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Business Casual with Jeans – 6 Tips for Achieving the Right Look

business casual with jeans

A business casual look is a carefully balanced styling possibility between formal attire and a comfortable office clothing choice. Dressing in business casual looks professional yet feels comfortable as your office apparel. Although the dress code can vary from one workplace to another, business casual with jeans is becoming a norm nowadays. You might find yourself working in a place that allows jeans with business casual on a casual Friday. 

When it comes to wearing a pair of denim jeans to your workplace, you can either nail this outfit idea or fail altogether. So, how can you tell which jeans are suitable for your office clothing? How can you style it with other clothing options to look neat and professional at the same time?

To answer your questions, let us take you through some tips for which jeans to pick for your professional dressing combinations and ways to style them. 

Tip # 1: Avoid Ripped, Distressed Jeans

blue ripped jeans

We cannot emphasize enough that a pair of ripped or distressed jeans are not professional apparel. For example, if you want to dress in business casual attire for interviews or meetings, knee-holed jeans should be your last pick.

Although distressed jeans may look cool but are not meant to be paired with a professional suit. Similarly, jeans with patches are stylish options for any casual outing but might not be good for a business casual Friday.

Tip # 2: Pick Solid Colored Jeans

solid blue color jeans

Picking a color of jeans for a business casual look can be crucial. You don’t want to dress in bright and odd colors in your office. Going for solid colors is the best option when you want to dress in business casual attire. The range of colors can be from pale to dark, but black, gray, and blue jeans are evidently the popular ones.

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If you are a denim lover, you already know about acid-washed jeans and how to style them. But considering them as an office wardrobe obviously depends on the scenario. If you work at a trendy startup with rocker vibes then yes you can pair them with your other clothes. But in general, a well-dyed and solid color is preferred over light acid-washed denim for professional dress-ups. 

Tip # 3: Premium Fabric, Fantastic Styling

denim fabric types

Jeans fabric is important when dressing in business casual as jeans fabric plays a vital role in a neat sophisticated look. Your goal should be to have quality jeans-producing manufacturers to meet your expectations for business casual office attire. You don’t want your office colleagues to witness you in something you pull out of your closet on weekends. 

You should look to find a brand that has the right cut of denim for your body type. When you do so it will especially affect your overall style. Getting the cut and fabric type right for yourself will result in some gorgeous clothing combinations and pairings. Such as, you can pair this look with a blazer for an elegant look.

Tip # 4: Use Accessories to Up The Style

accessories for men styling

Accessories are essential to help you make the ultimate fashionista. For men, looking to up their business casual look with jeans, a belt, wallet, keychain or any other little accessory can make you stand out prominently.

A good and elegant-looking leather buckle belt will not only go perfectly with denim, moreover but will also be able to bring a formal touch to your wardrobe.

Tip # 5: Business Casual with Jeans and Jacket

jeans and jacket with sneakers

Speaking of wardrobe, when looking for business casual, men can style their wardrobe with jeans and many other options. But one must tilt towards the formal territory. A jacket can play a pivotal role in giving you that extra edge to go with your formal attire. A leather jacket is among some of the best picks if you are looking for a jacket to style for a business casual look

In summer, you can wear a polo and jeans to give you that comfortable yet formal attire for your office. In the winter season, you can pair denim with a dress shirt and a formal knitted sweater for an urban look. However, for outdoor activities, a leather vest should be your best pick for a balance between business and activities.

Regarding footwear, depending on your workplace, you can pair sneakers with business casual attire for a laid-back look. You can also have boots with your business casual attire for a bold and edgy look.

Tip # 6: Get them Tailored for a Fitted Look

fitted denim jeans

Lastly, there is a low chance for you to get good quality perfectly fitted jeans off the rack. You will need your jeans to have a comfortable and professional look according to your body. For this reason, it is always a good choice to get your jeans fitted for you to be worn to your casual Fridays.


  • Try to avoid wearing ripped, distressed jeans and jeans with knee holes to your workplace.
  • Solid-colored jeans are much better than light-colored acid-washed types of denim.
  • The fabric of the denim should be top quality without any damage to it.
  • You can make a good lift in your style with the help of different accessories (i.e belts, wallets, etc).
  • A business casual look with jeans can be different for different weather.
  • It is always good to get your denim fitted for a more professional touch to your wardrobe.


The definition of business casual dressing may have variations from office to office. Some workplaces want you to dress formally with slight ease of going casual. While others let you pair fitted jeans with your wardrobe for a laid-back look. Whatever the scenario, you want to look your absolute best and professional. You need your jeans to be well-fitted to go with your business casual look.

A ripped or distressed pair of denim should always be avoided to have a professional dressing sense. Similarly, types of denim with bright and bold colors should not be your choice for professional attire. At the end of the day, the pair of denim you pick will largely affect your business casual look in the long run.



As the name suggests, business casual is a blend of business and casual attire. A mix of wardrobe that is casual and comfortable yet leans towards a professional look is considered business casual.
A business-appropriate dressing, in which one has to dress completely in a suit with tie and a tailored pants. It is mostly used for business lunches, meetings, and conferences.
A business casual dress code provides a slight relaxation in full business attire. Therefore, some tweaks can be made, such as a tie can be omitted and different pants can be selected. Pants like khakis and jeans can be styled for this dress code if styled properly.
A pair of denim is considered business casual with some exceptions. It is important to pick jeans that are not ripped or damaged, have a solid color, and are not acid-washed. It is crucial to avoid bright colors and flashy details.