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Batgirl Costume | Make Yours In A Sensational Way

Batgirl Costume

The Batgirl or as I love to call her “The Dominoed Daredoll” is the counterpart of our favorite superhero the Cape Crusader. Although there are many different characters depicted as the Batgirl. But the most famous one of them all is Barbra Gordon daughter of GCPD police commissioner James Gordon. She made her big screen debut in the 1997 movie titled Batman and Robin.

Unfortunately, the film didn’t make much of the impact and until today we have not seen anything of her on the big screen. Yet She stays one of the most famous and loved female superheroes of all time. And the Batgirl costume enjoys the constant demand near the Halloween period. Here is how and where you can get the stuff to make or buy the best Dare-Doll costume.

DIY Batgirl Costume


batgirl classic mask costume

Batgirl Classic Mask (Product page)

The most important thing you need is to look like a Batgirl. You will resemble with her and can easily enjoy the Halloween party just by wearing this mask.

Batgirl Wig

Batgirl Adult Wig (Product Page)

The final touch up for your cosplay is the classic red wig. A must add-on for your Batgirl Costume.

Batgirl Shoes

Batgirl Adult Shoes (Product Page)

And here are your Bargirl shoes in traditional yellow colors. These shoes are made up of synthetic material from tip to toe. The heel of the shoe is 3” which is enough to set your posture straight but not enough to trigger any pain in your feet.

Batgirl Purple Adult Costume

Batgirl Purple Adult Costume (Product Page)

We have seen two different dresses from our Daredoll. One black and other purple but the purple suit take the cake. As it has been featured more times than the black one. The purple outfit is the official outfit, unlike the black one which was adopted by the movie for various reasons.

The outfit shown here is a near exact copy of the dress that was shown in the TV series of 1966. This vintage dress is made up very nice material and color that will agree with every woman. The jumpsuit contains the entire necessary item for your cosplay except for the shoes.


Batgirl Purple Child Costume

Batgirl Purple Child Costume (Product Page)

The kid’s version of this also available, with bright shiny colors. The dress is made with particular care for children with very soft and rash free material. The package includes all the item need for the perfect depiction of the little Daredoll, and you will not have to worry about anything.

Black Costume


batgirl mask adult

Batgirl adult mask (Product page)

batman cape adult black

Black Batgirl Adult Cape (Product Page)

Your suit won’t carry the cape with it. You have to purchase it separately. The material used to make it is satin which is washable and very light to wear.

batgirl adult costume

Black Batgirl Adult Suit (Product Page)

She had not only shows herself in purple color, but she has also introduced her look in the favorite color of the cape crusader. The package will carry the complete suite of with hooded mask and gauntlets. You only have to purchase your shoes separately that is mentioned with the purple costume above.

Kids:Black Batgirl Child Mask and Belt

Batman Mask for Kids (Product Page)

To add the originality to your outfit, this pack of Mask and Belt is suitable. It’s the accurate and quality stuff to buy to complete the Batgirl costume girls.

Black Batgirl Child Gloves

Black Batgirl Child Gloves (Product Page)

Next thing to add in this suit is the yellow gloves that She uses to wear. You can easily get it over here in a perfect fit. You don’t require armor gloves to wear, normal yellow gloves will be a perfect choice.

Black Batgirl Child Jumpsuit

Black Batgirl Child Jumpsuit (Product Page)

So far, this dress isn’t available in a complete single package so here is how you will make your Black Batgirl Costume for Kids. The first thing to have is the jumpsuit in black color. This jumpsuit is made of Lycra Spandex material with zipping feature at back.

child batman cape

Black Batgirl Child Cape (Product Page)

Next thing is the Cape to complete the upper body look as the Dare Doll.  This cape is made of light-weighted polyester.

Black Batgirl Child Shoes

Black Batgirl Child Shoes (Product Page)

This is the shoes that you will love to wear with your outfit. This yellow pair of shoe is made of rubber material along with sole made of same material. The shaft of the shoes measures 10” from the arch, heel measures 0.75” and boot opening measures 12.5” approx.

Black Batgirl Child Patch

Black Batgirl Child Patch (Product Page)

After buying the shoes your costume of Daredoll is complete but there is only one thing missing. On the jumpsuit, you have to stick, iron or stitch this Batgirl logo to make it look like authentic Daredoll outfit. This is an Iron Embroidered patch that is 1 ¼” wide and 2 3/8” tall.

Sexy Costume


Sexy Batgirl Child Costume

Sexy Batgirl Child Costume (Product Page)

Your children can also become sexy Batgirl as they have the outfit in small size too. Now you and your double team and make a perfect Batfamily. This is the same package as for the adults and all the items are included in the package.


Sexy Batgirl Adult Costume

Sexy Batgirl Adult Costume (Product Page)

This Sexy Batgirl costume is the right choice to wear for ladies with good body physique. This package is made of polyester material and it will include everything you see in the picture. It will have mini-dress with attached cape and logo at chest, the mask, boot tops, belt, and armbands.

Plus Size

Sexy Batgirl Plus Size Costume

Sexy Batgirl Plus Size Costume (Product Page)

If you prefer to wear plus size then this sexy costume is also available in that. The plus size packet will carry attached batgirl mask, cape, gloves, belt, boot tops and Batgirl shirt along with the mini-dress. You won’t have to go around the internet and search for the perfect fitting outfit, this is the place where you get everything for the Batgirl costume adult.

batgirl top tank

Batgirl Tank Top (Product Page)

You will look a lot sexier in this Batgirl tank top. The tank top is comfortable and shows how much you adore our dare doll.


Batgirl Purple Shirt (Product Page)

And if you don’t feel like wearing a costume and still want to shout out your love for her you can go for this Batgirl T-shirt instead. It’s in same purple color as the costume although there are other colors available too.

So this the complete guide of the Batgirl costume which contains two of the most famous outfits of the vigilant Dare Doll. Tell us which blog would you like us to write next, we will surely comply with your request.

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