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Amazing Luigi & Mario Costume To Try Right Now

Super Mario is one of the best games of its time, we all are aware of the time management and the collection of coins in that match, and it also gains the big success in the World of video games. The best thing is the colorful dress of Super Mario and Luigi Cosplay. Also of definitive graphics, the game has been sold very well, and the success led to serial sequels expensive franchise.

He usually wears the cap, and the whole costume also attracts too much. Here we present the best Mario Costume DIY, you can enjoy making this dress for occasions like Halloween.

Mario and Luigi Costumes DIY


Cap and Mustache for Adults (Product Page)

It is 100% polyester and totally hands washable. Inventive colorful cap to make you perfectly get into the role, use whether in Halloween, Birthday or any Parties.

Hand Gloves (Product Page)

Foam designed and especially for the Mario cosplay. They can be used in cold weathers too for regular use.


Boots (Product Page)

Hiker boots,  washable, rubber sole and 100% leather contains padded tongue and collar.

Super Mario Costumes for Adults (Product Page)

This is high-quality plumber suit specially designed for super Mario, standard and extra large sizes are also available, and the company behind these morphs suits is known because of their quality products.

Luigi Green Attire (Product Page)

Mario Luigi Costume for adults 90% polyester and 10% polyurethane overall suit from jumpers to the toe end.

Luigi Green Cap (Product Page)

100% cotton and has a colorful look, it is 4” deep from inside 2” long. Only washed by hands

Shoes for Luigi Green (Product Page)

Leather imported, and rubber sole, woolen tongue label, and embossed heel logo provide the classic look. Rubber outsole provides the secure traction.

The game consist of 8 World’s  with four sub-levels and the final stage of every world take place in a castle where Bowser or one of his decoys are fought. Super Mario Costumes are available in both colors and all sizes for children’s, men and women. Be one of the best Super Mario characters in cosplay and make your occasions more colorful.   

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