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An Amazingly Scary Collection of Slipknot Masks

When you have metal bands with the coolest logos, you can’t imagine them to be a sane group of people making music and playing sold out concerts. Legendary bands like Slipknot have either have an insane personality or tattoos with hairstyles and piercing. However, Slipknot does not come under either of those two characteristics. These are one of those bands that stand out from the rest and have cemented their legacy to be worthy candidates to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their entire look of performing live has given them the distinctive recognition of being Slipknot.

Corey Taylor Latex Mask All Hope Is Gone Slipknot Prop

Joey Mask

Slipknot Bass Face Mask

Slipknot Chris Full Mask

Slipknot Clown Mask

Slipknot Corey Mask with Removable Upper Face

Slipknot Corey Taylor Halloween Mask

Slipknot Craig Full Mask

Slipknot Deluxe Overhead Clown Mask

Slipknot Drums Face Mask

Slipknot Joey Mask

Slipknot Mick Face Mask

Slipknot Paul Gray Halloween Mask Prop

Men’s Slipknot Jim Face Mask

These are more than enough to scare anyone in the night, including adults. The guys are mostly into rock bands and hearing Slipknot songs will get you interested in the band automatically. What is more interesting is the fact of how do they look without their masks. These guys may be considered as the Daft Punk of metal when it comes to their outfits. With Kiss painting their faces, Slipknot chooses to go with these violently crafted masks. They are without a doubt new to those who think that scary masks are only of ghosts and witches. Slipknot easily has the potential to surpass the level of creativity, and it has been noticed in their music videos.

With the last mask of Jim from the band, the list of the most favorite Slipknot masks ends. Whether you are a fan of the drummer, bass guitarist, lead singer, or any other member of the band, make sure that you own their masks because that is when you know that you are truly as unique as them. The others will just contend with t-shirts, caps, and other Slipknot merchandise. These masks are not your ordinary fan-made type as it contains those elements that are very dangerous and should not be in reach of children. If you plan on wearing this on the night of Halloween or any other place where you need to wear slipknot costumes, make sure you consider the safety of others first.

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