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A-Z Costume Guide To Be Captain America

Captain America Costume Suit

If you’ve experienced the Comic-Con event ever, then you may have found many people in the cosplay of Captain America. He has got many different styles of attire that differs from the movie like The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron or The First Avenger.

If you want to become a part of it, then here are the merchandise and accessories that can help you fulfill the desire. The items are budgeted and, will give a perfect look. Here are some of the best Captain America Costume can buy.

So let’s start the list.

Avengers Endgame Costume:

Captain America Endgame Jacket

Captain America  Blue Jacket

The construction is similar to the black version with a bit of adjustment. Detailing are done so well that it looks identical to the original.

captain america quantum leather jackets

Captain America Quantum Jacket

A stylish leather jacket of your favorite superhero, also available in hooded style. Now it’s time to grab Captain America accessories.


Infinity War Sheild (Product Page)

Somebody give this man a Shield! Yeah, the iconic new shield is now available. Made of leather material.

captain america gloves

Gloves (Product Page)

In order to break the jaw while looking look cool, you need a pair of these awesome brown fingerless gloves. Screen accurate designing and made of leather.

Star Lord Trouser

Trouser (Product Page)

These motorcycle trousers feature elegant stitching and provide ultimate comfort. It also comes with removable liners to keep it dry after getting wet.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Shield

 Boots (Product Page)

Your Captain America Infinity War Costume can’t go without wearing some matching pair of boots.

 Captain America Civil War Costume

Captain America Civil War Helmet

Captain America Civil War Helmet (Product Page)

Every attire comes with its accessories, and the outfit looks good only with those items.   The movie inspired helmet is durable, flexible and will fit most of the ordinary mortals.

Captain_America_Jacket civil war jacket

Captain America Civil War Jacket 

Are you looking for a cool leather jacket of Captain America for the Halloween party or casual wear? This awesome jacket is waiting for Captain America’s fans. Wear your favorite superhero jacket to show your love and passion.

captain america compression shirt

Captain America Cosplay Shirt (Product Page)

This long sleeve cosplay shirt is an immaculate example of excellent design and top quality work.  It will be equally useful when done with the guide.

tactical trouser in blue

 Pants (Product Page)

The most suitable pants are now available in front of the screen. The details are really amazing, you can visit the link to see.

 Civil War Shield

Captain America Civil War Shield (Product Page)

Like the helmet, pant, and cosplay, this item is also necessary, designed exclusively for the Captain America Civil War Costume Kids and Adults.

Captain America Civil War Belt, Harness and Gloves

 Civil War Belt, Harness, and Gloves (Product Page)

Here we have a belt, gloves and a suspender. The same can be used for different cosplay merchandise.

Captain America Civil War Boots

 Boots (Product Page)

The design is screen accurate and quality is very optimal. These shoes match the costume and there is no need to ask about anything else.

Captain America Avengers: Age of Ultron Costume

Captain America Age of Ultron Mask

Captain America Age of Ultron Mask (Product Page)

The Age of Ultron helmet is the main attraction of any of the Captain America costumes for adults. So the bottom line is if you are going to dress as Capt. from the second Avengers’ movie, you need this helmet.

Captain America Age of Ultron Jacket

Captain America Age of Ultron Jacket

When two things available in one offer who can neglect it? A Captain America jacket and made up of genuine leather with very detailed designs. Get this jacket for this Halloween or for casual wear to look different in the society.

Captain America Age of Ultron Gloves

Age of Ultron Gloves (Product Page)

Gloves are also present on the internet; just click on the link provided to add excruciating add-on for your Cap’s cosplay.

Captain America Age of Ultron Pants

Pants (Product Page)

The trousers displayed here will look better with other Captain America Costume Adult. They are made up of the mixing of polyester and cotton which makes it comfortable and reliable.

Captain America Shield Red and Blue

Captain America Age of Ultron Shield (Product Page)

The shield shown here bears a traditional star logo, also has the Winter Soldier star logo to let it be known for cosplayers to choose accordingly.

Captain America Age of Ultron Boots

Captain America Age of Ultron Boots (Product Page)

We have picked these shoes for Captain America cosplay costume which is sturdy as the First Avenger and stylish. It will help you blend while keeping the feet comfortable.

captain america costume

Age of Ultron Adult Suit

This one is highly detailed and the most attractive outfit of all time as well.

age of ultron costume kid

Age of Ultron Child Suit

Classic red and blue Avengers Captain America Outfit is for little ones entirely designed to look exactly like Cap in Age of Ultron.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Costume

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Helmet

 The Winter Soldier Helmet (Product Page)

The iconic merch with the ever famous “A” logo on the front is more than just a helmet of the first Avenger; it serves as an ID card. The Winter Soldier Helmet comes with an adjustable strap on for perfect fit.

