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Pose Like An Assassin in Kitana Costume

Kitana Cosplay

Princess Kitana is one of the best characters in MORTAL KOMBAT. She debuts in Mortal Kombat 2, and according to the game, she is known to be one of the youngest women in the game as she is 10,000 years old. The dressing makes her looks cool and more beautiful; she is the stepdaughter of Shao Kahn and then becomes his enemy.

Princess Kitana is almost seen with MILEENA and JADE in a video game as her appearance as resembles them while wearing masks. Kitana Mortal Kombat Costume is simple Blue Leotard along with Knee high boots, Long Gloves, and Headband. Her costume changes in Mortal Kombat 3 where Leotard with added lace chest opening, armlets, ear stud, while the headband was dropped and her hairs were tied in a tight bun. Take a look at Kitana’s Cosplay you will seriously love to have one.

Mortal Kombat Kitana Costume

Kitana Costume

 Mortal Kombat 1 Costume (Product Page)

100% polyester and officially licensed Kitana costume with the necessary ideas from Mortal Kombat which includes shorts, face mask, Boots strap, and blue armlets.

Kitana Fan

Kitana Hand Fan (Product Page)

100% Nylon made and lighter weight. The simple design allows you to open and close quickly; it looks perfect using in Halloween parties or if you are ready to be like an Assassin

Kitana BootsHigh-knee Boots (Product Page)

Microfiber and Synthetic sole which is approximately 17” from an arch. These thigh high boots are open from back and front of the knee to make sure the comfort level.

kitana-glovesGloves (Product Page)

Spandex fabric, stretchy and can be fit in any hand as one size fits most 17” length. Photogenic and suitable for women’s to wear in wedding events and many others.

kitana headband blue

Head Band (Product Page)

Cotton, a soft touch fabric which can be used in any way for children’s and women’s too.

kitana leather bracelet armlet metallicSimilar Kitana Costume Armlet (Product Page)

It is made up of leather and 8 centimeters high.

Kitana Ear Studs
Similar Ear Studs (Product Page)

Iron plated and suitable for both men’s and women’s. Unique and fashion designed to stay stylish for the long term.

She shared the love interest with Shaolin’s fighter, Liu Kang, even after Deadly Alliance murdered him. She was loyal to Shao Khan because he was his Step-Father, but soon realized her mistake for obeying Netherrealm’s barbaric ruler. This product can be used for Halloween and Comic-Con events. Be the Princess and make your opponent fear you!

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