The Ultimate Guide To Avengers Infinity War Costumes

Avengers Infinity War Costume

The franchise is known for featuring top heroes from MCU.  Whenever a new chapter is announced, fans get excited and this time, the hype has leveled up! Following the success of Black Panther, the producers decided to create a direct sequel to Civil War and introduced a new story but the best part of the movie is the most extensive roster featuring all-time favorite Star-Lord, Captain America, Iron Man and more!

This is something never seen before and what’s more is there is a new antagonist which led to the reunion of the Avengers so are you ready to the join the squad? The film has also introduced rocking variations of attires that looks astonishing from every angle. You’ve seen the trailers and movie, now is the time to do some homework by DIY-ing Avengers Infinity War Costumes with these cool handpicked items.

Select Your Character:

Black Panther

In the same universe, we have a wild hero who likes to cut his foes rather relying on sound effects of “POW BANG BOOM”. From the Kingdom of Wakanda, this man has come to aid his allies in the battle against Mad Army of Thanos. We have arranged cool stuff to create your Black Panther Infinity War Costume.

Items To Buy:

Black Panther 2018 Movie Jacket

When making your Avengers Costume of Black Panther, you have to carefully select a matching suit. Here is a rocking style jacket to make you look like the Wakanda Warrior, featuring screen-accurate details.

Black Panther Cosplay Shirt

If you’re concerned about getting sweaty or don’t usually wear a jacket, you can simply purchase this long sleeve shirt which is affordable and screen accurate.

Long Sleeves Shirt

Let’s move on to something different like the featured black long sleeve shirt with Wakanda neck symbol. Soft cotton made and a solid piece for outdoor.

Black Panther Mask

What makes your catsuit cool is when you wear a scary panther mask. This one is based on the latest movie featuring stunning details.


Your Catsuit is incomplete without these gloves. The leather pair is free-size and made for the entire family.

Black Trouser

You got gloves, mask, and a bodysuit and what’s left is the above leather pant, an additional piece to your Avengers Infinity War Halloween Costumes.



To finalize the catsuit, pick up these heavy duty boots to become the king of Wakanda. It comes with rubber sole and anti-glare lacing system.


Thanos infinity war Costume

The Avengers got a bigger fish to fry! No matter how many heroes there are, no power is no match for the Dark Lord who is here for one reason, Conquer every power! Plan your next evil move by following this Thanos Costume guide that includes Thanos Gauntlet and more!

Items to Buy:

Thanos Gauntlet

Avengers Infinity War Thanos Costume is not very hard to build. All you need is a proper guidance so let’s begin with the infamous gauntlet. A unique collectible for your cosplay that comes with colored gems.


With the handmade glove, we put up this detailed sleeveless vest featuring similar details and colorful textures to create a movie-like character.

Body Suit

We don’t want to add any skin damaging products so best idea we come up with is a bodysuit. This purple piece is flexible, comfortable and stretchable.


He wore a helmet when he first appeared and likely to wear it again. Nothing gets uglier than putting on this detailed mask of Thanos.


Same boot from the previous character which provides uncompromising comfort during walking and running.

Thanos T shirt

Thanos T Shirt (Product Page)

When you purchase above items, you should also include this tee in the same basket because it is cool and has Thanos ready to strike.

Iron Man

Iron Man has extreme armor that is capable enough hold off Thanos (at least for a while!) Speaking of which, Tony Stark is also seen wearing an expensive casual hoodie in almost every movie scene and we’ve included that in the Avengers Infinity War Iron Man Costume Guide as well.

Items To Buy:


Tony Stark Infinity War Hoodie

Here we have two variations made of leather and different from the other. It is the newest addition to the Avengers Costume in blue and camo that is surrounded with orange stripes.


Iron Man Long Sleeve Costume Shirt

While filming, Tony Stark also wore the reactor suit so we also included this in Costume Avengers Infinity War Collection.

Iron Man Costume Shirt

This iron long sleeve suit will do the trick. After all, you don’t want to wear something heavy so this will probably work out fine!


If you ready to fight, don’t forget to put on this inspired helmet of Iron Man. It has 2 L.E.D light up eyes and electronic voice effect.


To fight like the billionaire, you need to wear these gloves to complete your cosplay. Premium finishing and fits every hand.

Captain America

Captain America is a primary member of the Avengers, wearing the new black attire as seen in the movie (Don’t forget the Beard). In order to gear up like the patriotic hero, here’s what you need for the Captain America Infinity War Suit, also includes Infinity War Shield.

