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Suits and Tuxedos



Let's shed some light on the Tuxedo and Suit Difference. Suits have been a part of men's fashion from the very beginning, and if you start tracing its origin, you may come across the era of King Charles in the 17th century. It is enough to say that the attire has a very very early association with fashion before the wars when the humans were commuting on horses. No other fashion has such a long history other than suits. At one point, it was a daily uniform for men, but it soon changed from regular to occasional. Centuries after centuries, the world noticed unusual modifications like the introduction of tailcoats with new tailoring. Then comes a part where we saw men wearing lounge suits in casual day hours. So many changes made to the fashion, but whatever happened in the last three centuries, jackets still maintains its elegance. 

Speaking of elegance, another part of fashion is a tuxedo that gained popularity before the 1900 era—usually worn with black bow tie, vest, and same color pants. English countries are known for initiating this fashion and now has huge importance in fashion.

Where do we wear them?

Glad you asked. In terms of style, yes there is a physical difference, let me explain.



Suits are more designed for business-type events. Less formal that can be considered for normal traveling. You can wear a traditional suit in places like work, wedding, party, business meeting and casual meetups. However, not every suit will work that way because you can't wear a purple suit to a job interview or red to a funeral. You need to makesure which is the right theme color of the occasion but three colors tops in the suiting charts includes black, grey and blue. Because these solid shades easily blend regardless of what others are wearing - you will still look awesome. 

Unlike tuxedos, suit with trouser should have the same pattern design and material construction. Never mix it otherwise it will ruin the overall dress code. However, you can always change your shirt, tie, and shoes color as per your choice. 

Should your tie match your wool suit?

Ans: The tie, shirt, and jacket should blend together, you just need to know the right color. Light grey suits will match perfectly with dark tones ties such as navy, maroon, and purple.  Dark suits offer a much better outlook when paired with a light-colored tie, but there are no general rules.  What makes your eyes look good is more important. 



In the same world of fashion, tuxedos are the prominent pick for men. More formal and only worn in events where the general rule is to dress up appropriately or go home. The actual purpose of a tux is to make your day special and give you more of a millionare personality - even if you just rented it. The biggest difference is the cost as Tuxedos are much like to extra 5 times than an actual wool suit. That is why people consider renting it for a specific life event like a wedding or prom which only comes once in a life.

Why are tuxedos so expensive? 

As I said in the above para, tux is more formal, which is only worn on special days or somewhere invited. Detailing is one reason, and throughout the years, details are getting updated with elegance, style, and patterns. This makes it clear that if you opt to look good from the rest or impress your bride - tuxedo is for you!

The attire has a wide range of colors from midnight blue, burgundy to classic black and white. It just depends on what type of event you are invited to. Bond series is one example of how tuxedo should be worn. 

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