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Supernatural Outfits

Supernatural Jackets and Coats Collection

Who knew that a program about two brothers searching for demons and ghouls just to send them back into their world become a phenomenon? In the era where television shows very rarely get renewed for another season, Supernatural has released 11. It wasn’t a fly by night mission that made the brothers take on the seriously dangerous task of hunting villains. It was the death of their parents by a mysterious entity, later revealed to be the devil, which led them on this mission. The only problem is that the brothers, Sam and Dean, have no friends except for Bobby. Apart from him being a full-time support for the Winchesters, their other likely call for help would be an angel named Castiel. Just when you think their group would expand by them getting hot girls in their life, it arrives all the way back to the four of them. Dean Winchester is the eldest of the two and has entirely different personality. Sam Winchester was more nervous and sober while Dean Winchester was the ultimate bad boy big brother. As they encountered many personal issues, the brothers always managed to come out of it successfully, even if one was possessed.

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