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The Best Halloween Costumes For Boys To Wear

Boys Halloween Costumes

Our survey shows that young boys love to go to costume parties the most. It is because, they, for a brief moment of time they can hide their insecurities and troubles and become someone else. And mostly that someone is a recreated version of themselves, a version they can relate to, a version they aspire to be. But sometimes it’s not easy to figure out what which character will suit you most and which identity you should impersonate on the big eve of Halloween. This is where we come in, we devise lists and handbooks to guide and give you ideas about various Halloween costumes. As you can see from the title our focus today is on boys. The Top 50 boys Halloween costumes will help you guys to solve your costume problems.

Boys Halloween Costumes

  • From Superheroes


Batman (Product Page)

The Cape Crusader is almost the most worn costume of all time. Even this year there will a huge amount of boys dressing up as the Batman. And you can show them how it is done with innate perfection.


War Machine (Product Page)

The War Machine suit also belongs to the Tin Man. This is the gear he uses when he is at war with the extra terrestrials


Iron Man (Product Page)

The most famous Marvel superhero’s costume is very vibrant and tantalizing. The Iron Man suit is an absolute delight to wear.


Superman (Product Page)

Off course the Big Blue is on our list of boys Halloween costumes. Now list, I mean no list is complete without having Superman costume on it.


Hawkeye (Product Page)

The Bull’s Eye Bobby of the Marvel universe Hawkeye is an extreme cool character to impersonate coming Halloween.


Falcon (Product Page)

Fly high with this latest Falcon costume from the recently released movie Captain America : Civil War.


TMNT (Product Page)

For the last several decades Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ruling the cosplay world. There are always a dozen of people hiding inside these costumes. This time you try it and see how it feels.


Black Panther (Product Page)

The costume of the Wakandan Prince is no less than a heart robbing beauty. The all black outfit with panther faced mask is just perfect for this spooky night.


Captain America (Product Page)

The patriotic boys of America must suit up as the First Avenger to show their love for to country. This boys Halloween costume is very much in fashion these days.


Antman (Product Page)

Recently boomed to fame with a record breaking movie of the same name. This Stan Lee character has created and Antman costume to die for.


Nightwing (Product Page)

And this is another popular character of the Batman family. His costume is very glary and impressive and all the DC fans will enjoy adorning this attire.


Robin (Product Page)

The Boy Wonder is our favorite side kick and all the boys are dying the make this their Halloween outfit.


Flash (Product Page)

The Sultan of Speed aka Barry Alan is a very popular choice this year make sure you get your Flash costume in time.


Hulk (Product Page)

The Green Monster is very frightening when angry. We are sure you will get a lot of sweet things if you wear this costume as no one will dare to piss you off.


Star Lord (Product Page)

The Interplanetary cop is a hot top these days as the sequel to “Guardian’s of the Galaxy”  will merge with the avengers. Apart from that the Star lord costume is unorthodox and praise worthy. That is why it makes the top 50 boys Halloween costumes of all time.


Thor (Product Page)

Boys will look adorable as well as fierce in this Norse God’s Costume.


Snake Eyes (Product Page)

Boys who want to bag more candy and even more girls should plug themselves in this American hero costume.

  • From Star Wars


Darth Vader (Product Page)

Even though we have hated Darth Vader for much of the golden age of Star Wars but did admired his dark black costume.  And every one in four boys dress up as this prolific father in every Star Wars convention and costume parties.


Stormtrooper (Product Page)

This is the year for the biggest and the bad-est  Stormtrooper fans. You have the chance to show the rebels that are more powerful and a better cosplayer then those  puny Jedi warriors.


BB8 (Product Page)

The lasted lovable droid of the starverse that we saw in The Force Awakens. You can become just the adorable robot by bringing home this boys Halloween costume.


Boba Fett (Product Page)

Boba is fett is a Mandalorian bounty hunter. The ruthless assassin’s costume looks as deadly as him and you can have this Boba Fett costume in just a few dollars.


Luke Skywalker (Product Page)

The luke Skywlaker costume is classical and comfortable costume. And many Star Wars fans will prefer this costume over any other outfit.


Anakin Skywalker (Product Page)

I have added this costume to my list of boys Halloween costumes not just because of the popularity of the Star Wars franchise but also because it is a very unique outfit to wear this Halloween.


Finn (Product Page)

The latest dude in the Star Wars universe. But he has made a name for himself already. And there I have received many requests to find the perfect Finn costume for them.


Yoda (Product Page)

“Do or do not, there is no try”. Master Yoda said these lines many decades ago (or into the future). Just as so his costume is still foxy to wear till date.


