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7 Leather Jackets That You Can Wear With Formal Clothes

formal leather jacket style

A working man needs to have a decent appearance in order to create more impression and a leather jacket is the only style that’ll instantly make you look good.

There are many cool options in leather jackets you can find on Amazon.com but always make sure to pick the one that works best for the formal occasion. Here are seven I found for your formal outings.

Quilted Biker Jacket:

Quilted style biker jacket

If you want to elevate your office look, you just need to wear a biker jacket decorated with the quilting design. For extra attraction, all you need is a fancy black tie, a matching white shirt inside and some additional attitude to tune up the appearance.

Shirt Collar Style Jacket:

shirt collar jacket brown

A simple shirt collar style brown leather jacket will please you if you wear it with formal dressing especially at a meeting in front of high professionals.

Utility Jacket:

Fur collar utility style jacket

When there is an interview, go for the utility style jacket because it’ll add more impression. You can always modify things with stunning accessories and fancy hair cut.

Coat Style Jacket:

coat style leather jackets

Every outdoor person needs a jacket to remain warm all day. A black formal jacket is suitable for those who wear a formal suit and after adopting this style, you just need to add a good color combination to suit you well.

Cafe Racer:

Cafe Racer Leather Jacket for Men

No matter how you wear a black racer jacket, it will give you a professional look even if you wear it over casual jeans. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig always don their signature jackets with jeans and the combination is trending all around the world.



Do you like going to work on a heavy bike? Cool because this Asymmetrical Jacket will help you create a new style with any light color shirt, a black tie, and smooth dress pants. Everyone’s eyes will be on you when you enter the office building or maybe your boss will give you a promotion.

Bomber Style:

Leather bomber jacket formal

Three piece suite with a brown bomber jacket is all about adding more toughness to the personality. It comes in many designs and has been a popular choice since its initiation during WWII. The uniqueness of the jackets includes fancy rib-knit cuffs, waistline, and collar while other features are similar to a biker jacket.

If you are fond of a formal leather jacket and dress plus love to wear it on while going to work then have a look at our collection featuring the best quality pieces for a formal outing.

Examples shown above are ways to wear it with a matching combination but you’re always free to create your own look. There is no restriction on changing styles because everyone has its own mind and choice.

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1. Can a leather jacket be formal?
Not all types of jackets can be formal because they are made for street style fashion, but there are some kinds of leather jackets those suits on formal like shirt collar leather jacket, crop style leather jacket.

2. Can you wear a leather jacket with a dress?
The leather jacket is an essential piece for your wardrobe and can be worn over most of your outfits if you can find the right color and style combination; as we know, the black leather jacket looks gorgeous on the white dress.

3. Can I wear leather jacket for business casual?
If you can find the simple cafe racer or coat style leather jacket, then it can be great for business casual. Matching color with your outfit can add a perfect texture look to it and even take it off when you feel it’s too warm.

4. Is it OK to wear a leather jacket to a wedding?
For a semi-formal or casual wedding, wearing a leather jacket on your button-up shirt can enhance your look, and ladies can wear a leather jacket on their gown and cocktail dress to add a charm to the outfit.

5. Can you wear leather jacket to work?
If your work doesn’t have restrictions on the semi-casual dress code, you wear leather that doesn’t make you look like a biker. Choose a simple and minimalist style jacket for your work.

6. Can I wear a leather jacket to a job interview?
If you have researched the company’s culture before the interview and know it’s ok to wear a semi-casual, you can wear a simple leather jacket. But if you’re not sure about the culture, then you should better avoid wearing a leather jacket in an interview.

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