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Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa jackets are not just an option to wear in winter but rather essential. It is a lining available in most of the jackets that include denim, cotton and leather jackets. Best known for providing extra warmth experience in the frigid days of winter. Similarly, heavy coats also have this lining to help you bear sub-zero temperatures. Blade Runner's 2049 coat is the best example that became a popular fashion after the movie release. Almost every store has this outerwear in its own specific design. 

The combination of denim and sherpa also adds a nice flavor to the appearance. You can style it in many different ways while staying warm throughout the course. Another perfect attire is a sherpa leather jacket that can be worn over your favorite jeans, hoodie, and boots. The goal is to enjoy both style + comfort, and sherpa fullfills that requirement. 

Check out our sherpa jackets made of original lambskin leather and other fabrics in timeless designs. Each features detailing handmade construction which will give you an expensive look without breaking the bank. Shop now! 


How should it fit?

It should fit like a glove. Avoid wearing tight because it will restrict movement. 

Is Sherpa warmer than fleece?

Sherpa gives a plushy feeling while fleece is warm.

Why is it so popular?

They are triendiest essential staple in winter days. The reason they offer soft and warm experience while maintain the style. 

Should I wash my Sherpa?

Avoid washing if it's lined inside a leather. Other fabric can be washed but with cold water and mild detergent. 

Is it expensive?

Yes, due to heavy lining, they may cost more than any standard outerwear. 

Is it warmer than wool?

Wool is naturally water-resistant and also an excellent insulator. Both are great for winter. 

Should I wash my Sherpa inside out?