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Shearling Jackets

Shearling Coats and Jackets for Men and Women:

The shearling jacket is a classic piece as well as a supremely functional asset for any winter wardrobe. They are timeless favorites among men and women, not only because they can keep you warm in even the coldest winter days, but also because they are fashionable enough to let you stay in style. Due to the high quality and uniqueness, this material is considered to be luxurious and expensive. The more it is featured, the pricey it gets.

A long mens leather shearling coat with a masculine design and fur in the 50's saw the movie industry look to the material as its go-to outerwear piece for its leading men. The functional aspects are fantastic these alone in fact, are reason enough to wear one. The leather and faux shearling coats are a powerful addition to any man's wardrobe, this versatile, classic piece of menswear is a true icon.

The wide collar provides great insulation around the neck area, and the belt fitted at the waist prevented the breeze from creeping in. While the original jackets didn't require pockets but many modern designers have included them for extra functionality. Wear it with classic denim jeans and a sturdy pair of boots while adding an aspect of rugged style to your outfit. If you want to stay warm without making too much of a investment in winter jackets, consider our affordable genuine shearling coat womens to retain that classic style of the 50's. In this collection, you'll find the best style at reasonable price and in different colors. Shop for shearling jacket mens today! Also, see our Men's Leather Jackets Collection.

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You will get the best shearling leather jackets with the skin-friendly material, grab the apparel and enjoy shopping!



What is a shearling jacket?

It is a jacket that has a fur lining which is also called shearling. The jacket is exclusively made for the winter season to keep the body comfy and warm.

Why buy a shearling jacket?

The purpose of shearling is to keep your body warm in extremely cold weather conditions which a standard viscose lining won't do. 

Is shearling leather jacket expensive?

Yes, due to its fur lining, it cost extra!

Are shearling jackets in fashion?

Yes, it's a half-season winter jacket which is a timeless silhouette that goes with any dress code.

How many styles are there?

You can find it in different styles such as biker, long length, bomber/flight and more. We have it in many variations.

What is a shearling coat made from?

They are usually made of leather, cotton or wool fabric.

People Also Ask:

What's the difference between sheepskin and shearling?

Sheepskin is the hide of the sheep with the fur intact, used for making leather garments and rugs. On the other hand, shearling comes from a lamb. You can also find faux shearling that mimics the fur's appearance and is much more affordable.

Which is warmer shearling or down?

Jackets insulted with down are incredibly warm and light-weight. However, down loses its insulation capabilities once exposed to moisture. On the contrary, shearling jackets are heavier and warm. The tough, leather outer shell makes it a better option for windy conditions.

Can you wear shearling in the rain?

It's not recommended to wear your shearling jacket while it is pouring outside. However, if you suddenly get caught in the rain, there is no need to worry about your shearling garment if it's of high quality. However, do remember to brush and condition your jacket once it dries.

Will a shearling jacket stretch?

Shearling jackets naturally stretch after breaking in. You may feel a bit snug at the beginning, which will loosen up after wearing a few times.

What temperature should you wear shearling?

Shearling jackets are made for winters, which means you can wear it when the temperature takes a dip below 40 degrees. The longer the coat is more suitable for colder climates, depending on your cold tolerance and location.

How long does shearling last?

Shearling jackets can last for about 10 to 20 years, depending on the quality and care. They're quite durable and can easily handle the test of time. In fact, leather garments are known to look and fit better as they age.

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