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Superhero Themed Clothing For Cosplay and Fashion.

Superhero Collection

Are you a huge fan of Superheroes? Do you want to dress up like them? Then we got some good news for you!

We brought you an awesome line of Costume Jackets inspired by Marvel and DC characters. The website deals in some of the best styles and most of them are available at nearly half price.

Here are some of their coolest apparels to channel your inner superhero.


Deadpool 2 Jacket
CR: iendgame.

You won’t find any excuse for not owning this UnMerciful Jacket of the Deadpool. Because what makes it a must have is the screen accurate feature that is converted into a leather jacket. What’s more, this jacket has 28% OFF with extra 10% OFF via coupon.

Captain America:

captain america infinity war blue jacket
CR: iendgame

Captain Marvel:

If you’re hyped up for the new sequel then take it further with this ultimate Captain America Jacket. It comes with few details that are worth pointing out like the star, red and white distressed texture and padded shoulders. With this jacket, you will be the superhero in your own realm.

Captain Marvel Jacket maroon
CR: iendgame

Now it’s ladies turn to assume the role of the mightiest female superhero from MCU. This Captain Marvel Jacket by Iendgame is a fantastic leather piece in screen-accurate details and with a price tag of $129.00 ($179 before) on their website.

Harley Quinn:

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket
CR: iendgame

Ready for some Slapsticks?

Don’t forget to put on this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket, a popular design now also available on iendgame.com for cosplayers. It is a definite Halloween outfit which perfectly balances the features of Margot Robbie style.

Robert Downey Camo Jacket
CR: iendgame

The Camo Jacket is so popular it may go out of stock soon so I believe you should reserve one. It is best for all season looks and most importantly, Stark himself approves this.

We are venom logo t shirt
CR: iendgame

If you’re not much into cosplay passion and tired of superheroes, they also have something for your casual fashion like this Venom T-Shirt. Also, available for women.

CR: iendgame

This hoodie is a total killer. It replicates the entire looks from the Homecoming movie but in a more comfortable way. It has a stylish hood which is super customizable thanks to the added drawstrings. And you can order it from Size S – 2XL for only $29.

If you dig these outfits then I highly recommend checking out more cool stuffs on their website All you have to do is head over to store and select your desired apparel from the superhero collection.

Don’t forget to use their on-going discount offer to get 10% OFF.

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