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Big and Stylish: Fashion Tips for Men of Size

Attractive Fashion Essentials For Big Men

Are you a big man and looking for essential clothing pieces? No worries at all. There are plenty of trendy fashion options for big men.

Honestly, you don’t even have to put in so much effort. Find pieces that frame your shape and add structure automatically without adding excess volume.

Streetwear fashion can be adopted by big men too. If you are tall and big, however, you should avoid busy prints and patterns and keep your street style statement simple and understated.

Top 5 Items to Dress Well for Big Guys

Big Men’s Shirts

big men shirt

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Shirts are definitely included in the wardrobe essentials for big men.

Wear striped or check shirts and tuck the shirt in properly so it looks good.

Did you know? Henleys and V-neck tees are great because they have slimming necklines.

Big Men’s Jeans

jeans for big men

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You can easily conceal your big parts with a little denim if you master the art of selecting a good pair of jeans.

If you are a big man and you have bigger thighs but a relatively slim body, an athletic fit that shapes beneath the knee is your smartest choice.

Big Men’s Suit

big men suit

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Suits are essential for every guy whether he is big or thin. Being a big guy you need to get a custom-made suit for yourself.

For trousers, you should go for a lowrise one with cuffed leg length.

For the Jacket avoid double-breasted and go for a single-button one instead as it is great for creating a focal point.

Big Men’s Outerwear

leather blazer for big guys

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Thinking to cover up yourself to look classy? You don’t have to worry at all we have to tell you something.

In winter, wear long overcoats or leather blazers as they are a great way to make a solid impression and can be a good fashion staple for big men.

While as summer wear, a V-neck shirt with an open front is also appropriate to make a great impression.

Big Men’s Accessories


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The best way to level up your style is with suspenders, which are perfect for fat guys.

Suspenders offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. Belts can be very uncomfortable for fat guys.

Every time you move or bend over, your pants dig into your skin. Suspenders can change that.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The darker colors such as navy blue, black, brown, and charcoal gray will look good on big men.
A big guy should wear regular fit jeans to look in shape.
Black is the color that can make you look slimmer. Colors such as blue, purple, and brown can also hide flaws and make you appear slimmer.
A roll-sleeved shirt looks great being layered over a white tee, and slim-cut shorts cropped a few inches above the knee.
Keep your fabrics light to medium weight to avoid adding extra bulk. Cotton, linen, and other light, natural fabrics are good choices.