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Baywatch Costume and Swimsuit Guide

Baywatch Costumes

The most-watched series in the world is back with more sexy ladies and entertainment. It’s a remake of the original which focus on L.A. Lifeguards who look after the beach and save people from drowning. They not only guard the beach but also go through various calamities and criminal cases.

The story in the reboot is based on the same original series that ran from 1989 to 2001. Yes, and don’t forget the sexy hot ladies in bikinis. What really attracted us is the sexy swimsuits these team of lifeguards wore in the movie. You can also adapt their similar style with our Baywatch Halloween Costume.

Baywatch Swimsuits for Women

Backless Red bikini

Backless Red Bikini (Product Page)

Top celebrities wear sexy and fabulous bikinis like Pamela Anderson and Brooke Burns. To create a similar personality, you can choose this backless swimsuit.


Life gaurd ladies costume

Ladies Life Gaurd Outfit (Product Page)

You need above outfit fight shark and help save other from drowning. It’s not an easy task, but still, women can unleash their style in this adult suit.

Baywatch yellow fancy dress costume

Fancy Yellow Outfit Set (Product Page)

A woman with dedication for saving life needs to wear this yellow, red outfit, also the theme color of Baywatch. Every man will call you for help after seeing you in this outfit.

Swim Bathing Suit For Women 126x300

Baywatch Bathing Suit (Product Page)

Add a small bust to your style with featured High Cut Red Swimsuit for the beach. Enjoy comfort while showing your sexy moves.

Bathing Bikini Red

Red Bikini Bath Suit (Product Page)

This tempting and catchy zip closure Baywatch swimsuit is suggested for the movie fans. It’ll keep your body fit and make you feel comfortable while playing sports or swimming.

 bra and panty set

Bra and Panty Set
(Product Page)
(Product Page)

This inspired set is from the new remake movie which Kelly Rohrbach wore while her role as C.J. Parker.

Mens Baywatch Costume


Bro Baywatch Costume

Baywatch Brody Costume (Product Page)

Matt Brody wore same style outfit in the classic series and it also comes with a Baywatch Lifeguard logo.

Men's baywatch costume

Baywatch Jacket and Shorts (Product Page)

Another set of costume to create a look just like the team members in Baywatch. It comes with jacket and shorts along with the original badge.


Men's Lifegaurd muscular body

Muscular Body (Product Page)

If you don’t have an athletic body then you should try out this cool muscular body costume instead. Every woman will love your new body.

Lifegaurd Costume Yellow

Yellow Men’s Outfit (Product Page)

Become one of the guys in the movie by wearing this yellow top and red shorts. A colorful Baywatch Costume for beach and parties

red baywatch jacket

Baywatch Jacket (Product Page)

To cover your body while you get wet, go for this amazing red jacket made from heavy cotton and also windproof.

Related Prop Accessories for  Baywatch Costume

Inflatable Float

Baywatch Inflatable Float (Product Page)

This prop goes with your complete outfit. It’s not a real float but actually a replicated version of the original inflatable.

Red Medic Fanny Pack

Red Fanny Pack (Product Page)

A lifeguard always keeps a fanny pack with him while patrolling the beach area. This is essential stuff for your costume kit.

Loud Whistle

Red Whistle (Product Page)

You don’t need to shout when you see something unusual, just blow this whistle. It’ll alert everyone in the surrounding. Lifeguard Cap

Lifeguard Cap (Product Page)

The classic movie will be replaced by new actors who are playing the role to entertain the audience. Don’t The movie has already made it to fans favorite list and this is the right time to try out the wave of sexy apparels to become just like the babes and muscular characters from the movie. Tune in to find out more about swimsuits and outfits. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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