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10 Celebrity That Always Wear Leather Jackets

Celebrities Leather Jackets

Celebrities play an important role in creating fashion trends and you may have also seen them donning cool outfits like leather jackets.

If you’re in love with their fashion then I’d like to show you 10 cool ideas on how they look stunning while wearing a leather jacket.

Dwayne Johnson in Leather jacket:

dwayne leather jacket

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No doubt he is a successful actor and leather jackets has a crucial in it.  In most of his scenes, he dons a black leather jacket in a cafe racer style with black glasses which makes him a badass character. He has played so many roles now, with the huge body he still always manages to look good.

Tom Cruise In Leather Jacket:

tom cruise

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Tom Cruise became an outstanding celebrity at the age of 19, and still, one of the best actors ever step foot in Hollywood. What took him to the height was his first leather jacket from Top Gun which still sells like hotcakes. He still looks great wears similar leather jackets in most movies.

Other styles that he used in movies like Mission Impossible includes bomber jackets, cafe racer, and more. You can find similar to those jackets in our mens leather jacket collection.

Ryan Gosling Leather Coat in Blade Runner 2049:

blade runner ryan gosling

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Tom Cruise could get envious if I start discussing Ryan Gosling who took fashion to a whole new level in Blade Runner 2049. He wore a leather coat in the movie which features fur lining, snap-tab buttons, and a wide lapel. The style went viral, and fans started to replicate the look during Halloween and in their daily life. These fashions are trending everywhere, you can find such Mens leather coats on Amazon and other stores at different prices.

Brant Daugherty In Leather Jacket:

brant daughtery

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Brain Daugherty has gone famous after presenting the role of a bodyguard in fifty shades of freed. He left an impression for regular fashion lovers with his awesome leather jacket combined with a plain T-shirt and brown pants.

As you can see he was not playing the lead role but still caught a lot of attention just because of his appearance. So, why not you try this jacket for your next signature look.

Bradley Cooper in Cafe Racer Style Leather Jacket:bradley cooper

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Another way to show off the style outdoor. Bradley Cooper, the nominated actor for his best performance from the American Sniper and the recent, A Star is Born is never seen without his signature jacket and he looks stunning. He is known for switching things but on red carpets, he always chooses to stay formal.

Kate Upton in Motorcycle Style Leather Jacket:

kate upton

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Everyone adores her fashion especially when she’s rocking the black biker jacket. The young model has already made appearances in so many movies while wearing colorful apparel. In this picture, she pairs her casual clothes with a biker jacket which adds an elegant touch to the overall personality. If you are the girl who loves her style then it is not that difficult to pull a Kate Upton’s style if you take a look at the above picture. Just make sure your outfit has a good fit.

Justin Theroux In Cafe Racer Leather Jacket:justin theroux

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Few people started the trend of leather jackets and Justin Theroux is one of them. Here, he wears a distressed jacket with a scarf and a zipper to reflect an awesome look. His fan list is increasing day by due to his cool styles and taste for fashion. You can notice in the above picture he looks relaxed with this ensemble.

Alessandra Ambrosio in Leather Jacket:

Alessandra Ambrosio

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Who doesn’t knows Alessandra Ambrosio? She is a modern, fashionable actress and her appearance compels her fans to copy her. Female celebs in leather have been sighted wearing black biker jackets outside so many times. You can see how cool she is in the above picture. Visit our womens leather jacket collection for more styles of moto jackets.

Kendall Jenner in Leather Jacket:

kendall jenner

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Kendall Jenner is an iconic celebrity as she often comes up with unique styles. She looks extremely fabulous every time she dons head-to-toe fashion. What adds a bonus point is the fancy asymmetrical jacket combined with black retro sunglasses and a tee.

Chris Evans in Leather Jacket:

chris evans

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Chris Evan a well-known celebrity, who performed in several superhero movies. Behind the scenes, he likes to wear a brown leather jacket on a plain shirt with a cap and black glasses.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and got many ideas on how celebs rock leather jackets. You can easily replicate them and make your day-to-day transition look cool with the help of this guide.

If you like this blog kindly give your opinions and share this blog with celebrities-fashion lovers.

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