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Empower Yourself by Donning the Jackets of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Jackets

Carol Denver is one of the most powerful superheroes ever step foot.

Every superhero is identified by his/her signature cosplay suit. Similarly, Captain Marvel has her own iconic gear from comics and latest movies.

If you want to conquer the women’s cosplay universe then check out these Captain Marvel Jackets, one which is the movie style, and the other is a classic one from the comics.

Captain Marvel Jacket maroon

Captain Marvel Jacket 2019 – Shop Now

The suit is a customized version of the Kree military uniform as she was one of them. During the fight between the Kree and the Skrulls, she escapes from the Skrull spaceship in a pod and crashes into the earth, where she finds Nick Fury and modifies her uniform into an iconic suit. The exact style of the Captain Marvel Jacket is available for $129 made up in leather material and designed meticulously by keeping the original one in mind.

Captain Marvel Jacket

Captain Marvel Classic Jacket – Shop Now

This exquisite design piece is inspired by the comic book version. This is not just a typical cosplay jacket, but you can also carry it casually to give yourself a more funky look. You can buy this beautiful jacket from the website for just $129.

Whether you purchase one or both, there is an additional 10% OFF with Free Shipping when you use coupon code “10OFF” at the check-out page.

So, let us know which Captain Marvel jacket you would like to have?

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