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What color I should choose for Prom Suit?

prom color suits

Picking a prom suit is always a big deal for young guys. It doesn’t matter how expensive your prom suit is and how well the suit fits you. If the color combination is wrong then you could not be able to enjoy the party well.  Choosing a perfect suit that matches the skin tone and body shape is always a tricky thing for most of the people. A guy prom suit shows affection for his love so make it better for her. You obviously have seen the many colors for the suit but it is not necessary all of them will look good on you. In this guide, you will get several ideas about the best color combination of men’s prom suits.

Best Colors For Prom:

Blue Tuxedo and Suits:

mens blue velvel prom suit


Prom suit should be unique and attractive that can represent your personality exceptionally. You can consider a blue tuxedo or three-piece formal suit that is remarkable for a prom night party. There is no hard and fast rule for it so you can pair it as you want, you can replace the white shirt with a sky blue shirt and black boots with a blue sneaker to match the coat.

Grey Black Tuxedo and suits:

prom tuxedo black

A  grey-black tuxedo suit is the best option for the guys to look cool without doing the hard effort. The jacket may contain a black shawl lapel or may not but it should be eye catchy that can attract everyone. A prom suit should be sophisticated that can make you stand out at the party so prepare yourself with keen detailing like focus on the lapels, tie and boots to achieve better results because this occasion only comes once in a life.

Grey Suit and tuxedos:

grey prom suit


Mens look extremely cool when they wear grey outfits. The grey shade has a calm and relaxed feeling that provides a modern touch to the appearance. It is obvious a proper prom suit has a different appearance than a normal suit so you have to try some new things like a vest, tie or bow tie, brown boots and wristwatch. It is a fact that a grey suit gives a more professional look than other colors.

Custom Green Prom Suit:

green tux

Green could be a good option for guys to restore the school life memories or if you’re a junior who is going to join a prom party then it would be the best fit for you. There are various options for the green suit like a custom combination as in the pic, a formal three-piece suit, and a green tuxedo. Deep green and sea green shades are more preferable than light green.

All the colors have their own importance that makes it suitable for occasion and person to person. A professional man always chooses a unique style to overcome modern style challenges. A prom night party is an important event so it should be celebrated with special efforts and styles to make it awesome and unforgettable.



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