Items To Buy:

Captain America Infinity War Black Jacket

The specialized Veteran got inspired by the Wakanda King and decided to honor him with his Captain America Avengers Infinity War Costume. It comes with creative details similar to the original.


Get yourself the ultimate shield that will add a new touch to your appearance. Modified according to the actual movie which is meticulously designed in black and silver color.

What goes best with your cosplay is the leather brown aesthetic gloves. Separately sold as a part of cosplay.


Combat Suspanders


Indeed, you need to hold some weapons just in case Thanos breaks your shield. This utility shield is what will make your outfit awesome.

Star Lord Trouser


Armored yourself up with custom fit stylish biker trouser, flexible and enhances performance level.



That’s not all, these boots are also fine addition specially designed to rock your Avengers Infinity War Captain America Costume.

Star Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy is are the movie and Star Lord is definitely one of them. He and Thanos has some personal issues regarding Gamora (Spoiler). His cosplay is not very hard to build, let’s see what we have!

Items To Buy:

Star Lord Jacket

Some heroes from other universe are also joining in. One of them is Star Lord who is back with a cool jacket for his fans. Capture the look by owning the detailed version jacket from Fjackets.


You may remember him donning a grey tee in the previous movie! The tee was a hit and still is, don’t forget to add this.

Star Lord Mask


Let’s not forget, he is Star Lord and recognized as a hero via the helmet. Similarly, we put up a custom design here that will definitely match.


These futuristic gloves will make you stand out during the party. Featuring attractive details and fits almost all size.

Star Lord Trouser

Black Pants

The Motorcycle pants are an available choice but you can also prefer denim jeans to save a few bucks. Just to make sure the cosplay looks good.

Star Lord Boots


For kicking bad guys, grab these aesthetically stylish boots to become Star Lord in real life. More like a western boot but offers the best comfort.



Moving from Ragnarok, Thor got a lot of mysterious things in his way. Apart from his eye-patch, he brought a new weapon to the screenplay and we’ll let you do the same with following Thor Infinity War Costume Items.

Eye Patch

Thor has gone pirate, which is why his fans should also get this eye patch and look exactly like the strongest avenger.


Behold, the Avengers Infinity War Thor Costume for your Halloween and Cosplay. Best screen accurate version available made of leather. Cape not included!

thor red cape


Thor does not fly but still wears a cape! We added one size in red that fits every adult. Perfect for any special occasion.

Thor Axe

Thanks to Groot and Rabbit, Thor has a new weapon that can easily take down the army of Mad Titan. This is a similar style for your cosplay that can also make sound effects.


A worthy prop for Thor fans. Yes, Mjolnir is a trusty weapon which is a must-have. Use only for cosplay purpose.

thor pants


Another biker pant in a slim fit style that goes with above outfits. If already own, don’t bother just move on to next item.

thor boots


Opt to look heroic and fashionable? Don’t forget to add these high boots to instantly update your look. It provides unrivaled comfort without breaking the bank.


The new kid dressed up as Spider-Man made a shocking debut in Civil War and his solo movie was fantastic. The high-tech gear is probably one of the best things we’ve seen in the film and if you’re eager to dress up in the Avengers Infinity War Spiderman Costume, pick up the following items:

Items To Buy:


Spider Man Infinity War Jacket

Spider Man Infinity War Jacket

Every one got inspired by the costume so do we! For die-hard fans, we brought a new twist for our readers, the ultimate Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider Costume modified into a jacket.

Lettuce of Sadness Shirt (Product Page)

The audience wanted something special so here it is! The Lettuce Taste of Sadness Shirt, now you don’t have to order an extra bowl of Vegies.


A polyester mask designed to fit adults and kids. Authentic features with mesh eyes which are easy to see through.


Strike, break some bones but don’t forget to wear this mask. PU leather is used to provide good grip and comfort.

Red Cosplay Boots


Climb high by wearing these long boots, best for cosplay purpose especially for Spiderman Avengers Infinity War costume. Also available in black.

 Docter Strange


The powerful sorcerer, Doctor Strange represents his Mystic Personality and also possesses a green stone. The comic hero has inspired us all with the classy cloak that has hidden powers and soon you’ll be wearing one. Here is the guide to make his Avengers Infinity War Costumes.

Items To Buy:

Eye Of Agamotto Necklace

Every sorcerer needs the power of Agamotto which indeed is an essential part of your cosplay.



He is not a hero but still needs to wear a cloak because he is the Sorcerer Supreme. If that’s the case, it is also important for you. It has a decorative collar which elegantly designed for fans.

