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Top 20 Geeky Avengers Endgame Merchandise You Should Own

Avengers Endgame Merchandise

Avengers just made their anticipated return in the latest sequel and left a huge impression on the fans around the world. Whether we talk about debuting Captain Marvel, or the returning, Thor, Hulk, and the Mighty Thanos.

And what better way to show them love than collecting cool merch?

If you’re looking to fuel up the hype then we have rounded up a collection of 20 cool Avengers Endgame Merchandise that includes awesome stuff for you or someone on your geeky list. 

Thanos gauntlet new

Thanos Gauntlet

Let’s start off with the most powerful weapon of all time, the Infinity Gauntlet. If you’re obsessed with collecting stones, then this cool collectible is your thing. It has two straps adjustable and easy to wear.

pint glass 3d captain america

Captain America Pint glass

Thinking for a showpiece to gift someone then this glass is the best choice. Comes with an attached shield.

antman helmet

Antman Helmet

What compels your collection is the cool helmet of Scott Lang. Aesthetic and also comfortable to wear as a cosplay
Rocket Raccoon Plush Toy

Rocket Raccoon Plush Toy

Who could forget the little rodent? He made us laugh in every scene he appeared especially when slapping Fat Thor. He is a furry little guy, cute and plushy like this doll figure. 

captain marvel

Captain Marvel Funko Pop

Get this Funko pop to support the universal female superhero, Captain Marvel. Goose the cat approves this. 

Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet

Iron Man Gauntlet

If you can afford Thanos glove, you should also get this Endgame Iron Man Gauntlet. Features six stones and more detailed. 

Bring me thanos shirt goose the cat

Bring Me Thanos Shirt

Speaking of stones, The Mad Titan will have a hard time fighting this fluffy side-kick of Captain Marvel. So cute even Thanos wants to pet her. 

captain america wallet

Captain America Wallet

Leave out the old boring wallets and get this nice leather wallet of Captain America. Your money and id cards are now safe.


Doctor Strange Necklace

Empower your journey with this Eye of Agamotto necklace. Capable of summoning power from other dimensions. Too bad, Thanos took out the actual stone. 

avangers endgame quantum hoodie style

Quantum Hoodie

Geek out in this Quantum Hoodie featuring Avengers logo on the front. No matter how much you hate or love superhero, you won’t feel the cold in this hoodie.

Thor Hammer 3d Deco Light

Thor’s Hammer

Fixing cracks from walls may be possible but removing the hammer may be a bad idea. 

Iron Man Endgame FunkoQuantum Funko Pops

Here comes the new line of Funkos inspired by the latest Quantum Suits.

iron man cup

Iron Man Cup

Enjoy the Avengers movie while sipping coffee in an Iron Man mug.

Dual Sword Thanos Keychain

Thanos Sword Keychain

An inspired keychain of Thanos with the dual sword. Lightweight, fancy and channels your inner geek. 

captain marvel bag ladies

Captain Marvel Bag

High-quality Captain Marvel ladies bag is the best option for the Avengers fan.

funko pop captain

Captain America Funko Pop

Little things recall the memory every time, this cute Captain America Funko pop has a unique classy appearance.

quantum shirtQuantum Suit Shirt

Feeling hot! Get this cool quantum T-shirt for summer and enjoy time traveling.

captain america cap

Captain America Cap

A black hat for Captain America fans. Add this with other merchandises to make a unique collection. 

Groot Alarm Clock

Groot Alarm Clock

Getting up for work won’t be difficult since Groot is here to wake you up. Has digital time display and says “I am Groot”. 

stan lee mug

Stan Lee Mug

No Avengers movie is completed without having a cameo of Stan Lee and same goes for our Avengers Endgame Merchandise guide. Pay tribute with this awesome mug. 


These all are the Avengers Endgame Merchandise, I hope you found these items awesome for your collection. Feel free to share this with other Marvel Fans. 

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