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Learn About Leather

The History of Leather

Leather is one of the earliest materials used by our ancestors, dating back more than 5000 years. They used leather to make footwear, clothes, and tents, with the hides of the animals they hunted. Similarly, today animals are raised for food, and then the byproduct is used to make bags, clothing, and other essential items. This is a sustainable way to utilize resources.

People in the past used extracts from trees and leaves to tan leather. These were the earliest sign of tanning. Now methods have drastically changed with newer technologies and attractive finishes that are sold in different price ranges.

How our Jackets are made?

Our leather is sourced locally and is a byproduct of the farming and agriculture industry. We buy the hide and transform them into attractive leather jackets and coats. We use traditional practices that minimize the impact of chemicals found in other manufacturers' products. The final product then goes to our artisans, who cut and sew the leather into apparel.

Luxurious and Aesthetically Pleasing


Real leather is truly unique, and no other artificial material can replicate the class and aesthetics of this timeless material. First of all, no two hides are the same. Secondly, leather often features hallmarks of its origins like pores, scars, and other characteristics that add to the product's beauty. This helps differentiate from the rest and to achieve a distinctive look.

Another advantage of real leather is its durability. It can last for years without getting damaged. It also gets more supple every time. The natural nature of the product makes it look better the more you wear it means wearing our jacket will further enhance the look of leather.

Why Own Leather?

There are several reasons why style icons have highly regarded leather. Here is why you should choose to buy leather apparel


Leather is a highly durable material and responds well to daily wear and tear. You can wear leather jackets for years while other material constantly needs to be replaced, and leather jackets will continue to remain an essential part of your wardrobe. Therefore, it’s recommended to opt for timeless designs and neutral colors rather than chasing the trends that will look dated in the future.


Unlike other materials limited to a single season and weather conditions, you can wear leather for multiple seasons and occasions. From lightweight perforated summer options to thick shearling-lined leather jacket jackets and coats, you can find jackets that fit every season.


Leather reflects a strong sense of personal style and is perfect if you want to come across as a powerful, classy, or even seductive personality. The best thing about leather is that it had a ‘masculine appeal that is timeless, not trendy, which is one of the best reasons to own a leather jacket right now.


A leather jacket is an investment piece because it lasts a very long time. It might seem expensive at first, but think about it, you’re going to wear it for several years and possibly every decade if you divide the price by the years used, it will give you the best bang for your buck, not to mention it get better as it ages.

Faux leather, on the other hand, hardly lasts a year which means you’ll need to replace it’s not the best value for your money.

Types of Leather?

Not all leathers are the same, they are classified into four different grains or quality. For your jacket to last long make sure you have the right knowledge about the material quality of your garment. The four types of grains are as followed.

Full Grain Leather:


The outermost layer of the hide is called the full-grain. Usually, only the hair is removed, leaving behind the original texture of leather on the surface. Full-grain leather is highly durable and also costly as it’s scarce to find a hide with minimum imperfections and scars. This type of leather is considered the highest quality and is used for saddles, footwear, and furniture.

Top Grain Leather:


Top grain leather is similar to full-grain. The only difference is that the top layer is sanded and buffed to achieve a perfect finish; sanding also makes the hide easier to dye. Top-grain leather is also considered one of the highest quality leathers and is used for high-end items like watches, jackets, handbags, and wallets.

Genuine Leather:


Genuine leather is of lower quality as compared to full grain and top grain. It’s crafted from the leftover pieces from other high-quality leather. It’s best to avoid products made of this type of leather because it’s not very long-lasting and does not look as attractive as other top-quality leather. Genuine leather is used for belts, bags, and shoes that you will find in the malls.

Split Grain:


Split grain is the bottom-most layer of the hide. However, it’s still considered a high-quality leather, not because of the same reason as other leather but because it has a luxurious texture and flexibility, which allows for more dyeing options. Split grain or suede leather is highly valuable and is widely used to make shoes, purses, and jackets.

To leather more about the quality and type of leather we use at FJackets read more at our leather page.

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