Captain America Winter Soldier

Captain America The Winter Soldier Shirt

This fancy shirt is the hot prop right now and the best pick for Captain America Cosplay. Finest quality cotton is used to make the shirt with the essential Star Logo.


Captain America Leather Jacket 

No doubt everyone has its own choice if you are a rider and want to wear a leather jacket instead of a shirt. so it is available now to fulfill your desires.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Pant

 Pant (Product Page)

Now with the helmet and cosplay in the right place, you need the right pants with them. Unlike any other Captain America costumes that are multicolored, the pants here are perfect for the chosen outerwear and very comfy.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Shield
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Shield (Product Page)

Although the original shield is costly and the one featured here is made of plastic and will just cost you $25. Looks similar to the original.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Shield

 Boots (Product Page)

Showing you the replica synthetic soul shoes with a faux leather exterior. Made for fashion and cosplay.

winter soldier adult costume

The Winter Soldier Adult Suit

Nevertheless, the suit comes with a package of shoes, helmet, and shield.

captain america child costume

The Winter Soldier Child Suit

Polyester is used for the exterior of the suit. This also makes the dress light to wear.

Captain America The Avengers Costume:

Captain America The Avengers Helmet

Captain America The Avengers Helmet (Product Page)

The inspired design of the movie. It is a very affordable replica found online.

Captain America Winter Soldier

The Avengers Shirt

The mixture of such materials is an outlandish approach to providing comfort and relaxing experience.

Captain America The Avengers Pants

Pants (Product Page)

The solid color pant looks awesome and once you wear it with the above item, it’ll create a rocking personality.

Red Leather Gloves

Gloves (Product Page)

The red gloves will add extraordinary detail to your outfit so don’t forget to make them a part of your new cosplay.


The Avengers Boots (Product Page)

This is precisely the best boots available and also matching criteria for Captain America costumes. Wear them whenever and wherever the occasion wants.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Shield

 The Avengers Shield (Product Page)

There are more than a thousand shields available at Amazon, and you can have your pick of the lot. The shield has light and sound effects and is roughly between 12” to 13”.

Captain America The Avengers Adult Suit

The Avengers Adult Suit

This Captain America suit was worn by the one and only Chris Evans. It comes in a complete package including gloves, helmet, shield, and shoes.

Captain America The Avengers Child Suit

The Avengers Child Suit

This kid’s Captain America Costume is going to rock your child’s cosplay party. The classic attire brings back nostalgic moments.

Captain America The First Avenger Costume:

Captain America The Avengers Helmet

Captain America The Avengers Helmet (Product Page)

The First Avenger movie is set in the events of World War II. Therefore, it fits more with the vintage style but can work well with others too.

Captain America The Avengers Pants

Pants (Product Page)

We chose jeans because it will be wearable after you are done with the First Avenger cosplay.

Captain America The Avengers Shield

Shield (Product Page)

You can buy the patriotic shield from Amazon. Click on the link to see details.

Captain America The Avengers Boots

Captain America  Boots (Product Page)

The featured boots are perfect for your First Avenger costume. They are a bit overpriced but the best match with the outfit and the heavenly quality will last forever.

Captain America The Avengers Belt

Captain America Belt (Product Page)

The belt is fully functional and contains six pouches to carry important stuff.

Captain America The Avengers Gloves

Gloves (Product Page)

These gloves are different and have a retro touch to them as seen in the movie. Nostalgic accessory for fashion.

Captain America The First Avenger Adult Suit

Captain America: The First Avenger Adult Suit

The Captain America Costume Adult includes gloves, his helmet, and the famous shield. This ww2 suit is a wonderful pick for Halloween.

Captain America The First Avenger Child Suit

Captain America: The First Avenger Child Suit

A highly detailed Marvel Captain America Costume for Boys. Well, it comes without gloves but you can just buy it at Amazon to complete the uniform.

There you have it. So this completes our tour of Captain America suit and outfits. As for the Captain America Costume Women, they can also wear the attire by altering their orders from the items. You can also check this ultimate collection of Avengers End Game costume guide for more superheroes outfits.

If you found our article of Captain America uniform useful, share it with fellow friends and do leave your comments.

The outstanding suit will give you a great outlook of The Star-Spangled Avenger. We hope that you will use one of our ideas to make the best Captain America Cosplay ever.

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