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20 Best Trench Coats For All Seasons – Ultimate Style For Men & Women

Some of the outerwears we come across today regularly or seasonally didn’t pop up out of the blue. It all came from inspirations and how people used their creative minds to make them work on a daily basis. It didn’t necessarily take off at that very instant, but today it has, and we couldn’t be more thankful. For example, every one of us wouldn’t have the opportunity to own these trench coats if it wasn’t revolutionized or inspired by a great mind to be turned into regular outerwear.

indigo blue denim trench coat

Army officers were the first ones to wear these military Long coats long time back during the 1880s. Pea jackets were worn somewhere around that time as well. Army officers were only allowed to wear these clothes, but now every Tom, Dick, and Harry is donning this stylish outerwear.

Although there have been some alterations in context with the trend, the principal overall design is still maintained till date. The trend really took off when actors began to wear it in movies. In 1942, people got the idea that this could be the next big thing since it was worn by one of the most famous actors of that generation. renowned designers have transformed it in many ways but that craze of owning a trench coat never went.

women trench coats scene

With the men wearing it so commonly and confidently, the women too got the opportunity of getting one designed for them. We are now in the 21st century, and long coats have become a basic outfit in one’s wardrobe. Whether you choose to wear it over a dress or a blouse, these trench coats are going to provide you with the glamorous appearance you expect. When you think of it, these Long coats do determine our outlook even if it comes down to how we wear it.


From what everyone experienced and expects, these outwears are very convenient and comfortable. That is why you see designers not only target one season to release their designs. Besides winter, autumn and spring are the remaining seasons where women and men wear these coats proudly. They aren’t too heavy that it will give you a hard time to breathe in it, they are light and soft.

Whether you are style conscious or not, you should own a trench coat because you won’t regret it. We have divided these 20 best of the best overcoats into two sections. There are ten men’s long coats and ten for women.

Top 10 Trench Coats for Women

women trench coat

The long coats for the women are relatively cheaper as compared to the men’s. Depending on the season and features in the coat, the price can vary. Nevertheless, these are designed by famous brands and designers in women’s clothing, so it is bound to be chic and fashionable to put on in 2019. Here are the top ten women’s coats that all the girls should consider owning.

J. Crew Icon Trench Coat

j. crew icon trench coat

Banana Republic Double Breasted Trench Coat

banana republic double breasted trench coat

Zara Cotton Trench Coat

zara double breasted cotton trench coat

Ann Taylor Classic Trench Coat

ann taylor classic trench coat

ASOS Skater Fit Trench Coat

asos mac with utility detail in skater fit

Gap Classic Trench Coat

gap classic chino academy trench

Forever 21 Double Breasted Trench Coat

forever 21 double breasted trench coat

Ella Moss Candice Trench Coat

ella moss candice trench coat in khaki

Babaton Oliver Trench Coat

babaton oliver trench coat in tawny

Burberry Kensington Long Trench Coat

kensington long cotton gabardine burberry trench coat

Don’t these overcoats look amazing? Just imagine that you are wearing these and people are complimenting you on your sense of style. They may be a bit expensive just by looking at them, but there is a reason they are included in the list, mainly for their quality and comfort.

Top 10 Trench Coats for Men

men's trench coats

The men were the ones that started the trend in the first place. However, the men’s coats have slightly more weight than the women’s and a couple of extra features at times. These coats aren’t unisex because both the genders prefer their coat to be different. The men aren’t concerned about fitting as much as women are. Here are the ten best long coats for the guys to wear.

Aquascutum Trench Coat


Topman Trench Coat

Topman c

ASOS Trench Coat


Burberry London Trench Coat

Burberry London

Reiss Trench Coat


Mackintosh Trench Coat


Neil Barrett Trench Coat

Neil Barrett

River Island Trench Coat

River Island

Sandro Trench Coat

Sandro c

Hackett Trench Coat


Evidently, you have never seen such classy trench coats for men. There is a mix length range of these long attires for you to admire. Every one of us has their own way of wearing coats like these, which also includes the length. From the bulkier layers, the world of fashion has revolutionized the fitting to be a bit tighter and closer to the body. The length will vary, but if you aren’t comfortable, your outfit goes to waste.

purple mens trench coat

The trench coat also comes in various styles and length including single-breasted or double-breasted or mid-calf to mid-thigh or long trench coat. There are leather or cotton coats that will keep you warm in cold temperature and can also keep you fresh in melting temperature as well. Today the overcoats are coming in trendy look more than being functional as it should be.

Whenever you tend to buy a luxurious looking outfit for the first time, you would certainly want it to persist as long as possible. All the outfits that are made don’t use the same technique to maintain it. It’s an obvious case because it very much depends on the fabric that is used. Therefore, instructions are given in the tags but if it is not mentioned, just follow these steps to take care of your stylish long coats.

  • There are many kinds of coats, but mainly people prefer weatherproofing long coats because it will last in rain and snow without fading its luxurious look. Good care of your coat will also help you to increase the life of it. Appoint a good dry cleaner for the purpose that has excellent knowledge and experience of working with such material.
  • You can also use spot cleaner to remove dirt stain on your coat. You can use the label guidance that will tell you the suitable way to clean your coat. Either it will get dry cleaned, or a machine wash will be best.
  • You have planned to clean your coat once a week or month but don’t forget to send the belt with it. Or else, the shade of belt and trench coat won’t be possible to match again. The treatment of cleaning causes the fabric getting faded after each wash. After washing, don’t forget to use a conditioner that is suitable for the coat. If your trench coat carries leather buckle so make sure to remove it before wash.
  • Try to hang your coat on a hanger instead of using a hook because it will help your coat to keep the shape. Time to time, make sure to hang out your coat to remove the annoying smell. Make sure to not place your coat near light or any source of it. It will fade the color of your coat.
  • After wearing it for the whole season when it comes to storing your coat back, make sure to first dry clean it and keep it in a bag (if vacuumed, would be good). While storing, try to use mothballs to keep insects away by placing it near to coat.

The points mentioned above will help you maintain your overcoats so that it lasts long and remains in a neat condition. If you want your long coat to look new for a considerable amount of time, then you must follow this prescription given to you by the doctors of trench coats. And with that our list of overcoats for men and women ends but we will keep looking for more coats and designs and keep posting that on our blogs so that you stay updated in the ever-changing fashion world.

So do not forget to log in with us every once in a while to make sure that you are well run among the style icons of today. And please keep sharing this information with your friends so that they can become as much of a fashionista as you are. If you have anything to share with us then please let us know via your comments.

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