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Detailed Guide To Captain Marvel Costume

Captain Marvel Cosplay Guide

Carol Danvers is the most recent name to take the internet by storm – all thanks to Brie Larson who is chosen to play the character.

She has been around for quite a decades starting way back in 1967. It is again rose to fame after she made her debut in the solo movie and  Avengers Endgame.

Brie Larson outfit features modern touch that can be a great choice for cosplayers. Her fan base is mostly of women who want to strengthen the role of female heroes. Looks like fans of Harley Quinn have a tough competition this time.

Just have a quick view of the following Captain Marvel Cosplay that includes all items you need.

Items Required:

It’s an ideal time to make the perfect Captain Marvel Cosplay Costume for this year’s Halloween or other cosplay events. Let us show you how.

Captain Marvel 2019 Jacket

Captain Marvel Brie Larson Costume Jacket – Shop Now

This Jacket comes with screen-accurate details that can be used for both cosplay and casual outing purpose. Overall construction is done with leather and goes best with the following items…

Captain Marvel Mask

Captain Marvel Headpiece – Shop Now

In the stand-alone movie, she dons a half face mask when flying across the universe. We found a similar style headpiece for your cosplay.

Captain Marvel gloves for adults

Captain Marvel Gloves – Shop Now

These red gloves will add more detail and authenticity to your Brie Larson Captain Marvel Halloween Costume. Not only that but they will also protect your hands from the scorching rays of the sun.

Captain Marvel Wig

Women’s Blonde Wig – Shop Now

She’s blonde and you know that too. So if you want to create a similar look, this wig will do the trick but only if you prefer to. It’s an optional item!

Captain MArvel Pant

Captain Marvel Cosplay Pants – Shop Now

For the lower section, you can either use your blue tights or add this navy blue legging. These leather slim stretch leggings are perfect for your attire. They will dwell with the jacket so well that you will not be able to differentiate between the original cosplay and yours.

red womens captain marvel boots

Captain Marvel Red Shoes – Shop Now

To kick some serious ass, Carol Danvers needs shoes that are sturdy, durable and at the same time comfortable. You, on the other hand, will refrain from the ass-kicking business so you will need shoes that are more comfortable than tough. Here are the same but a little less robust and a lot less expensive as well. You must have these shoes for an unerring display of your Girls Captain Marvel Costume.

red captain marvel scarf

Captain Marvel Scarf – Shop Now

The fashionable, stylish and multipurpose scarf will become the main feature of your Brie Larson Captain Marvel Costume. So it is highly recommended you add this item your cart.

Captain Marvel Pin

Classic Pin – Shop Now

To hold your scarf along the waistline and to show your dedication to perfection you ought to have this beautiful pin. This tiny little item will add tremendous detail to your costume.

Complete Captain Marvel Womens Costume:

captain marvel suit

Suit for Adult – Shop Now

Captain Marvel Kids Costume

Captain Marvel Kids Costume – Shop Now

Here, we have given you the perfect Captain Marvel Costume Guide. These ideas are very much identical to the movie and as described.  Please leave your comments telling us how we did. Your opinions will be very much appreciated and be taken into consideration. Don’t forget to share!

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