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DIY Guide for Chips Costume to Become Patrol Officers

Chips Costume

So you want to do Justice and Enforce Law? Well, you need to either become a Superman or a Policeman. I know you can’t fly so the only thing left is to wear highway police outfit and encourage safety measurements in your area. You don’t require any training to become patrol officer, just watch the classic series of two goofy officers, The Chips which we also got a reboot movie of the same name. Yes, they are back, and the comedy is higher than before. Today we’ll show you similar styles of Chips Costume you can wear to portray the character.

You too can replicate the likeness of two cops by designing your own Chips Police Costume at home. You don’t have to put lots of effort because we’ll show you the exact style of highway patrol officers clothes that cast wore in the movie. Here are the Things You Need To Create Your Chip Costume

Cop Costume Diy


White Shirt

White Shirt (Product Page)

The first thing you need is a white shirt to wear inside. I’ll pick a white cotton shirt like this one. A good casual choice for men.

Officer Shirt

Sheriff Officer Tan Shirt (Product Page)

The second step is to wear find yourself a tan or khaki shirt. For a close enough choice, go for the above shirt, it looks exactly likes the one from the movie.

Police T Shirt

Sheriff Graphic Tee (Product Page)

Don’t want the shirt! try out this cool tee instead, it’s an awesome shirt with graphical detailed front items.

Officer Trousers

Sheriff Trousers (Product Page)

Okay, now comes the part to hide your underwear. This tan sheriff trouser is nice and casual that’ll go with your chips costume collection.

Motorcycle Patrol Boots

Officer Boots (Product Page)

You can’t kick in your police-style without wearing fancy boots. These are heavy-duty Leather boots which come with an oil-resistant feature. You’ll look like a man on a mission to restore the law.


Tactical Police Glove

Cop Gloves (Product Page)

Highway Patrol Offices likes to wear fancy gloves. Like in the movie, both officers were seen wearing black gloves that just look cool. To complete your uniform, it is essential to wear these tactical gloves to build chips costume.

Police Conversation Mic

Officer Mic (Product Page)

Every officer owns a mic to call for backup or send reports. Jon and Frank were also wearing it along with their uniform, and you can also hang a walkie talkie while cosplaying as highway patrol officers.

Police Glasses

Sunglasses (Product Page)

Sure you’ll look like a patrol officer but to activate your bad-ass mode, just wear this fancy sunglasses made especially for cops.

Utility Police Belt

Duty Utility Belt (Product Page)

Going on an undercover mission, don’t forget to wear this Tactical set of Belt to carry your gun and ammunition. Essential for security purpose and chips Halloween costume.

Toy Handgun

Toy Gun (Product Page)

You can’t become a cop without carrying a handgun. This little cool toy gun will do the trick for you, and it comes with two soft bullets.


Toy Baton (Product Page)

If your gun doesn’t work, use this to fight crime. This baton is a toy prop and not meant actually to harm someone. Use it for costume purpose only.

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Motorbike Helmet (Product Page)

Safety measurements come first when you’re pretending to be a cop. Look cool and like a highway patrol by wearing this blue face-off helmet made for bikers.

Highway Patrol Sticker

CHP Sticker (Product Page)

Without sticking this sticker to your helmet, others won’t consider you a highway patrol officer. This CHP logo is essential for your outfit.

 Patrol Patch

Cop Outfit CHP Patch (Product Page)

Finally to complete your whole outfit, just add this patch to your shoulder and everyone will say there is a new COP in town. Best replica of the original.

Being in the officer’s uniform really makes you look cool and impressive but before you start ordering these items, remember to follow the rules and don’t use any of these gadgets for threatening or violent activities. This guide purpose was to help you design your costume for Parties and Halloween. Apart from that, keep things friendly in your surroundings. Stay tuned for more Movies DIY Costume Guides. For related (Beauty and the Beast Costumes).

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