Full and Final Costume Collection Of Arrow For Absolutely Everyone

Season four was a roller-coaster ride for all of us. There were so many ups and downs that it was hard keeping track of all the information. Just to catch you up with the action here are the few major things that happened. Number one, our old Ollie gets elected as the new mayor of the Starling City. Number two Speedy and Diggle leave the Arrow team because of their personal interests. And last we also saw that Roy Harper is alive and well. Now the season five is just at our doorsteps and so is Halloween which means it’s the perfect time to get our creative and fashion out our favorite Arrow costume. Let’s take a look at the outfits of the team leader and his sidekicks.

The Green Arrow Costume Guide

Green Arrow Costume

Just how Marvel has Hawkeye as their accurate shooter, DC Comics has Green Arrow. Just like Hawkeye, Green Arrow has a bow and a set of lethal arrows for taking down his villains. These arrows have been customized with different hi-tech qualities that make him unpredictable. His aim is so accurate that he very rarely misses his mark. Arrow’s alter ego is Oliver Queen. Before he could become the vigilante, he had to go learn how to adapt, by himself, in a deserted jungle after a shipwreck.

Green Arrow Series Mask
Green Arrow Mask (Product Page)

Starting from the top, the first thing that you need is this Eye Mask, which helps Oliver Queen to disguise his personality as no one could see his face. This allows him to do his job without having to worry about that someone might harm his family or friends. You will need to start looking more like the Emerald Archer.

Arrow Jacket
Stephen Amell Arrow Jacket (Product Page)

The next thing you need is this Green Arrow jacket. This pure quality jacket is made up of PU leather for shine and style that you crave and internal viscose that provide the comfort you deserve. The high quality and trendy design ensure that you can wear this stylish jacket for the years to come.

Arrow Vest
Green Arrow Vest (Product Page)

Alternatively, you can wear this vest, which is a bit more stylish than the above one, maybe I am saying that maybe because I like vest more than jackets. I think vest are more stylish than the jackets. This vest is made up of the same PU leather and viscose lining as above but the styling and pattern, this time, are more cool and trendy. So don’t waste any time and bring home this fantastic apparel.

Green Arrow Straight Pant
Quick Dry Outdoor Pants (Product Page)

Like the rest of the arrow merchandise and costume, you have wear pants that are green, so they blend in perfectly with the outfit. The pants we have featured here are made up of 100% polyester with comfort fit back and side elastic waist. The fabric is UPF that has the quality of protecting you from the UVA and UVB radiation. After telling you all the features of these pants, I am sure that you are clicking the buy button right now.

Green Arrow Costume Boots
Men’s Work Boot (Product Page)

The stylish boots you just saw are the result of our tireless search to fine the shoes that most relatable to Battling Bowman shoes. The sturdy boots are very high quality and will compliment you in every walk of your Green Arrow Halloween costume. Bring home these shoes now before they run out of stock.

green arrow gloves

Arrow Leather Gloves (Product Page)

Coming to your hands now, which are obviously very important when you are impersonating a character that is known for his archery. An archer needs to take good care of his hands and keeps them warm and pain-free. And you need to do that same in order make people believe that you are cosplay king of Halloween.

Green Arrow Costume Bow
Alder Recurve Bow (Product Page)

Now this is the most obvious item on the list. I feel a bit stupid telling you why you need this Green Arrows bow when it is very clear that no one can mimic the Emerald Archer without having a bow.

green arrows
Green Arrows (Product Page)

The final prop on the list are theses arrows. You need these items to take your Green Arrow cosplay to near perfection. Just keep calm and make sure you don’t hurt anybody.

Red (Roy Harper) Arrow Costume

Roy Harper Costume

Roy Harper or more famously know as Arsenal was the first official sidekick of the Battling Bowman and third join the Arrow team after Diggle and Felicity. In season three we saw Arsenal take the fall for Oliver Queen as he convinced the police that he is the real Green Arrow. After he was sent to prison where he faked his death and escaped to Hub City. And it not till season four that we saw him again, this time posing as a burglar. Now the stage is all set for season five we believe that Roy Harper will rejoin the Arrow team as Oliver needs him badly.

Whether or not he rejoins the team, it’s is confirm that he will be in at least two or three episodes of the fifth season. So it’s a pretty good reason to look at the Red Arrow costume in a bit detail and imagine how it might look on you this spooky Halloween.

Roy Harper jacket
Roy Harper Jacket (Product Page)
Roy Harper Pants
Roy Harper Pants (Product Page)


Roy Harper Shoes
Roy Harper Shoes (Product Page)
Roy Haper GlovesRoy Harper Gloves (Product Page)

Speedy Arrow Costume

Speedy Costume
So after Roy Harper went to prison, Thea, Oliver’s younger sister took the mantle of being the new Red Arrow with a nickname originating from the comics. Although season four left us heartbroken when we saw our beloved Speedy leaving the team but there is a hope that she might return in season five. Till then here is what you can do, to fill the void of Thea in the series and your life wear the Speedy’s outfit to every cosplay and costume party.

Speedy Jacket

Speedy Jacket (Product Page)
Speedy Pants
Speedy Pants (Product Page)
Sppedy Shoes
Speedy Shoes (Product Page)


Speedy GLoves
Speedy Gloves (Product Page)

Other Items:

Following are some detailing items that you will need for both Red Arrow and Speedy’s costume. These items must be added to your cosplay to make it more unique and extraordinary.


Red Arrow Bow
Red Arrow Bow (Product Page)


Red Arrow Arrows
Red Arrow Arrows (Product Page)
Red Arrow Mask
Red Arrow Mask (Product Page)


Red Arrow Quiver
Red Arrow Quiver (Product Page)

Arrow Merchandise

And here are some of most craved Green Arrow Merchandise from CW’s Arrow. If you are the true fan of the Emerald Archer then you must possess all of the following.


Green Arrow Mens Fullzip Hoodie (Product Page)


Arrow Good Eye Big Boys Pullover Hoodie (Product Page)


Arrival Green Arrow Metal Keychain (Product Page)


Arrow – The ‘Hood’ Action Figure (Product Page)

arrow face shirtt

You Have Failed This City T Shirt (Product Page)

This guide is giving you the choice of between three different Green Arrow costumes. And you can choose whichever outfit you like.  There is one thing in this entire set that you can’t miss. Do you know what it is? They are their weapons. The costume bow and arrow can’t be avoided as that is his trademark look. Apart from the mask and the outfit, you need to have the right weapons with you since superheroes, even those who are human, can’t do without them. You don’t need to be specific about your physique, only the look. So post your comments and your thoughts about which is the best Green Arrow costume for sale in your eyes.

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