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A Perfect Costume Collection To Dress Up As Bane

Bane Costume

Very few villains have been able to give Batman a hard time. Bane is one of those villains that almost ended Batman’s legendary streak of defeating villains for good by breaking his back. His size is enough toterrify any superhero, even Superman. His knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and survival is tough to counter and Batman learned that the hard way. But there is one thing that you can get in a very easy way, and that is the Bane costume.

If you have been watching the Batman movies since the ’90s, you would have rarely seen him in a major role. However, in Dark Knight Rises, He was the main villain who really showed what exactly he is capable of doing. Casting Tom Hardy to be Bane was the best idea for the franchise as he becomes more famous. He underwent a lot of training to get the physique they required and his dialogue deliverance was perfect. You can become a franchise as he becomes more famous. He underwent a lot of training to get the physique they required and his dialogue deliverance was perfect. You can become a deadly mercenary with the help of this costume collection. The cost was a huge fan favorite among the villains’ and we have put together the necessary items to give you his look.

Bane Costumes DIY

Bane Coat

Bane Coat

The dark knight rises coat or as my folks call it the “Need Now” coat, this really is an item to have and have right now. Made up of the supreme distress PU Leather and Faux Shearling as the inner lining for warmth and comfort. The style and design are the most talked about aspects of the coat and made it bane’s best costume of the many he wore in the cult classic movie. So it will be the best choice for your Bane Costume.

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Vest

Bane Vest

The tougher you look, the more praise you get. This was our reply when we saw this dark knight rises vest of Bane. You will need to look tough and bulky as him and this vest right here will certainly help you do it. This military-inspired vest is of the top-notch material and design. If you are too concerned about how stylish will it look then you are worrying for all the wrong reasons? This vest is as fashionable as vests get.


Bane Jacket

Or you can choose to have this jacket instead as a part of your cosplay. Tom Hardy wore this jacket more than one time on the sets of the Dark Knight Rises while playing this infamous character. If you are not musky enough to wear the vest, or it’s too hot outside to wear the fur coat, then you can wear this leather jacket. This bane jacket is made of PU leather with the perks of comfort, fashion, and style.  The stand-up collar with YKK zip closing and snaps buttons make this jacket a perfect casual and party wear.


Real Bane Jacket

Real Bane Coat

This is optional for the people who live in cooler areas and use this coat as the Bane cosplay and as their winter coat. This is an eligible coat for -10°C / -20°C temperature. Due to the real leather and the distressed look.

Bald Cap

Bane Bald Cap (Product Page)

To start looking like the ghastly giant you need to have a shaven head, and we know how much you like your hair. This bald cap will help you to achieve the perfect look while keeping your hair intact to your head. This might be a detailing thing but do not take it for granted as it’s the details that win the race.

Bane Voice Changer Mask

Bane Mask (Product Page)

Coming down to the most frightening mask we have ever seen; this just sends chills down your spine. And who saw the movie would know why does Bane wears the mask. It’s because his survival depends on it, and so does your cosplay. It has a voice changer, the unique feature that you need to have. The vitality of this mask cannot be overstated. Ladies and gentle we present you the perfect replica of the bane’s mask which will lead to making the Bane Halloween costume of your dreams.

Bane Gloves

Bane Gloves (Product Page)

The devil lies in the details and your detailing is incomplete without this item. This wrist brace will not only protect your wrist but will also provide you from being trashed by other cosplayers. This wrist brace is a must add-on detail to your Bane cosplay.

Bane Pant

Bane Cosplay Pants (Product Page)

For athleticism and agility, He wears pants/trousers that are more designed for comfort rather than style. You will have to let go of your style for this one and come in peace with these comfy pants. These charcoal gray pants are made of 100% cotton for your ease and pleasure. Cargo style design makes it look more appealing, and the multiple pockets give space to put in your gadgets. Rush on to the link given and buy these for picture-perfect cosplay.

Bane Belt

Bane Belt (Product Page)

To hold your  Trouser at the accurate place you will need a belt. This is the exact Belt that Tom Hardy used in the Dark Knight Rises movie. It has Two Grommets lines to give an extraordinary grip. This item is also required to complete your Bane Costume at best.

Leather Combat Boots

Bane Boots (Product Page)

The tough man has got some tough boots. Although you can choose your own shoes, we tried a number of different shoes with the bane costume, and these are ones victorious. For immaculate cosplay you will need these shoes so don’t be a penny pincher go out and bring home these muscular shoes. Not only muscular but comfy, casual, stylish and trendy these will add stars to your boots collection.

The vest, jacket, and coat are completely up to you to choose from. As he wore it with these items, you won’t need to worry about being specific. The movie was what gave Tom Hardy a big break. He did such a fantastic job as playing the villain that fans began to demand Bane’s attire. He’s one of the few villains to have worn more than one kind of costume. Moreover, you aren’t only getting all the Bane Halloween Costume, but there’s also one attire that is specially made, so you have the most convenient Bane merch ever.

The voice changer Bane Mask will surprise many people because of the effort you made to nail the character’s personality. You can either wear the coat and the vest together or only the jacket or individually. No matter what you choose, it will look perfectly like him. These are the items you need to look intimidating as the mercenary this season.

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