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Blazer For Men | Style and Fashion Guide

blazer for men casual and formal

A Blazer is a jacket, considered for formal appearance along with the casual dress. There are multiple designs and styles are available that are made from different materials such as leather, suede, cotton, linen, and wool.

The significant difference between a blazer and a suit jacket is that it can be worn alone or separately on any attire, on the other hand, a suit jacket always matches the dress code.


Everyone tries to find the best and suitable coat but many people don’t know how many types of mens blazer styles are available, Generally, it comes in two different styles i.e. single and double-breasted. Here are a few men’s fashion blazers.

Single-breasted blazers :

Charcoal Blazer Men

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In this style, there is a single-column button and a minimum overlap of fabric. Normally prefer for party and fashion wear or casual use. It is almost lightweight and easy to wear in any season. Navy or charcoal color will give you an awesome and bold appearance.

Double-breasted blazers:

Double Breasted Blazer

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They come with two columns of buttons with a larger overlap of fabric as compared to single-breasted blazers. They are considered more formal than the single-breasted that’s why they are less common for casual use but people also wear this to look unique.


Blazers are made from different materials, various fabrics used such as wool, tweed, linen, cotton, leather, etc. Some of them are lightweight and some are heavier. You can choose one of them as per your choice and need. let’s take a view one by one.


cotton blazer

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Cotton blazers are the most used style of summer and casual blazer for men. The lightweight and breathable fabric in which you do not feel warm on hot days. Single or double-breasted, both work fine on cotton style, wear it with casual jeans or any dress.


wool blazer jacket

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Wool is the best fabric to make for the autumn and winter season. A wool blazer is an ultimate masterpiece for casual and party dress. You can go anywhere by wearing it and easily get the attention of others.


Blue Velvet Dinner Jacket

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Combine luxury and comfort with this super-smooth deep blue velvet blazer, your can wear it with black trousers and a pair of formal oxfords and you’re ready to go.

velvet blazer jacket

Velvet blazers are awesome attire to wear on a formal occasion. They leave an attractive impression and appearance. It is a perfect outfit for parties and events for all seasons.

Stylish Blazer for Men

tweed blazer jacket

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Tweed is a heavy and warm material used to make blazers for the winter season. Beautiful design and texture increase its strength. It comes in several styles and design usually available in grey and brown colors.


Black Leather Blazer

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Tough and reliable leather material has its own awesome features. There are various colors and designs available for leather blazers. It can give attraction to the overall appearance with warmness.

How To Wear Blazer:

Now that you know which style is currently trending, it’s time to know how to wear them. Every person has his own style and if you are looking to get more ideas then check out these awesome looks from the books of the fashion world.

Black Blazers:

mens black blazer

Make your own style by choosing the right outfit. For a better mindset, combine your Black blazer over jeans or you can also wear it as a business attire with a plain tee. A working man always prefers this style to fulfill his business requirements at work or in meetings.

black blazer for men

A beautiful black blazer for men with a notch lapel single-breasted is an awesome piece for casual dressing. If you are a black lover then it will be the right choice. You can wear it for the party and casual events.

Brown Color:

brown blazer men

Casual brown blazers are more familiar than other colors because they greatly match with every dress, especially on jeans. You can wear a sweater and a full shirt underneath it. Add black glasses for a plus point to look more badass.

brown blazer dark men

Get a formal look by wearing a brown blazer over jeans is a unique way. You can create your own combination by trying it randomly with different apparels. The big flap pockets and classical lapel creates an awesome appearance.

Grey Blazers:

grey blazer for men

The Grey blazers are more popular as they are available in different shades and styles. Just wear it with pants, slim fit trousers like dominant colors black brown and blue. You can dress any full sleeve shirt or Tee with this to make your appearance more awesome.

grey blazer with black pants

For a casual appearance, there are a lot of fashions available with a grey blazer. A simple white T-shirt and black pants appear extremely cool with a Tweed or wool grey kind. Adding white chinos can increase the contrast and will also increase the appealing look.

Navy Color:

Navy blue blazer men

Looking for cool attire? Then you should own like this Navy color. Wear any shirt or sweater depend upon the weather and add brown boots for contrast. Don’t wear a too-thick sweater under a blazer to avoid restrictions in the movement of arms and extra warmness.


blue blazer men

Enjoy the summer with a new style and spirit. Wear a linen navy blazer with a simple tee and jeans for a classy casual appearance. It’s breathable and lightweight material and perfect for summer. The cool blue color will create your own identity that is different from others.

Red Blazer for men:

red blazer for men

If you are thinking about adopting unique attire then the red color is the best idea for the Blazers. You can easily wear it with blue jeans and a checkered shirt. Add brown boots and black glasses to make a more interesting look.

red fancy blazer

An elegant way to style, red floral design blazer which gives extraordinary look to the person. This is extremely decorative that you can wear it at the party and functions or even a Halloween party.

As you observe above, blazers are the most interesting outerwear for men because it can be used for formal and casual both. They are made from different materials used for different seasons and occasions. No matter what’s your age, you will need it once in your life.

I hope you have enjoyed the whole guide and surely got ideas about the style and colors of blazers. If you admire it then share this blog with your fashion lover friends.



1. Which Color blazer is best?
The blazer comes in a wide range of colors. For most occasions, black, grey, and navy blue color fo well because of their versatility. Tan, burgundy, and brown with jeans are best for casual settings.

2. How much does a good blazer cost?
Buying a leather blazer is essential because it is the most versatile outerwear that can be worn on many occasions with multiple outfits. Adding a blazer to your average outfit can take your style to the next level.

3. What blazer can I wear with jeans?
Brown, Navy blue, Black, and grey all will go well with jeans. If you are planning to wear it with jeans then you should buy a tweed blazer. It will add a textured look like your jeans.

4. Is Blazer a formal wear?
Blazer is dressy enough to be worn on formal events if you are wearing the same color and textured pants. But it will still not be dressy enough to match the suit but it can make you look great may be better than the suit if you pull it off right.

5. How should a blazer fit a man?
You should try a blazer on your favorite shirt maybe it will be your office shirt. The blazer should not be too big and shoulder seams should be perfectly aligned with your shoulder that will make it look perfect on you.

6. What do you wear under a blazer?
A blazer can be worn on multiple occasions if you are wearing it casually then you can wear a t-shirt or sweater for a formal and semi-formal setting you can wear a collared shirt that will make you look amazing.

7. Are leather blazers in style?
Blazers are one of the best outerwear for on the go. Blazers made from leather will add a more premium textured look that is worn by many celebrities. Having a leather blazer adds an option to be stylish and be warm at the same time.

8. Are wool blazers warm?
Wool blazers are the right outerwear if you want to keep yourself warm and comfy. Layering a wool blazer provides warmth without making you feel uncomfortable make if you choose thick wool it will be very warm and you can’t wear it during summer.

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