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DIY Guide For Popular Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Walt Disney is known for creating fantastic fictional stories and transforming fairy tales into real life picture. There are countless names like Toys Story, Alladin, Mulan, and Moana. In 2016, we got Jungle Book which became a huge success for Disney. The way they scripted the whole story of how a young boy was raised by wolfs and spends his entire life like an animal was epic. The success influenced them to search for more fairy tales movies from the History Book.

This time, we got something bigger, yeah more significant like a Beast.  If you’re a 90’s kid, you may remember a story of a monster fell in love with a beautiful princess? Yes, the famous beauty and the beast that once produced by Disney in 1991 has now got a whole new motion picture movie. The animated cartoon was the most famous show, and everybody loved it including kids and adults. Today we’ll show our viewers how you can create your own fairytale outfits from our Beauty and the Beast Costumes but before we demonstrate that, let’s look at the cast of the motion picture.

Cast Who Played in the Movie

cast vs original beauty and the beast character

Since the first animated film, audiences were craving to see how the story will look in an actual movie version. Disney has now finally brought back the old inspiration that’ll give you’ll a nostalgia feeling. To enhance your excitement, here is a list of ideas we’ve collected for movie fans.

Dress Up In Beauty and The Beast Costumes for Adults


Emma Watson Belle

To look like a real princess, you need to focus on the style of outfit that Emma wore in the movie. You can see how romantic she looks wearing yellow Belle’s gown and matching accessories, and every fashion forward lady wants to look like her. You can now easily adapt this style with the following items required to build belle beauty and the beast costume.

princess belle costume

Gown – (Product Page)

Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace (Product Page)

Yellow Party Heel Sandal

Party Sandal – (Product Page)

Artificial Red Rose

Red Rose Artificial – (Product Page)


Emma Watson Belle Blue Apron Dress

Here is the new version of Blue Dress for the classically inspired movie. It’s not the same as the classic one, but this one definitely looks better on Emma. It’s a  modified version of the classic, and there are no such styles available. Still, you can always use your creativity to design a similar style of Beauty and the Beast Belle Costume. These items will do the trick:

Vintage Polka Dress

Vintage Blue Polka Dot Dress – (Product Page)

white shirt women

White Shirt – (Product Page)

bib apron

Blue Apron – (Product Page)

Belle's Necklace

Necklace – (Product Page)

brown boots

Brown Lace Shoes – (Product Page)

Blue Blanket

Stripe Cloth Blanket – (Product Page)


Belle Wedding Dress

The classic movie inevitably brought something special to the audience, and this dress has captured the attention of everyone. Not only Emma Watson looks gorgeous but left out inspiration for bridals.  You can easily dress up in the suit, but the actual design is nowhere to be found. However, I’ve enumerated a  few styles that are close enough for your beauty and the beast costume collection.

floral dress women girls blue

Floral Dress – (Product Page)

printed floral cocktail dress

Printed Floral Cocktail Dress – (Product Page)


Dan Stevens as the Prince

Prince Adam is a famous character and also the Beast in the story. He is turned into a hideous monster due to his evil acts of deeds and forced to live like an animal. But somehow he can turn back to normal only if he found true love with a young girl named Belle. In the live action movie, Dan Stevens has taken the role of the prince as well as The Beast. The young gentleman looks perfect in Prince suit which is not the same as the original. He looks more like Colonial than a prince, I couldn’t found the actual match, but still, I’ve selected cool beauty and the beast costume the character wore in the previous animated movie.

Mens Wig Ponytail

Prince Adam Wig – (Product Page)

Dan Steven Beauty and the Beast Costume

Prince Suite – (Product Page)

princess long decorated shoes

Prince Boot – (Product Page)



The monster with hidden beauty, the one that fights for his life to find love and restore his normal human form. After losing hope, he finally found a girl that would change him forever but how will this beast get her to love him? Most epic story created by Disney is now coming to live-action 3D movie, you can also transform yourself into a huge monster with our selected Beast costume from Beauty and the Beast. Things needed for cosplay.

big wig

Wig – (Product Page)

prince beast suit cosplay

Prince/Beast Suit -(Product Page)

Horns with Teeth

Horns – (Product Page)

Vampire Monster Teeth

Beast Teeth Set – (Product Page)

Monster Claws

Beast Claws (Product Page)


Black Tall Boots – (Product Page)


Gaston Poster

It is necessary to add a villain when there is a love story and perhaps, Gaston fits just fine in that fictional story. He’s pretty, arrogant, spoiled and the main antagonist in the movie who wants to marry Belle. Soon,  he realizes her love is for The Beast and paid the price for his actions that led to his death in the course. Apart from his cocky nature, he’s charming and a well-known personality in the world of Disney, I’ve prepared matching outfits you should pick for your Gaston Costume.

Vintage Washington Black Wig

Vintage Wig (Product Page)

red wine coat

Wine Red Coat (Product Page)

white shirt men

White Roll-Up Shirt (Product Page)

Colonial cuff and jabot

Colonial Jabot and Cuff (Product Page)

Jacket Suit Vests

Suit Jacket Vest (Product Page)

Work Khaki Pant

Khaki Work Pant (Product Page)

white socks

White Socks (Product Page)

Mens Colonial Shoes

Colonial Men’s Shoes (Product Page)

Classic Gaston

Classic 1991 Gaston (Product Page)


The movie is incomplete without Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Chip, Lumiere and other talking antiques from the castle. You can’t consider them for your costume guide but still, I will show you enchanting merchandise related to these characters.

Tea Playset

Mrs. Potts Tea Playset(Product Page)

Beast Castle Collection

Castle Friends Collection (Product Page)

Classic Beauty and the Beast

Most people are not actually familiar with Disney cartoons, but everyone knows the story of this romantic fairy tale. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I’ll suggest you watch the film at least once in your life; it’ll give you an incredible feeling of nostalgia. Don’t forget to share this Beauty and the Beast Costumes guide and Stay Posted for More!

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