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Top 10+ Wedding Suits For Men In A Budget

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A year from the actual date, the planning starts for the wedding. Before the decorations and the centerpieces, the men always go for suit shopping. Usually, people would think that it is quite easy to pick out and outfit for your wedding. But times have drastically changed, and it gets harder and tougher to choose. There are many reasons as to why men find it so hard but in the end; the main problem that comes up is the limited budget.

Around 80% of the men choose to compromise on the suits they want to get something they are not entirely happy with it. Yes, it is a genuine and morose fact when the wedding comes near. There are plenty of compromises that a man must make just to get that expensive suit that is considered a marriage material. It is important because he is the groom and everyone notices what he is wearing, or he is dressed. From head to toe, there should not be a single flaw in the dressing. So why should men be on the back foot when he too can dress as lavish as the most style-conscious person in the place.

You can put on any colored suit and match the color of your shirt with a simple tie, or go without wearing a necktie. However, when it is you who is getting married, you just can’t take it that easy and laid-back with your dressing.

mens wedding suit

Mens wedding suits have also been evolved and modified in such a way that they can be in and out of fashion in no time. The last decade has seen suits change tremendously, and it makes us want to get the latest ones. There are unique styles or patterns, sometimes both, which become very tempting to order. But the thing that stops us in the end is the money. It does not take any rocket science or lengthy calculations to determine that the newer the design, the higher will be the price. Wedding suits always leave us scratching our heads in disappointment and make us think what to do about it.

If you have reached nowhere with which suit pattern you want or the color you want to wear, then these top 10 wedding suits for men will make it more convenient for you to select. The Hollywood actor suit styles are what people want to use for their wedding suits. You might recognize them from the movies that won countless awards and broke records in its very first week of its release. Here are the best of 2017.

10. Off White 3 Piece Suit

off white suit

The suit is in designed one out of the two traditional colors for a wedding suit. So that makes it a top contender for men to wear it if the couple has chosen to go with a white combination. This is in an off white color so it will perfectly match the bride’s gown. This off white suit is a three piece outfit that consists of a brown vest. Now you need to buy a shirt and necktie to match it. Leonard DiCaprio, finally an Oscar winner, wore this when he played the character of the massively successful Jay Gatsby, and his character defined luxury and class, so he had to dress to justify it.

9. Charcoal Grey Suit

charcoal grey suit

A perfect affordable mens suits in this color could look fantastic if you have white and grey themed wedding. This makes our list because, in the movie, this suit was designed by a well-known brand. Another reason is that black is now being pushed to the side because of how common it is. Various shades of grey, including this one, make a great selection for a wedding suit. Not only did he wear a black color suit in John Wick, but Keanu Reeves in John Wick Chapter 2 also wore this stunning grey suit. Of course, due to his muscular stature, it looked intimidating on him but you, it could have a better outcome.

8. Blue Windowpane Suit

windowpane suit

How can you forget the man who redefines trend and knows how to display it perfectly? He may be a fictional character but James Bond certainly knows his way around the fashion world when it comes to lavish suits. It doesn’t matter how you are built, a suit like this will bring out the best in you. Its windowpane design pattern gives you a more interesting look as the groom and will compliment any blue colored wedding theme. Daniel Craig’s last performance as the spy in Spectre displayed some extravagant suits like this two piece blue windowpane suit.

7. Brown Pinstripe Suit

brown pinstripe suit

DC Comics has Bruce Wayne as one of the richest and stylish characters. Marvel has its Bruce Wayne in Tony Stark. So when you find these guys that have very large amount of money, you should expect them to dress in grand fashion.  Now if you have tons of money, you may as well show it off too. Don’t do that on your wedding day. As mentioned before, a suit like this should be on the shortlist of ‘best suits for men’. David Tennant wore this brown pinstripe suit in Doctor Who as The Doctor, and it has been used as an outfit for a themed wedding.

6. Light Brown Suit

light brown suit

Speaking of stylish character, here Ryan Gosling is wearing the brown suit in La La Land, the new movie. The extraordinary style feature in this suit is the wide peak lapel, which you don’t find commonly on brown wedding suits. He chose to go with an overall luxurious look. You can accompany the suit with any shirt and necktie since it is a color that can go with anything. For those who want to stay traditional to the look, this black suit is what they should go for.

5. Pink Pinstripe Suit

Pink pinstripe Suit

Pinstripe suits are popularly seen in grey, black, and blue. It is designed in a narrow fit cut, which is good enough to give you a tailored look. This pink pinstripe suit is commonly worn by the grooms, and it is a fantastic color if you want to wear what is trending in men’s suits. Pinstripes are a great option because it doesn’t spoil the overall class of the suit. This pinstripe suit was spotted in The Great Gatsby when DiCaprio wore it as Jay Gatsby.

4. Black Slim Fit Suit

black slim fit suit

Guys in their mid 20’s would go for something slim or more fitting than the standard cut.  It is a skinny suit that has now become a trend that teenagers and guys in that age range are following proudly. The black suit that was spotted in John Wick would be an excellent choice for them. Keanu Reeves’ sleek physique showed how well it would look if someone who has a slim body type wore this kind of a black suit. After all, it is a color that has been popular for centuries.

3. Vintage Brown Suit

brown suit

This is where people go the extra mile to look thoroughly classy for their big day. Nevertheless, the suit will still lay a lasting impression on everyone. Wearing a plain brown three piece suit is one thing but wearing one with a vintage cut is taking things a whole another level. This wasn’t worn in 20-year old movie, but by Tobey Maguire in The Great Gatsby.

2. Sharkskin Navy Blue Suit

sharkskin suit

The sharkskin pattern suit was hardly ever heard of, but that didn’t stop anyone from trying it out. In fact, this blue sharkskin suit was included in the collection of one of the many Bond suits that we saw in Spectre. Looking at its features, one would say that it is a slim fit suit, and they are right. The thin lapel is one of the indications that this is a skinny suit for men. If you are getting married and have an indoor reception, this could compliment it perfectly. Blue is another color that is rising to be a standard suit color.

1. Navy Blue 3 Piece Suit

herringbone suit

The best suit when we speak of wedding suits for men has to be this one. With its wide peak lapel and a vest to match the color of the jacket and trouser, you can’t mess up the look. The navy blue herringbone suit of Jams Bond from Spectre has become the most demanded suit for various reasons. One could easily picture themselves in it and think “yeah, this could be good.” It doesn’t look too fancy or over the top.

Men’s wedding suits are the best options for a guy who has very less to spend because the more lavish the suit, the more it costs. Now since a day like this only comes once in a guy’s life, there should not be any sort of compromises in the first place. After all, you will look back and tell your kids all the good times you had that day and how the days before the wedding were, especially how the suit you wore was. Fashion will always be there in our lives, but the trend will never be the same.

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