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Your Aladdin Costume Is Just Few Steps Away

Aladdin Costume

For all the 90’s kid, Aladdin is a well-known show or movie that Disney has ever introduced for them. The craze of Agrabah prince can be easily seen today that many of his old fans still love to cosplay his style and look; especially on Halloween. He is Disney’s diehard lover who got Genie all the way with him to save him from bad guys and to make his wish come true to marry Princess Jasmine. She is the most beautiful girl in the world but there was an enemy in their life Jafar who wants the magical powers of Genie to become the terror face for all. Here is the most loved Aladdin costume.

The Street Rat Costume


Many people are fallen in love with the outfit that He usually wears and here Fjackets has introduced this guide for you that will help you style like him. You can easily become like him on Halloween, cosplay party and any other place you want to catch his personality.


Aladdin Vest

Aladdin Vest (Product Page)

Aladdin has worn a very simple outfit. He only wears a simple purple color vest with no pockets and open closure style. The material of this vest is a mixture of Polyester and cotton in the ratio of 70/30. This vest is available at Amazon and you can easily get that because it’s not highly-priced.

Aladdin Pant

Aladdin Pants (Product Page)

Next thing that you have to buy for your outfit is his pant. He wears white pant with his vest and that is pretty much of Yoga style pant. The material of this pant is 95% Modal and 5% Nylon. It’s available on Amazon so grab it and complete your outfit of the day.

Aladdin Hat

Aladdin Hat (Product Page)

If you’re cosplaying this iconic character then you will definitely know the importance of this cap in the cosplay. He always wears this hat and without this hat, your Aladdin Costume will never be complete. The hat is made of the finest material of Polyester and it makes it comfortable.

Aladdin Scarf

Aladdin Red Scarf (Product Page)

This scarf is also an important part of the attire because he uses to tie it on his waistline where people usually wear a belt. This scarf is made of Polyester and cotton mixture, and it makes it cozy warm. You can get yours from Amazon easily.

Arabian Sword 300x215

Sword (Product Page)

To fight Hakim, Razoul and other guards of the palace, you need to have a weapon. This novelty piece will work perfectly with the Street Rat suit of Aladdin.

Abu Aladdin Toy 300x281

Aladdin Abu Toy (Product Page)

Your outfit is complete but it requires a final touchup and without a great pal your impersonation will never get complete. Abu is his sidekick friend and has always been with his in the show. If you need charm on your dress then you should add this toy with your dress.

This completes Aladdin Halloween Costume that you can wear anywhere you like to.

The Prince Costume

Aladdin Prince

However, this was not the only outfit that he wore in the film. He also wore his prince outfit style when he becomes the King of Palace. It was completely different from the dress that he usually is seen wearing but has its own demand. So, if you’re trying to get style like him then this is the guide for your Prince Costume.

Aladdin Prince Costume

Aladdin Prince Costume (Product Page)

There is a complete Prince suit is available at Amazon. This dress is completely made in the look like just as it was in the movie. The Polyester material is used in the making of this dress. For the cosplayers who are looking dress as a couple, can pair this outfit with Princess Jasmine costume DIY and have a blast.

Shop what you like and become the icon of the day. Get your Aladdin costume today for cosplay parties and for Halloween.

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