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The Complete Costume Guide To Become Like Aiden Pearce

Aiden Pearce Costume

If you have heard about or played Watch Dogs, then you definitely have seen its cool looking lead character, Aiden Pearce. Therefore are certainly in love with Aiden Pearce costume. For those who are completely lost about WD, it is an adventure game with some cool tech and action scenes. The main mission is to defeat everyone in your path and deliver justice. He is one of the best computer hackers in the state and he seeks to find the reason as to why his niece was killed and who was behind the murder. This journey led him to some shocking truth, and eventually, justice for his little niece. Throughout all that, he uses his modified mobile phone and an extra hand to complete his mission.

Aiden Pearce has become a huge favorite for cosplay events and parties. Many die-hard gamers dress up as him. It is time that you too dress up as him. The only difference will be that you will get the most accurate looking Aiden Pearce costume. We carefully selected the items below. So that other people think that you are really Aiden Pearce who has stepped out from the screen into reality. Check them out.

Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce Costume

Watch Dog Baseball Hat 300x204

Black Cap of WD
Available at Amazon

Starting from the top, for your DIY costume you will have to buy this Watch Dogs custom cap. No no no, no any other cap will do. You need this cap with this same logo, and that’s it conversation over!


Watch Dogs Aiden’s Mask
Available at Amazon

Same goes for the mask too. You have to buy this one. Otherwise, your cosplay will suck, and not just suck but super suck.

White Mens Turtle Neck

Aiden Pearce White Sweater
Available at Amazon

Coming down to your body gear, have something that is totally relaxing and feels good against your skin. For that, you will have to buy a sweater of exquisite material made with particular care under high supervision. This exactly what we have brought to you, a class above top value Aiden Pearce torso that will perfect for your cosplay and will obviously add more stars to your wardrobe.


WD Trench Coat
Available at Fjackets

We know you are already convinced to buy this coat just by looking at it. Just let us tell you some unique features of the coat to lock up your decision. This beautiful piece of art is made is real leather from the outside and textured cotton lining from the inside for a smooth and seductive feeling. The is the most prominent piece of clothing of the Aiden Pearce costume, and one cannot miss out on an item like this one. Every gamer who shop black leather jacket on Amazon would never skip purchasing this unique style coat.


Powerline 340 Pistol
Available at Amazon

Now you are attire is shaping up nicely and making you look like the infamous character from Watch Dogs, but something is missing, Oops we forgot the pistol. It’s war put there and we don’t know who let the dogs out, so it’s better that your arm up yourself before the dogs attack you (from behind). This gun looks very real, and it will be a great addition to your Aiden Pearce costume.


Straight Leg Jeans

Available at Amazon You can choose between many different pants that will do perfectly with your costume. We have opted for these pants because of its smooth fabric, classic design, and the very reasonable price tag. Check it out and decide for yourself.

hiking boots men shoes

Cliff Walker Boot
Available at Amazon

The final thing for your Aiden Pearce costume are the boots since he wears sturdy bulky shoes which are very prominent part of Watch Dogs outfits. You will need shoes among the same line, shoes that look tough from the outside and are very relaxing on the inside. One such pair is shown here.

Follow this list of items to look Aiden Pearce and get the picture-perfect look from the game. When you will wear this at any costume party, people will have a hard time noticing the difference between yours and Aiden’s costume. Don’t forget to share this Watch Dogs outfits guide with others and also try it out for yourself.

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Aiden Pearce Infographic
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