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Aquaman Costume Guide: How To Be The Sea God

Aquaman Costume

Aquaman is the king of Atlantis, he controls the fish and the sea. He can live under and over water, while nothing causes him any danger of any kind. And the list goes on and on but here we will talk about a different kind of list. The list of all the items you will need to make yourself the Aquaman costume.

  Jason Momoa Costume

Aquaman Distressed Jacket

Arthur Curry Jacket

First, if you’re in for something fancy and classy, you should consider wearing this Brown Jacket of Arthur Curry. It features distressed texture, sturdy details, multiple pockets and buttons.

aquaman wig and beard

Aquaman Wig and Beard (Product Page)

I guess, till now you had already googled and seen the pictures of the Dweller of the Depths and realized that you would need some very expensive hair and beard extensions if you want your cosplay to be perfect to the last inch. The costume guide genius, I have got this problem this sorted out too with this pair of wig and fake bared that is just the same as the one worn by the Swimmer.

aquaman shirt

Aquaman Shirt (Product Page)

Now the things you will need. This primary thing you need to look like Jason Momoa is to build a body like him. But that could take a lot of time even if you are a regular at the gym. So to solve that problem we have come with a solution that is this muscle chest shirt. Yes, the shirt is plain without any tattoos we have shared a video in the last that explains how to get the same tattoos as Jason Momoa. Be sure to check it out.

aquaman trident

Aquaman Trident (Product Page)

After you are done with tattooing your shirt, the next thing you will need is the iconic trident. The symbol of the sea god. The one shown here is the exact copy of the one held by the macho actor in the upcoming movie.


aquaman shoulder armor

Aquaman Shoulder Armor (Product Page)

The concept of the cinematic Aquaman cosplay is taken from the latest reboot of the character. And this time, the King of Atlantis was seen wearing a shoulder armor. Here is a look-alike of the shoulder armor but you will have to make the design patterns yourself to make it look more like the original one.

aquaman wrist guard

Aquaman Wrist Guards (Product Page)

Similarly, you will have to paint these wrist braces too as you did to the above shoulder armor. Make sure you get the right design pattern while doing that.

aquaman pants

Aquaman Pants (Product Page)

These pants are of a unique color. We tried really hard to find an exact match but we couldn’t but we found a very near match and that shall be adequate for your cosplay of the Sea God. In a way, these pants are better as you will able to wear them to funky parties and can also wear them casually.

aquaman boots

Aquaman Boots(Product Page)

The king of Atlantis wears some very shiny boots, and we literally had to sniff out these boots from the abyss of the internet. Although not the same boots, but they will be excellent as part of your DIY. These bright golden shoes are made up of PU leather and can be used with other outfits such as Shazam.

Comic Aquaman Costume DIY

aquaman comic costume

If you are more of a comic fan, then you might like the old outfit better. I personally like the old suit more than the new one. It is because the Aquaman costume from the comics was very accurate in mimicking the character. This suit perfectly defined the qualities and abilities of the Water Wraith. It shows that he lives in the seas with fish scale shirt and gloves win fins. So here is how you can “sea” yourself in the classic outfit from the comics.

aquaman comic shirt

Aquaman Comic Shirt (Product Page)

Even in the comics, there is more than one costume of Aquaman, but the basic theme or the tone of the outfit remains unchanged. The shirt displayed here is one from the most loved attires of the King of Seven Seas. The shirt features a fish scale design and is made up cotton.

aquman comic trident

Aquaman Comic Trident (Product Page)

It is almost impossible to imagine the Sea God without his godly trident. The Trident shown here is very much similar to the original one in terms of style and design.

aquaman comic gloves

Aquaman Comic Gloves (Product Page)

Now the next thing for your Aquaman Halloween Costume is this pair of gloves. These green gloves are made for cosplays. You can use them with a variety of outfits, and they will not fail to impress you.

aquaman comic pants

Aquaman Comic Pants (Product Page)

And here are the green pants that you need for your cosplay. Made mostly of cotton and with picture accurate colors these are by far the best pants you will on the internet for this special outfit.

green boots

Aquaman Comic Boots (Product Page)

The final thing you need is a pair of green boots. And here they are. The boots that will help dwell deep in the seas of the costume perfection.

Here we have completed your Aquaman costume for you. We hope that you are now fully satisfied and rest assured that your Halloween is going to be awesome. Since the both outfits are a rarity, it took a lot of effort on our side to devise this guide. We will be really happy to see you in this attire, so if you chose to wear it this Halloween please share your pictures with us. It will mean a lot to us to see our hard work paying off.

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