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Mens Grey Suit

The route to smart appearance is formal dressing. And suits have been traditional dress code for men ever since the 18th century. There is no doubt a good job description requires you to incorporate elegant suits. In the 21st century, suiting has been a primary fashion for young people who kept it strong and utilizing it to leave a sharp statement.

In today's time suit is not merely a business outfit it is also a staple for weddings, engagement and other social and formal events. There are also lots of other detailinings that go into a suit that are as follows.


Peak and notch lapels are the two you'll find in most suits, peak lapels are more formal and classic while the notch style is more common in a business environment.


Most of the suits these days come with 2 button closure because it is the style that compliments most body types. Other options are three button which is more classic and out of style while the one button closure is reserved for tuxedos.


Vents are functional detailing that not only help your jacket drape well but also, enables you to move comfortable. Select suit with double vents for the most comforatble fit.

Once you decide to buy suits, it's time to pick the right color, and it should match the theme of the event. You can't just wear pink in a funeral or purple in a job interview? Mens Grey suit is an ideal choice because it's tailored to fit places like weddings, job interviews, candlelight dinner, and proms. There are no efforts in creating combination, it works more like black suits, and any accessory would look good. Wear a flat hat, stylish gold watch, or your favorite turtle neck inside; it's all up to you! 

We took the liberty to introduce some fancy mens grey suit in a variety of shades such as charcoal, dark, light, pinstripe, textured, and linen. Choose from our finest collection tailored to refresh your personality. 


What color shirt goes with a mens dark grey suit?

It is among the best choice for young men. If you have an interview to attend, try white shirt and black tie. If you have to attend a wedding, it can perfectly match with pink and other pastel color shirt.

What shade of GREY suit should I get?

It depends on ones personal liking. However, a general rule is that the darker the sade is the more formal it is. A charcoal suit is best for the formal evenings and weddings, whereas a medium or light grey suit would be best for office and coctail parties.

What color suit is most versatile?

Grey, black and blue are three of the most versatile and timeless suit colors, these are further divided into multiple different shades, so you have plenty of options in this formal suit spectrum even if your stick to the three basic colors.

How do you rock a GREY suit?

To rock a grey suit, pair it with contrasting tone shirts such as blue or pink, complete to look with brown or oxblood shoes. You can also mix and match different shades and texture to create your own unique style.

How much does a grey suit cost?

It depends on the fabric and quality and brand of the suit. It can start from $100 to $200 and go above. The suits may also come with an additional cost if you opt for a custom-sized or made-to-measure option.

Is it OK to wear a GREY suit to a wedding?

Yes, grey suits are perfectly fine for weddings and other formal occasions, but make sure you go for a darker shade like charcoal because darker colors rank higher in the formality scale, while light colors are meant for a less formal occasions.