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What You Need To Know About Stylish Blazers for Women?

Blazer for women fashion

Blazers have been long associated with fashion and there are several reasons behind it. It is a type of jacket that is used for formal look but now, it is also utilized casually. For ladies, it can be dressed down with almost any clothing – even with shorts.

Here are some of the most selected styles in trend.

  • Single Breasted
  • Double Breasted
  • Coat Style
  • Front Open

Single Breasted:

leather blazer jacket women

Single breasted blazers are widely considered due to it’s simple and elegant structure. Most of all, it can turn any outfit into worthy style. Versatile for every woman’s wardrobe.

Double Breasted:

Kim Kardashian Double Breasted Blazer women

In double-breasted blazer, there are two series of buttons and the overlapping of both sides occurs. They are heavier, bulky and comparatively more formal. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian prefer such styles for her outings.

Coat Style:

Black Women Blazer Coat

Coat style is a little bit bigger in length and normally used in the winter season. These Leather blazers for women are warmer and reliable than other materials. Outstanding outerwear which you can wear for business meetings or traveling.

Open Front:

open front blazer ladies

Open blazers for womens are the most preferable and casual among girls that used to wear over casual clothes. They are usually made from cotton and light fabric that can be easily wearable on summer season.

Trending Styles:

black blazer for women style

A single button black blazer for women is an awesome outfit to wear on a daily basis. On the basis of this color, you can try over white dresses for formal occasions.

blue blazer from women double

If you are a working woman then this blue formal blazer for women is the best option for you. It’s enhanced with double buttons and big pockets with V notch lapels. Pink blazer women

Pink is the new black for ladies. It comes in wide variations but a simple pink over formal dress code would nail it quite well. This modern style of long blazers for women are becoming more popular among ladies due to decent style.

floral printed blazer for women

If you love to wear up-to-date clothing then you should consider a floral pattern instead. It is the absolute party wear and becomes so much more when worn with matching clothing.

red blazer for girls

A full red color blazer won’t just create a lasting impression in your social circle but would let others follow your idea on how to dress well.

wool blend pattern blazer

If you want less color in your dress code, a grey would be the best pick. Plus, the color is neutral which goes with almost any style. Here is a wool blend in mid-weight fabric featuring pattern and non-functional cuffs.

tiger pattern casual blazer

We stumble upon something to make you feel different. The luxe piece printed blazer featuring front open patterned with leopard skin design all over.

long blazer for women

This one always goes below the waistline. Single button closure, notch lapels, and large flap pockets add an extra edge to the clothing. You should consider these type of formal blazers for womens for commute purpose to look attractive.

white blazer women office

If you’re a working lady that needs to look sharp in front of the officials, why not do it with white fitted blazers for women? Apart from its elegant properties, the overall business theme is all you need to rock your workplace.

round lapel blazer green women

Opt for a colorful style with more storage options? How about this green blazer with two hand-warming flap pockets for your casual outings? Best to wear when the weather is warm.

double breasted brown blazer for women

A Casual brown blazer which you can wear on every occasion. Specially designed for ladies to accomplish an attractive look in less time.

Blazer jacket plays a crucial part in professional life and any woman with a business background should always have one. With these cute blazers for women, you can achieve your desired style without putting extra efforts. All designs are pretty good in their own way and trending.

Wearing a blazer is a matter of choice but once you know why it is important, you will never say no to it.

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