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Bomber Jacket | An Impeccable Jacket’s Fashion Guide

Bomber Jackets styles and colors.

What is a Bomber jacket?

It is also known as a flight jacket. It was originally made for pilots during World War 2 to save them from freezing temperature in the cockpit. Later, it becomes the biggest part of clothing gradually in the civilian lifestyle, to adopt the military look. Bomber style is used worldwide and available in different material, various styles, and colors. Normally, used in winter but nowadays, it’s considered in all seasons.

They are usually made from leather but also available in fleece, cotton, wool, nylon, silk, and other materials. It is characterized by rib knitted cuffs, neckline, frontal zipper, and ribbed waistline. It’s now the most used attire for fashion.

In other words, these type of jackets never goes out of fashion due to its awesome look and elegant style.

Hooded Bomber Jacket:

A new way to style up yourself by wearing the hooded style jacket. It will give you a badass look and warm feeling both. Nowadays hooded jackets are becoming the part of fashion and it’s must-have apparel of every wardrobe.

black bomber hooded jacket

This ultimate black hooded jacket made from high-quality material. This is the best choice for fashion trendy person and best attire that should be in the closet of every man.

black hooded bomber jacket

A unique way to style up your self, check out this black hooded leather jacket. This stylish jacket should be in your wardrobe because you can go anywhere by wearing this cool jacket.

hooded leather bomber jacket

Check out this attractive hooded brown bomber jacket, a well finished and detailed jacket from every aspect. Wear this jacket with jeans and a T-shirt or sweatshirt to increase its effectiveness.

brown bomber jacket hooded

A perfect bomber hooded jacket for fashion trendy people. The high-quality jacket featured with a hood along with two zipper style pocket and one flap pocket on chest. You will look cool in this jacket, try it with jeans and a T-shirt.

Black Bomber Jacket:

Let’s talk about the colors. One of the most loved and cherished color for these jackets is black. When it comes to clothing many people choose black color due to several reasons such as simplicity and decent appearance. Men usually wear a black jacket because it suits easily with any dress and it doesn’t get dirty easily. It is the certainty and no one can deny it that jackets use for safety purpose from wind, dust, and any mishap are also used nowadays for fashion.

bomber jacket with jeans

The simple bomber style jacket will give you an impressive appearance even if you wear it over a simple shirt. Featured with zipper pockets and flexible sleeves. Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans to create a perfect combination.

black bomber jacket

A black bomber jacket mens with a completely black look is a good choice for cool personalities. A nice simple and attractive apparel for casual use and as party wear. Whole black suit for black lovers – just add glasses for plus points.

womens black bomber jacket

Women also wear bomber style jackets in black color just like men but only when it is required. Even if you are a college student or working woman this jacket can help you a lot.

Black Bomber jacket womens usually look great when it is worn with a simple outfit like a t-shirt, narrow or skinny jeans, and chinos shoes. However, it also looks superb if combined with the trousers. Consider black bomber when you want to wear it all day because it can adjust with any dress.

Brown Bomber Jacket

Brown color jacket increases the beauty and smartness of the person’s look. No doubt it’s the best piece of outerwear for casual use and as fashion attire due to its robust design.

brown bomber jacket flight

The cotton made bomber style jacket has its own value, lightweight and easy to wear apparel for every season. Pair it with the blue jeans and a white T-shirt to make your appearance bold and attractive.

brown bomber jacket womens

No doubt brown color increase the attraction and if you wear glasses then every eye will be on you. The most popular style of girls bomber jacket is a zipper style. These type of outerwear usually comes with multi pockets and fully rib-knit.

brown bomber jacket men

Mens used brown bomber style jackets for casual wear because it gives a more appealing appearance. Combine the brown color jacket with a grey T-shirt and dark blue or black pant to get the maximum cool look.

