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The Best TMNT Costume Collection of April O’Neil

If you are the 80s or even 90s kid, you must have come across a very entertaining kids TV show, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The show is just like what its name is, four teenage turtles who were mutilated at a young age and now are ninjas.

They were trained by their art teacher, who they also call their father, named Splinter. Now that they are all grown up, they fight criminals, other animals that are mutants, evil villains, etc. April O’Neil is also a character who helps them in their good fight.

April O’Neil Costume Guide

April O’Neil here plays a critical part in the show. She is a news reporter of a TV channel and it is said that she is the one who, allegedly, saved the turtles and the rat from imminent death when they were in their non-mutant form. So In a way, she is responsible for the cause of their existence. This is why they care for her, and she cares back for them. She has so far appeared in many comics, and movies. In the movies, she is portrayed by the lovely Megan Fox and is oft seen wearing lovely outfits. We would be covering most of the costumes we saw April O’Neil in, whether it be the April o Neil TMNT 2014, animated movie, one or 2016 one.

TMNT: Out of the Shadows costume:

April ONeil TMNT 2 Costume

The first costume which we will be talking about is the one she is seen wearing in the latest movie named Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. The movie is a sequel to the one released in 2014. Here the Teen Turtles and April O’Neil face their biggest threat yet, Krang. In the film, she is wearing the attire as seen in the picture. This is the one which we will be covering.

top tank

April O’Neil TMNT 2 Top (Product Page)

The tank top is the item with which you’ll begin your April O’Neil costume.  As seen on her, the color is gray mix while 90% Rayon fabric has been used on this thing. This gives it the appearance of silkiness as well as a similar feeling. It’s also soft, so it rests well on your skin.  The edges which are at the bottom of the top are rounded so that they look better with any bottom clothing you wear.

april o neil utility jacket

April O’Neil TMNT 2 Jacket (Product Page)

Over the tank top, which we covered previously, comes this jacket which is truly a masterpiece. It looks really well as you can tell from the pictures of April O’Neil and what it does better than that is that it feels excellent too. The jacket is crafted from Cotton and the Viscose Lining on it; both work together to give it the out-of-this-world comfort level. The belt comes along with the jacket, and it is a beautiful tan in color. I’d say this is the best piece available on the net so do not forget to grab it when doing the April O’Neil impersonation.

ripped jeans

April O’Neil TMNT 2 Pants (Product Page)

These pants fulfill the necessary requirements when purchasing bottom clothing for a costume. Firstly it is similar in color to the one shown in the movie; secondly, it is the same in design; being ripped and all, and thirdly it is marvelous in quality. Even though they are available in one size, they are also really stretchy so they can fit different sized people.

brown shoes womens

April O’Neil TMNT 2 Boots (Product Page)

If you are fighting against bad guys and villains, you wouldn’t want to do that barefooted. You would need good boots, and these are just that. These are really cute boots made from high-quality Faux Leather and Micro Suede, and they also have the female touch to it by adding in heels to them. At the affordable price that they are being offered, I would say it is a bargain and a must-have purchase.

April O’Neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume:

April ONeil TMNT Costume

The second TMNT costume is seen in the movie titled the same name, Megan Fox played the character of April O’Neil. It was the first time that April O’Neil had such a major role to do. Previously it was always a laidback type. Nevertheless, she did a great job and even donned a new generation April O’Neil costume. It is a trendsetter and can be your costume for Halloween. Just you need to follow the guide to complete your costume.

yellow leather jacket

April O’Neil TMNT Jacket (Product Page)

This is the yellow jacket that Megan Fox wore in the movie. This jacket is made of leather material and has all the detailed stitches on it.

April ONeil TMNT Hoodie

April O’Neil TMNT Hoodie (Product Page)

She wore this maroon hoodie underneath her Yellowjacket. You can buy the same to cosplay her.


April O’Neil TMNT T-Shirt (Product Page)

Along with the hoodie and jacket, Megan Fox wore this grey shirt to complete the upper look of her costume.

April ONeil TMNT Jeans

April O’Neil TMNT Jeans (Product Page)

April O’Neil also wore this curvy cut jeans in TMNT movie. You can buy this jeans at a reasonable price and in the best material.

April ONeil TMNT Boots

April O’Neil TMNT Boots (Product Page)

April completed her costume with this pair of knee-high boots that she was seen wearing in the movie along with her suit.

This will complete your April O’Neil costume for Halloween. Now, get all the gadgets together and wait for the big day to come. Or this costume can also become your routine outfit easily.

April O’Neil Comic TMNT Costume:

April ONeil Comic Costume

Are you a fan of the traditional look April O’Neil had when she was incepted? Well, we have you guys covered as well; we present her signature yellow costume which she wears in the 90s cartoons that we often saw. I’m sure many of are still big fans and have seen that series many times. So to be like that ‘old’ April O’Neil you just need to buy this single item that will give you the classic look.

April ONeil Comic Jumpsuit Costume

April o Neil Yellow Jumpsuit (Product Page)

April O’Neil Animated TMNT costume:

April ONeil Animated Costume

You have already seen the costume from the movie and the signature costume of the 90’s series. Now we will show an outfit that can give you an adorable look. This is from another animated series that was started airing from 2012. This costume was worn by a younger version of April O’Neil, so it is appropriate for kids as well. However, if you want to break the age gap, then you can check this out.

April ONeil TMNT Animated Unitard

April O’Neil TMNT Animated Unitard (Product Page)

For this animated series costume guide of April O’Neil, first comes the Unitard. It is a single piece with long pants and long sleeves. These are the same ones worn when doing ballerina as they do not become an obstruction. Same is the case when you are fighting against bad guys; you do not want any hindrances, which is why you should be getting this to begin your costume. It is made mostly from nylon; therefore, it would fit you with ease.

April ONeil TMNT Animated T Shirt

April O’Neil TMNT Animated T Shirt (Product Page)

This is the cute T-Shirt April O’Neil wears in the series. It is yellow in color and has the number five written on the front. The tee is made from 100% polyester which may not make sure of the comfortability factor, but it will ensure that the item is of high durability. It will last much longer than other tees made from different fabrics. This Amazon item is the closest thing you will get to perfection concerning the T-Shirt but just remember one thing. When ordering, buy one which is a little larger in size as the item which gets delivered to you is somewhat small.

short jeans

April O’Neil TMNT Animated Shorts (Product Page)

The third item which you will be requiring is this jean short. These shorts come from the all-famous brand Hudson, hence their high price. But rest assured, you would be getting excellent products. These are cotton-made with elastane at 2%. These are 8 inches long and come cuffed so that you can increase length if required. The stitching on it has also been done really well.


April O’Neil TMNT Animated Boots (Product Page)

Finally, for the last item, we have these boots. Although we were thinking of going with ankle boots, these Tieler Boots were much better both look and quality wise. Nine West did a good job on them; made from leather and have a synthetic sole. The bottom would give you a good grip when moving, and the leather on the boots will provide you with the ‘rich’ feeling.  The detailing on this item is also splendid; you don’t trust my words? Just feast your eyes on the buckle and the strap of all the things and see it for yourself.

So there you have it, the best costume guide of April O’Neil on the internet. These four outfits will give you the perfect April O’Neil look. You now have three various costumes to choose from, the classical from the 80s-90s cartoon series, the kid version of the recent animated series and costumes from the 2014 and the 2016 movie. It doesn’t matter what you choose for costume parties, you will not only get a screen accurate look but will also look attractive. Leave your comments about your views for this guide.

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