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20+ Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2018

fathers day gift

Here is a friendly reminder that Father’s Day is coming and you know what that means right? Yes, every child wants to make their dad proud, it is not enough to just take pictures. You need to spend some quality time and consider buying a cool present this year.

Always go for his favorite choices because he’ll like it more. Think out of the box here, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, always make sure whatever you’re giving should be according to his wish, enduring and from the heart.

I remember my first Fathers Day, I gave him a special new watch which is still working. For your dad, whether he is a retired old man or a young superhero fan, depending on his interest we’ve rounded up 20+ Great Father’s Day Gifts that are both practical and functional.

Clothing & Accessories:

Solo Jacket (Shop at Amazon)

Don’t forget, Solo A Star Wars Movie has also made a huge comeback equipped with Father’s Day Gift ideas such as the Solo Jacket. Every Star Wars obsessed dad will love to have this awesome style jacket.

Captain America Infinity War Jacket

Captain America Infinity War Jacket (Shop at Amazon)

Every dad has a hidden superhero inside and to channel it properly, we brought you the costume style jacket of Captain America. Let’s turn him into a Super Dad!

Brown Motorcycle Jacket (Shop Here)

A great Father and also a great rider needs to have this Cognac Leather Jacket that features four large button pockets on front. Also has strap belts to adjust the cuffs.

The Walking Dead Negan Jacket

Negan Biker Jacket (Shop at Amazon)

Walking Dead series has introduced a great range of fashion wears and for that reason, get your father this Negan Jacket because it makes an awesome present.


Deadpool 2 Jacket (Shop at Amazon)

It is a blockbuster season as Deadpool 2 has also premiered this month. Give your man something awesome like this cool movie inspired jacket featuring cosplay style details.


Sports Watch (Shop at Amazon)

Digital watches are an ideal choice when it comes to purchasing a Fathers Day Gifts from son. This sports watch is equipped with amazing features such as Date, Time and also Waterproof.

Darth Vader Socks (Shop at Amazon)

A man with few words would love to wear this Darth Vader Socks. These will be the best Fathers Day Socks for your man.

Eye Glasses (Shop at Amazon)

As Dad grows old, their vision also decreases. If that’s the case with your man, he’ll be needing this plastic frame that is available in a variety of styles.

Star Wars Father Day Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

Add force to your main man’s wardrobe with this Star Wars Tee. A cotton made featuring printed text that’ll teach you the meaning of Force!

Wallet (Shop at Amazon)

Wallets are affordable and fancy Fathers Day Presents that you can purchase. Now your dad won’t have trouble keeping his cash and cards safe.

I love you Dad Bracelet (Shop at Amazon)

Jewelries are unique Fathers Day Gifts from daughter and this lovely bracelet will add more love to the relation.


Spider-Man Shirts (Shop Here)

This graphic print of web-crawler will definitely surprise your dad if he’s a Spider-Man Fan. Show how much you appreciate his interest with this tee.


Men's Comfort Walking Slip-on

Shoes (Shop at Amazon)

Offering shoes is not a bad idea. If your dad’s shoes are chewed by the dog or became rustic, go for these casual walkers.

Proud Dad Tee (Shop at Amazon)

Girls now have the opportunity to describe their Dad the perfect way with this tee. The tee comes in black with graphic print.


Regular White (Shop Here)

Always go for simple things that function everywhere. How about regular style button down Fathers Day Shirts for everyday wear. This style is affordable and lightweight.

awesome dad shirt

Awesome Dad Shirt (Shop at Amazon)

Let your papa know, he’s cool by gifting him this tee shirt. The soft cotton tee is ready to make your dad look awesome!

Electronics & Tech:

waterproof cordless shaver

Shaving Machine (Shop at Amazon)

Some dads are more fond of electronics than fashion and also loves to stay cleanly shaven. Speaking of shave, this cordless is not a bad idea. Packed with Triple Cutting System, 2x SensoFoil, and Middle trimmer.

Nintendo Switch (Shop at Amazon)

Want to spend quality time indoors? Get your dad a console and start playing all your favorite games together. It’ll create a good loving moment.

Headsets (Shop at Amazon)

Some Father wants to spend their time alone and listen to music. Let him enjoy that and also offer him this noise-canceling headphone featuring skin friendly leather material.

Coffee Maker (Shop at Amazon)

A hard-working man needs his coffee to charge up so why not make his life easier with a coffee maker? This one comes with screen display and programming option.

Cycling Workstation (Shop at Amazon)

It doesn’t get better than this! Now your papa can enjoy working on his Laptop while losing weight. This workstation exercise machine is a worthy pick for Fathers Day.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Shop at Amazon)

Father’s Day Present ideas can be expensive at some point but if you want to buy something cool and save as well, You should consider purchasing this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.


Random Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

Best Dad Ever Frame

Best Dad Ever Frame (Shop at Amazon)

Put smile on the face by offering this personalized frame to Father or Grandpa. Made of good quality wood and most of all, this makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

Papa Bear Mug (Shop at Amazon)

A big man needs to drink his coffee and he needs a mug for that. This Papa Bear Mug is a good gift for Fathers Day ideas.

Fathers Day Card (Shop at Amazon)

When you’re buying presents, don’t forget to add a special gift card to show your love. Amazon is offering affordable designs to help you print a special card.

Fishing Rod (Shop at Amazon)

Fishing is a fun and peaceful activity. To make it more comfortable, this fishing rod will allow your papa to catch the biggest fish easily.

Golf Clubs (Shop at Amazon)

Addictive golf players also need to level up their stuff properly. Even if you don’t like golf but maybe you can help you papa keep his stuff secured.

Fathers Day Book (Shop at Amazon)

This special day is more than just occasion to celebrate. You can learn all about it when you order this novel book based on a story of a teacher and a student.

Salt Lamp (Shop Here)

Every mother nature lover would like to have this. Salt Lamps has become a popular choice for Fathers Day decorations which purifies the air and create a peaceful environment.

Farter Tee (Shop at Amazon)

Some Fathers Day Tshirt are nice but this one just way to funny. If he likes to joke around, maybe this will be the best present for him.

Awesome Dad Mug (Shop at Amazon)

Offer a cool yet funny present and he’ll love it. This mug is a must-have item for every daughter and son looking cheer up his papa.

So there you have it, a perfect mix of functional, useful and required items to add a huge smile to your papa’s face. As a matter of fact, these are good Fathers Day Gifts for Grandpa as well. Don’t forget to celebrate this season with love.

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