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The Immaculate Boba Fett Costume Guide

Do you remember Boba Fett from the Star Wars universe?

He was the bounty hunter of all the galaxies and remained the best for many decades.

His costume is also followed by cosplayers. Here is the guide to attaining the most accurate Boba Fett costume.

How to Make a Boba Fett Costume


Boba Fett Jacket (Product Page)

The most important and prominent is the jumpsuit that will drip your whole personality into the Mandalorian warrior. The suit displayed is the exact duplication of the original Star Wars suit. The colors and designs are picture perfect and very eye-catching. This package also contains the iconic helmet and the armor which is made up of sturdy yet smooth material namely polyethylene. Take my word for it; you will look terrific in this bounty hunter’s costume to go on the link and buy this superhero suit.

bobba fett costume gloves

Gloves (Product Page)

The jumpsuit package didn’t include gloves, but he wore a pair. But don’t worry you don’t have to look much far, we have done all the research for you. The gloves shown here are not same as the ones we saw in the movie, but they are quite similar and will dwell in well with the tone of the costume so as no one will notice any difference.

Bobba fett costume Shoes black

Shoes (Product Page)

Shoes don’t attract much attention because of the helmet and the armored suit. But still, you need to have a pair that lives on the same street as the costume and other items. Anything flashy or vibrant will catch the eye of some die-hard Star Wars fan, and that might open you to some harsh ridicule. That is why we suggest that you buy these shoes which are not too colorful and go in nicely with the costume.


Jet Pack (Product Page)

The other thing and a very visible one of the Boba Fett costume is the jet pack which helps the glorified bounty hunter to catch his bounties with utmost ease. You may choose not to add this item to your cosplay but strongly recommend that you do, because it will add a tremendous detail to your costume and every eye will be on you when entering the party.


Boba Fett Electronic Blaster (Product Page)

And how will hunt for bounties without a gun? So the final item on the list is his Electronic Blaster. This is the toy version and looks nearly the same, your cosplay will look more daunting and accurate if you carry this gun with you.


Boba Fett Kids Costume (Product Page)

Although most of them have not seen Boba Fett in action, the kids love this costume more than adults. Maybe it’s due to the dominant design of the outfit or maybe it’s due to color or maybe something else. We only know that kids love and why not it has got every ingredient of a perfect costume. Click on the link to see the child size dress of the Mandalorian legend.


Women’s Costume (Product Page)

Over the past few years, fandom has increased exponentially and now we see actual women dressed in the Boba Fett Suit. To see a sizzling beauty in the suit of a bounty hunter is a bounty of its own kind.

So this is the complete Boba Fett costume for sale that will help you ace this Halloween in style. To add the definite stars to your cosplay I will advise that you watch the Star Wars movies and series’ to get more inside information about Boba Fett’s character and personality. Why make yourself a Boba Fett jacket when you can go for these creations.

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