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How To Make Blade Runner 2049 Costume

Blade Runner Costume

After nearly 35 years, we finally received a sequel to the sci-fi movie, Blade Runner 2049. Of course, there are fewer chances you’ve watched the first part as most of the 90 kids were not even born at that time. Still, if you’re new to the franchise, you should watch the second part first because it is one hell of a movie starring Ryan Gosling as Officer K. He works for the LAPD to find Rick Deckard and soon realizes there is more to discover.

Ryan is dressed up in a more fancy way, he wears a long shearling coat, black shirt, and a black boot to look like a stylish replicant model. You can do the same by following our guide to Blade Runner Costume.

Here is what you need to do

Officer K Costume:


Blade Runner 2049 Officer K Costume

Buy Here – Ryan Gosling Coat

Ryan Gosling needs to look good in order to play as a protagonist properly. His task is to locate the long-lost Blade Runner, Rick Deckard. For that, he’s required to go on an intense condition wearing this economical choice coat made from a robust material that is intensively stylish. Similarly, we are showing you a high-quality Coat to make your Officer K Costume.


Officer K Black Long Sleeve Shirt

Buy Here – Black Fleece Shirt

Along with the coat, you’re required to wear underneath a black fleece shirt something like this one. Made from a soft and durable material. Still, there are plenty of more ideas available on the internet.


Officer K Brown Pant

Buy Here – Brown Regular Fit Pant

Unlike Officer K costume coat and shirt, he wore a brown pant that works perfectly with the Blade Runner 2049 costume. The one that is found is a bit rustic to give it a similar look or just use any pant you have at home to save money.


Ryan Gosling Shoes

Buy Here – Black Tactical Boots

What really captures the audience attention is the astonishing boots. This is a branded choice he picked for his role in the movie and we’re showing you the same. This will add a unique look to your Blade Runner Costume.

Blade Runner Gun (Cosplay Prop)

Blade Runner Officer K Gun Blaster

Buy Here – Blaster Pistol Gun

To complete your Blade Runner Costume, just add this cosplay prop blaster to your shopping list. This one is an exact match of the original in terms of shape, external details, and design. The material used for this Blade Runner Gun is plastic and acrylic paint. Totally hand-made Prop for Halloween.

This was the final item for the Blade Runner Costume Guide. The movie is totally epic and what made it even great is the inspiring Officer K Costume that includes items enumerated above. His fashion has taken over the internet by storm and you too can do it by creating your own version with his leather jacket and listed items. Don’t forget to click on the share button. Also, see Kingsman Clothing Guide.

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