Bomber Jacket Men Styles:

When it comes to look, a fashion trendy man needs a good outfit to make his appearance smart and bold. And this can be fulfilled by the bomber style jacket because it is available in many styles and colors.

Classic Style:

mens black bomber jacket

The classic style jacket is the trendiest choice for winter because you will get two benefits in a single price. Hood will save your head from snowfall and deep pockets will warm up your hands.

Business Look:

bomber jacket style

A bomber style jacket can easily fit with the formal shirt and jeans in a very astounding way. Wear all day without any hesitation, a great outfit for the outdoor working man.


brown bomber jacket for men

Brown bomber jacket is also in trend for men. It comes with quality knitted cuffs and hems for a slim cut.

With Patches:

bomber patched jacket

Bomber jacket not only comes in plain styles because it is also available in fully embroidered patches with big pockets and fur collar. If you are style savvy person then choose these types to make your appearance cool. Many celebrities wore these types of a bomber style jacket with patches in movies and serials.

Floral Printed Jacket

Nowadays printed style jackets are becoming popular among the fashion savvy youngsters because it attracts the attention of others quickly. It is not likely wearable for formal occasions but if you’re more into street fashion, this won’t make you feel bad.

floral Bomber jackets

This cool floral print jacket works extraordinarily great on the brown pant and white shirt. You can participate in costume parties and even in Halloween with this jacket.

These all are the bomber styles for men. A good jacket can make personality smarter and decent. Its uniqueness differs you from others in the society and at the workplace which is the need of every person.

Women’s Bomber Jacket Styles:

Women also like the bomber style for the jackets due to its classiness and lightweight. Many ladies want to compete with men to look bolder and stronger that’s why they wear jackets all day. There is no restriction for ladies to wear bomber style jackets at all and also there are a wide variety of colors and styles available especially for women. Check out the below samples.

Hooded Bomber jacket:


cotton blue bomber jacket women

An incredible cotton bomber jacket for women specially designed for spring and summer season to give comfort and elegant look both. Pair this jacket with white jeans and a T-shirt.
bomber jacket with hood womens

Black plush bomber jacket with hood is a great item for women to wear at party and festivals. Wear it with black jeans and a white T-shirt to give contrast. A valuable jacket for fashion wear.


pink jacket bomber women

Looking for a stylish bomber jacket womens then it will be your best jacket ever. This beautiful pink jacket will suit with every dress easily and you can go to the party by wearing this awesome attire.

Quilted Style Jacket:

green bomber jacket

The green bomber jacket is also a good choice for stylish ladies. A working woman should own this jacket for safety and cute outlook. No matter what’s your dress code is, a bomber style jacket will always make it look right. A wide variety of styles are available in various designs such as quilted, hooded, and fur collar.

Floral style

women floral printed jacket

You can find these types of Floral Bomber jacket around you easily because they are lightweight and breathable. They can be wearable with jeans and a shirt and other dresses depend upon your need and choice.

Red Bomber Jacket:

Have you ever wore a red color bomber style jacket! Take a look at these to think once again because red color also leaves a good impact and considered for its attractive and lovely color.

womens red bomber jacket

It only takes one simple and smart red jacket in a bomber style to complete the fashion. No matter what’s your age, red color jacket always works perfectly. Try wearing it over jeans and a simple tee, you’ll get the idea.

red bomber jacket

If you think red color is only for ladies then you are wrong, check this young man looking badass in the hooded red jacket with a striped shirt and black jeans. The only thing you need is a passion for fashion, which makes the person able to wear awesome outfits. You can make your own style, just try it randomly.

Materials used in these jackets indicate the seasons they are created for like thick for winters and thin for spring and summer. Its styles are not restricted like other jackets and you can choose any material such as leather, fleece, wool, nylon, cotton, etc.

If you never tried this type of fashion, consider doing at least once in a life and you’ll see why it is more appreciated than other jackets. Check here

That’s all and I hope you will like it. Feel free to share with your friends.

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