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Maroon Leather Jacket

Talking about leather jackets, the first thing that strikes your mind is the black leather jacket. Some may even think about the brown leather jacket. But rarely do we think of unconventional colors like maroon or burgundy leather jacket mens, these colors may not be the most versatile, but they do pack a punch of style that can be compared to no other. We are not saying that you shouldn’t own a versatile piece. We’re all up for that. But you should also own a signature piece that you take out only when you need to give an impact or, in short, look different. Jackets of these colors are also a staple for women’s fashion.

Most people confuse burgundy with maroon; while both colors are somewhat related, the only difference is that burgundy is a mix of red and purple while maroon is a mix of red and brown. Jackets of these colors are also slightly harder to style, and this property is what makes them so unique. You can’t just throw it over anything to call it a day. You need to give it some time and consideration, and it’s this little bit of effort, and that stands out. A rule of thumb is to stick to black or white; alternatively, muted tones also go well. It’s because jackets with happening colors need to be balanced with muted tones, or you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. After all, you want all the attention diverted to the jacket and not the other way around. If you're looking for quality pieces at minimal price, FJackets have the finest collection of burgundy leather jacket womens and men.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to wear with maroon leather jacket?

You can wear anything from jeans to chinos and a sweatshirt to a hoodie. Just make sure your outfit is basic and compliments the edgy maroon color. Avoid pairing your jacket with bright colors that would take your style off balance.

Are leather jackets attractive on guys?

Leather jackets have a rich heritage that has always been so valued. It gives the wearer a rugged masculine appeal that no other menswear had the potential to match. Hence it's highly attractive on guys.

Where to buy maroon leather jacket?

If you're looking for plenty of stylish options to choose from such as bomber jackets, cafe racer and motorcycle jackets, FJackets should be your primary online leather jacket store. We have exclusive designs and unmatched quality that too at unbeatable prices.

Which color leather jacket is best?

If you're looking for stylish everyday options, it can't get better than the brown and black leather jackets. However, if you need something edgy that stand out, you can try vivid colors like red leather jacket, maroon, green, blue and more.

How to Wear Burgundy Jacket?

Wear it with slim-fit dark blue or black jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt for a preppy yet casual look. Women can wear it with a black dress for a chic weekend look or with jeans and tees for everyday commutes.

What goes with maroon blazer?

A blazer is more formal than a leather jacket, so it’s best if you wear it with a solid white button-down shirt and plain black jeans for a smart-casual look, you can also make it more casual, replacing your formal shirt with a crew neck t-shirt.

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