Chewbacca (Product Page)

I just feel stupid to tell you anything about this beloved character. You know all there is to know about this lovable creature. And now you know where you can find a costume of Chewbacca.


X-Wing Pilot (Product Page)

Boys love X-Wing Pilot suit because it makes them an astronaut and a movie character at the same which is a dream come true. Actually its two dreams come true in price of one.

  • From Cartoons


Spongebob (Product Page)

Undoubtedly the most famous and loved characters in American cartoon industry are Spongebob and Patric . With the help of this boys Halloween costume manual as Sponge Bob in this beautiful costume.


Ben Ten (Product Page)

Boys will be boys no matter how old they are. They will watch Ben Ten when ever it’s on TV and will love to dress up as him whenever they get a chance to do so.


Popeye (Product Page)

Popeye the Sailor Man *Pop Pop*…the kids and their mothers all like Popeye and there is no chance of us missing out on this macho personality.


Goku (Product Page)

Bring out your tail wagging mood with this dazzling Goku costume. The cartoon made waves all over the world and just as so you will make wave on the night of the dead.


Wolverine (Product Page)

Wolverine is an animal (social maybe) who has alert senses, enhanced physical properties, and the rapid healing factor. He is known for his strong ability to regenerate and his fu** all attitude. You will look superb in the immortal boys Halloween costume.

  • From Famous Movies


Optimus Prime (Product Page)

Optimus Prime is loved by all because of his strong moral character and its very witty jokes. It is a bluish-grey robot with excellent combat skills. He wants to establish a peaceful place where bots’ and humans will live in harmony and it would have been true if not for the chaos caused by the deceptions. Click on the picture to see full description of the costume.


Bumblebee (Product Page)

Are you small, short or skinny and possess big ambitions? Want to prove the world that your might and courage is actually bigger than your own self? If yes, you better prove it in style. Become a Bumblebee! Like you Bumblebee is a small and is trying to prove itself to the other auto bots. This Boys Halloween costume will ease you through the ways you can became a bumblebee.


Skellington (Product Page)

For those who don’t know who Jack Skellington is, he is patron spirit of Halloween. He is the king of Halloween town and is responsible for all the celebrations of the spooky night. Now tell me who wouldn’t want to dress up the king of Halloween?


Top Gun (Product Page)

Top Cruise made air force look sexy again in the action filled movie Top Gun. Make sure to buy a “Rey-Ban” aviator with this boys Halloween costume.


Edward Assassin Creed (Product Page)

The popular game is now adapted as a movie and it’s high time that you dressed as this superlative character.


Dinosaur (Product Page)

Scare everyone with this dinosaur costume.


Peter Pan (Product Page)

It will be eye candy to see you as the free spirited, mischievous leader of the lost boys. Plus you might just look border line sexy in this outfit.


Fordo (Product Page)

The main protagonist in the J.R.R Tolkien world of hobbits is the little Fordo. This hobbit costume is most glorious of the boys Halloween costumes.


Legolas (Product Page)

This elf costume always remains in the boys Halloween costume handbook no matter what. And the reason is the outrageous popularity of LOTR.


Ringwraith (Product Page)

Well let me confess of all the horror movie villains and creepy or ghostly character I have seen in my entire life none is near as daunting as this one. Boys if you want to scare the hell of other kids this the costume you should wear.


Gandalf The Grey (Product Page)

Nearly all the fiction fans love the story of this epic saga that entails love, friendship and courage. And dressing up as the jolly wizard will surely get you some expensive toffee.


Harry Potter (Product Page)

Knock Knock! Who’s there? You know. You know who? Exactly Avada kedevra!! And what to do when “you know who” is here we call Harry Potter. So hurry up and dress as Harry to put an end to voldmort’s evil doings.


Spock (Product Page)

The logic dictates that we add the infamous General Spock to our list as he is both famous and loved by the people of all ages.

  • From Super Villain


Reverse Flash (Product Page)

And if your brother is dressing up as The Flash then you can kill his mood and dress up as the Reverse Flash.


Joker (Product Page)

Although we have added this to our list of boys Halloween costumes. But we recommend you not dress any child under 10 in this dark haunted Joker costume.


Bane (Product Page)

The deadly mercenary Bane costume is also a very scary choice for this year’s Halloween Party.


General Zod (Product Page)

The outfit of this kyptonian phantom is scary and daunting which are the reasons kids will love to wear it on the spooky night.


Willy Woka (Product Page)

And who doesn’t remember this cringe worthy villain from the Charlie and the Chocolate factory. You will look good in this costume and dressed as the chocolate lord of the world you wouldn’t have to worry about any candy.

Now these are the top 50 boys Halloween costumes that are in demand his year. We have given you a lot of ideas and you can choose to which every costume you like the most.

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