohol on a small portion of the surface to see how it reacts, let it dry to see if the leather retains its shape while losing the shine. If yes, apply the same method to the entire jacket.

Can I use shoe polish on leather jacket?

Never use shoe polish on leather jackets as it can dry up and discolor the surface of your jacket. Instead, use products made for leather items such as conditioners and oils that can keep your leather hydrated and increase its life.

How much does a distressed jacket cost?

Depending on the leather quality, a real leather jacket can cost between $150 to $300. If you go for a fancy designer brand name, it can even go $1000 and above. However, expensive is not always better. You can get a quality jacket at a very minimal price.

What should ladies check before purchasing Distressed Leather Jacket Womens?

Sizing and quality are essential when it comes to buying a jacket. Make sure it's real lambskin or cowhide leather. Faux leather does not last very long, and it lacks the supple quality and drape of real leather. A jacket is a one-time investment. Make sure it's a good one.