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10 Cool-Looking Pokemon Backpack Collection

If you’re planning to collect cool merchandise, then the most important thing you need is a backpack. Every child and teenager have interest with movie and cartoon series like Batman or Spongebob. But what proved to be the most famous anime cartoon in the world is Pokemon.  The Franchise is continuously evolving from Anime series to Video Game. There are billions of fans all around the world that are looking forward to collecting cool merchandise related to the installment. Your room may be full of toys, hoodies, and posters but what’s missing is an awesome Pokemon backpack. I’ve listed funky designs that you can carry around anywhere.

Here are 10 ideas inspired from the virtual series.

 Poke Ball Backpack (Product Page)

Gift Set Bag (Product Page)

Pikachu Face (Product Page)

Pokemon Go Backpack (Product Page)

Squirtle Plush Bag for Boys (Product Page)

 Adult Trainer Backpack (Product Page)

Pokeball Trainer (Product Page)

 Characters Bag (Product Page)

 Pikachu Backpack (Product Page)

Monster Anime Bag (Product Page)

The cartoon is popular not only among the kids but adult also love to watch and play Pokemon video games.  The market is full of enduring merchandise that looks eye-inspiring and ready for purchase. What makes you a real fan is when you show the world how much you’re connected with the anime title. As you travel around, walking, running and camping, backpacks are essential need during such situation. These 10 Bags are not just traditional but best for any occasion. Whether a child is planning for the first day at school or looking forward to going on a long trip, the selected Pokemon Backpack Collection will keep everything safe no matter where you turn. Become a part of Pokemon Fan Club Today.

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