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How To Dress Like The 13th Doctor | Costume Guide

The 13th Doctor Costume guide

The longest-running sci-fi series of BBC is back with a new Doctor!

Jodie Whittaker is now performing the role in this series. If she inspires you, then we got some cool ideas to make you look like her. These are 13th Doctor Costume essentials that you need to try in Halloween or any other cosplay event.

Step-by-step ideas:

13th doctor coat jodie whittaker

1. Grey 13th Doctor Costume Coat – Fjackets

Tired of regular coats? Try this 13th Doctor Who costume. It has 2 side pockets and one inner pocket for sonic screwdriver and tardis is printed on the inner lining. If you opt for a long travel coat, this one will go well.


Thirteenth doctor shirt

2. 13th Doctor Shirt- Rainbow T-Shirt – Amazon

Pair your awesome coat with this Navy Blue T-shirt with Rainbow printed horizontally in the center. Your 13th Doctor cosplay will look good once you pair this.

13th doctor suspenders

3. Mustard Color Suspenders – Amazon

Yes, these mustard color suspenders are necessary to look similar as Jodie Whittaker. Easy to wear, fits well and won’t make you look awkward either.

13th Doctor Screwdriver

4. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver – Amazon

Now you can also explore the powers and control everything by using a sonic screwdriver of 13th Doctor Who. Beautifully design with a light pattern, two sounds and dual motor to maximize the resemblance as the original.

13th doctor pants


5. Pant – Amazon

Beautiful Navy blue rainbow printed T-shirt with blue culottes pant and yellow suspenders for the perfect look. With this, your appearance will tell how much you like the 13th Doctor costume.

13th doctor who costume

6. Socks – Amazon

Pair of socks with tardis blue prints make your 13th doctor costume set complete. Nothing is more important than a nice comfortable set of socks featuring to channel your inner fandom.

Brown Laceup boots

7. Boots – Amazon

Now it’s time to run fast. Get this pair of beautiful boots to finish off the set. It seems nice footwear that you can wear with the No Time Lord Outfit or when needed.

Now time traveling is no more difficult once you got the right 13th Doctor Halloween Costume! She is a more attractive and energetic Doctor. You can turn your appearance like her by wearing DIY-ING these items especially the Grey Trench coat which is marvelous.

Make your Halloween parties and events cool by wearing the 13th Doctor costume. Don’t forget to like and share this with other Doctor Who fans.

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