Costume Set

To save your time, purchase this set which comes with a robe. No boots and pants included in this package.

  Bucky Barnes

Looks like Bucky Barnes, also known as Winter Soldier has joined the team of heroes with his childhood buddy, Steve Rogers. After done battling his allies, White Wolf is now in excellent shape to fight against the army of Mad Titan. Perhaps you can dress up as him for the battle. Go through the following guide to build your Winter Soldier Infinity War Costume.


If you don’t feel like growing long hair is the right thing to do, just grab a wig for a temporary purpose.

Bucky Barnes Jacket

This is a new jacket. Featuring Blue with Brown Shoulder Pads, externally designed with PU Leather and features viscose lining inside.

Bucky Civil War Gloves
Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Break your enemies into pieces by owning this classic fingerless glove. Leather material and best to go with this guide.

Bucky Civil War Belt
10 Pocket Utility Belt

Utility belts have now become an essential part of every superhero. Bucky also needs one because he is a commando and a veteran.

Bucky Civil War Pant
LT Tactical Pants

Add value to your style with this awesome Tactical Pants for White Wolf Costume. Provides mobility during outdoor activities.

Sport Boot

Light up your gear with these winter boots featuring astonishing details. Subtle yet best option.

Black Widow

Natasha is back with the role of Black Widow once again and her Avengers Infinity War Costume is awesome. She plays an important part along with other Avengers member to take out the minions of villain. The Avengers Infinity War Black Widow Costume is a great deal and looks promising.

Items To Buy:


Before you put on the blond wig, this jacket vest is more important and also a new upgrade to the character. The Leather material vest has a functional zip closure and two front pockets.



If you opt for best beauty, put on this lovely design wig. Although, if you already have natural shade hairs, ignore this step.

Black Widow Avengers Gloves


Fight like a strong woman by wearing the versatile accessory glove. Made of Polyester.


For long and sexy legs, we have added a slim fit ladies pant. Most importantly, it has wrinkle-resistant features. A unique addition to your wardrobe.

Dual Mag Belt

To carry your guns and ammo, wear the dual mag belt. Although, it is just to give you a similar look as Black Widow.


A toy gun can help you get the pose you need. Just don’t point it at humans or animals.


Hulk is ready to wreck! His head is filled with hotness so you better watch out cause he won’t stand anyone standing in his way, that includes his team as well. Don’t take his fluffy heart for granted, Hulk has the power to lift anything except for Thor’s hammer, how embarrassing!!!! Do you have the power to make his Avengers Costumes DIY?

Items To Buy:

Hulk Muscle Chest Costume

Hulk Mask and Shirt

Mask always comes first when making Avengers Costumes. You need the green angry face and a body shirt for this one.

Purple Shorts

Just put on this purple pant and you’re good to go. Pretty easy and affordable way to become the Incredible Hulk.


The wonderous Gamora is our next female character for cosplayers. She made her comeback along with Star Lord and other Guardians. We got a glimpse of Her fashion which seems to be similar to GOTG Vol. 2! Here is how to make her Avengers Infinity War Costumes.

Items To Buy:

Gamora Coat

Along with Star Lord, Gamora is also coming and has a major role in the movie. We added her coat from GOTG. Vol 2.


Gamora Vest

Underneath the coat, you can wear this vest which is an ideal choice to play the character.


Coloring hair is not a bright idea but wearing a purple wig can give you the look needed.

Green Makeup

This green formula won’t damage the skin but before purchasing, read the product description or consult a general physician.


Ladies Green Full Body Suit

Green Body Suit

No need to color the whole body where there is a bodysuit available. Flexible, durable and suitable for females.

Gamora Costume Boots


For riding, snowing or even cosplay, these boots are great! Expertly produced and best for daily wears too.

Avengers Infinity War Merchandise

When you buy these cosplay items, also consider adding these swags to your Infinity War Merchandise collection.


Captain America Hoodie (Product Page)

Black Panther Hoodie Costume 2018

Wakanda Style Hoodie (Product Page)

Infinity War Heroes T Shirt

Heroes T Shirt (Product Page)

Messenger Bag (Product Page)

Thor Hammer Bag (Product Page)

Logo Hoodie (Product Page)

Pullover Hoodie (Product Page)

Avengers Bracelet (Product Page)
Looks like these are all the central figures that are so far coming to the movie. We did not include Avengers Infinity War Costumes for Kids but soon, we’ll add in the same guide. Send us suggestions for more characters and don’t forget to hit the share button. Did we miss Hawkeye?
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