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Every season has its own requirements but a leather jacket is a year-round outfit. It can change your overall appearance in just a minute, moreover, it keeps you comfortable too. It's true, the first impression always matters that's why you have to carefully pick the right outfit for your appearance. A lambskin jacket can make your style more valuable and decent as well as an icon for others.

A wise man never ignores the value of outerwear in the winter for both style and warmth. There are multiple aspects that should be considered before buying a genuine leather jacket. Follow these valuable tips to successfully get a perfect jacket.



If you’re new to leather jackets you’ll most likely presume that all styles are the same and by purchasing one, whichever they feel like, they will do justice to the money they have spent. There are arrays of style to choose from and you need to pick the one that suits you best. 

Motorcycle Jacket: Synonymous to badass, motorcycle jackets symbolize the timeless edge and rebel nature. It was initially designed for motorcycle riders and later adopted as a fashion piece. The biker jacket comes with an asymmetrical zip closure, cropped style and is usually detailed with belts and metal studs.

Bomber Jacket: The bomber jacket is another classic outerwear rooted in the military background, identified with this fitted stretchable rib-knit cuffs, hems and collar to keep the wind out. It comes with central zip closure and may include patch or slit pockets. Bomber jackets are minimal and one of the most versatile pieces a man can own.

Racer Jacket: Cafe racer jackets are streamlined, minimalistic pieces introduced by world war 2 soldiers who would race from one cafe to the other, thus giving it the name. This is the jacket you should opt for when purchasing a jacket, because it has such a wonderful tapered and goes with almost everything you wear.

Flight Jacket: Flight jackets are heavy duty jackets similar to bomber jackets, originally introduced by military pilots for protection against chilly temperatures at high altitude. The jackets are a staple for winters because of its soft shearling or sherpa lining.



When was the last time you have seen someone with a mens red jacket? And yet it looked great along with the rest of his costume. That is specifically why it is of utmost importance that you choose such a color and carry it well. There are literally dozens of colors to select from. You can stick to the basic brown leather motorcycle jacket, or mens black leather biker jacket, it looks cool as well. It will work well if you have a wardrobe of solid colors. You can also go for unconventional tones like red, maroon and blue leather jacket mens.



Don't confuse faux leather with real; faux leather is human-made material created to mimic the material acquired from an animal hide. Faux jackets are cheap and particularly lower quality and don't last very long. If you're looking to style up for a season or two, it's not a bad option, but if you need a long time commitment, go for real leather.

The two most common types of hides are Lambskin and cowhide. Lambskin is preferred by luxury brands because of its flexible nature, while cowhide is more practical because of its durability, the only drawback in that it takes some time to break in. There are also pricier options like goatskin, Bison, Deerskin, and horsehide that come with their unique properties. After you're done with selecting the hide, it's also essential to look at the leather grade. A full grain and top grain are two of the highest leather grades. Then you have lower grade leather that is sanded and buffed to look uniform. So if you're planning to buy your first jacket, make sure it is either full grain or top gran.



Genuine Leather jackets are highly durable and long-lasting, but you can't just forget them in your closet for years and expect it to last. To maintain the charm and longevity of your leather outerwear, it needs proper care and maintenance. Clean your jacket with damped clothes to remove stains and dust, then apply a leather conditioner to keep it hydrated and prevent dryness and cracks. But remember, don't use too much conditioner, or it will have an adverse effect on your garment's longevity.

After you're done with conditioning, hang your jacket on a padded hanger and place it in your closet. Make sure it has proper space to breathe. Avoid keeping your jacket in a tight plastic bag because it needs to be exposed to dry air.



This is one of the most important factors, people often just pick casual mens clothing to go with their outfit that they are wearing. That’s fine if you are either looking to keep your body warm. But, it isn’t okay when you are trying to look good; if you want to get the most out of your jacket, analyze your wardrobe properly and pick the right outfit that goes with your jacket in a natural way. Following are some examples of leather items that go with certain types of outfits, from those examples you should get a clear idea as to how to get a leather jacket mens that matches your clothing.

To avoid mismatch it’s best to match the shoes, for example if you have a black leather jacket wear it with black shoes and if you have a brown leather jacket wear it with brown shoes. Alternatively if you have a white tee you can also match your shoes with it and you’re bound to look awesome. Another thing to keep in mind is not to go overboard with your accessories, keep your outfit minimal and let the jacket do the talking.



While you can make some minor alterations to the sleeve length or hems, you can't entirely alter the size of your jacket. Also, a bad fitting jacket is so unflattering, and it's an excellent way to show that you have a poor dressing sense. So spend wisely and pick a jacket that perfectly fits all angles if you don't know how your garment should fit. Here is a little guide.

First of all, a rule of thumb is that the jacket should fit closer to your body. However, it should still have room to accommodate whatever you wear under it. Some of the key areas you should measure are the chest, sleeves, and shoulder. The jacket seam should rest on the edge of your shoulders, and the sleeves should end at the top of your wrist about half an in lower is acceptable but make sure it's not more than that.



You want to look sharp, but you don’t want to freeze to death? Here are some basic principles of layering up. When the weather is too cold for a leather jacket alone, you will need a warm base layer for insulation like a cashmere sweater, wool turtleneck, or a hoodie and layer it with a warm winter leather jacket optionally with shearling lining. You can also add in some extra accessories like a beanie, gloves, and scarf.

If you want something longer, you can also opt for a long trench coat one thing to keep in mind is that if you’re wearing thick garments under your jacket or coat, make sure your coat is roomy enough to move around a commute without feeling restrictive.



You must have heard this many times throughout your life the more money you invest the most effective results you get. Lambskin Leather jacket mens style aren’t something that grows on trees and given to you at a certain price. They go through a scheduled process to refine everything and add eloquent details to it. So don’t be a cheap guy; spend and invest on a mens jacket as if there is no tomorrow.