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20 Best Promise Ring Ideas To Seal Your Relationship

Are you ready to propose the one that you daydream about every day? But you won’t! You’re just not ready enough to do that because you don’t have that promised gift to offer and it is the only way you can win the heart. Even though you can commit your intentions through words but a proposal gift is required for such a moment.  Always be confident because this is the moment where things can get more romantic or even uglier so don’t just panic, I will help you signify your commitment and my opinion is to go for the cute style which is the best option to get engaged easily.

Always choose a gift that can communicate a thousand words, but before we jump to the ideas, you need to know what does a promise ring mean?

What Is A Promise Ring?

This ring is a commitment that onOffering Promise Ringe day you’ll tie the knot and in other words, it represents your loyalty and declares that you’re totally devoted to your beloved. Young lovers who after spending all years together had to come to that particular moment where they need to make a promising decision that will remain secure. It is basically the first step to a new story which involves romance and spending more time together. In fact, not only women but men also search for a token of love which both exchange at the same time together.  Some folks usually get it mixed up with engagement rings but the fact they are both different.  Engagement ring means you’ll marry your loved one but a promising ring says “I love you and I promise you one day, I’ll purpose you and we’ll marry.  In short, a pledge can sometimes become vulnerable depending on the circumstances in spite of its commitment while engagement is a confirmed decision.

If that cover up your doubts, now let’s look at some suggested ideas you can consider for a promise.


Simple Promise Rings

Heart symbols are often the best way to prove that you really mean it. It ‘s nice to choose the same matching ring for declaring that you’re attracted to someone without saying a word. I’ve enumerated cute and matching styles that caught my attention.

Double heart promise ring

Double Heart Ring (Product Page)

This ring is truly a beautiful way to express desires and deep affection.  One of the cute promises rings to buy.

Forever Love Steel Ring for women and men

Forever Love Ring Gift (Product Page)

If you want your friends to stay alive forever, go for this elegant heart design for young lovers.

Half Heart Matching Ring

Half Heart Full Steel Puzzle Ring (Product Page)

Above is one of the loveliest gifts you can pick for devoting your loyalty. It’s a puzzle that makes a heart symbol when a both individual connects it together, also a wonderful way to connect hearts.

Frequency Heart beat band Promise Ring

Heart Beat Frequency Bands (Product Page)

You know your heart beats for your love every day and want to check its frequency then pick these beautiful design heartbeat, frequency bands.

Eternity Promise Ring

Eternity Friendship Band (Product Page)

Develop an attachment that’ll last forever by offering this beautiful ring as a promised gift for your beloved.


Engraved promise ring

The beautiful way to express your feelings with words is by engraving it. This practice is trending, and many folks customize their own rings with small but heart capturing love quotes. So for your acknowledgment, here are few loving binding collections you should buy.

Endless Love engraved Ring

“Endless Love” Qoute Engraved Ring Set (Product Page)

Real love never ends, and everyone knows it very well. It respectfully makes your promising more beautiful when you offer a personalize ring such as featured one.

I will always be with you promise engraved ring

“I Will Always Be With You” Men Women Band (Product Page)

Your heart always beats for your beloved, and you just can’t sleep without telling that you like him/her.  The best way to make it lovelier is by gifting this cool stainless steel matching ring band.


I Love you Ring for Promise

Engraved I Love You Heart Band (Product Page)

Romantic friends need a romantic gift, and this featured Engraved I Love You Quote Band really matches the occasion.


infinity ring

The unique thing about this ring is the design that captures our attention. It signifies that love knot is strongly tied together that no one can break no matter what. To strengthen your relationship, you got to check out these listed and beautiful design infinity rings.

Crystal Infinity Friendship Rings

Infinity Friendship Ring (Product Page)

This new style is currently trending everywhere and looks timeless all the way.

 Twist Heart Infinity Ring

Infinity Heart Ring (Product Page)

The best symbol of heart every relationship needs is this featured infinity ring that signifies love for each other.

Committment Ring for Sensitive Skin

Infinity Ring for Sensitive Skin (Product Page)

Some sterling silver starts to shed its substance which can cause infection to sensitive skins. For delicate skin, you should buy this beautiful made out of Hypoallergenic. This gift will bring both closers together.


Princess Crown Promise Rings

Princess Crown has its own uniqueness that offers lots more than just a simple commitment. You may found a variety of such designs online but few I’ve chosen may interest you as well.

 Princess Crown Ring for Fashion

Silver Princess Crown Fashion Ring (Product Page)

If you consider your girlfriend like a princess then crowns her with this lovely silver ring which is also the best token of love.

Tiara Heart Princess Crown Ring

Tiara Heart Princess Crown (Product Page)

A luxurious piece of jewelry meant to tie up the love affair. Also an excellent gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Princess Crown Love Friendship Ring

Love and Friendship Princess Crown Ring (Product Page)

Create a never-ending friendship with this shining ring that will also serve as your love message.

Princess Crown Tiara Open Ring Adjustable

Adjustable Princess Crown (Product Page)

Add a bit of fashion to your romantic affair with this lovely design Tiara Adjustable Ring.


more custome rings

The promise or in other words a friendship ring are available in a variety of styles and is versatile jewelry. It is a never-ending fashion, even if you dig every day, you’ll discover more each time but the important thing is to pick the one that communicates your love. The most common selections are listed below.

Opal Promise Ring for girlfriend

Opal Ring (Product Page)

Consider fabulous opal promise rings for girlfriend that puts an intense impact on the commitment. How about this handmade jewelry prong with a natural small gemstone?

Pink Opal Promise Birthstone Ring

Pink Opal Birthstone Ring (Product Page)

A perfect gift to make anyone say “YES.” Whoever wears it will become a center of attention.

camo Polished Promise Matching Rings

Camo Promise Polished Rings (Product Page)

Go beyond the basic styles at least when you are committing your devotion towards the one that you think all day. For a unique proposal, the featured ring is the best choice.

Female Pink Promise White Ring

Female Pink Promise White Ring (Product Page)

Winning someone’s heart is not an easy job but this one is precious enough to achieve your relationship goals without even saying a word.

White Opal Black New Years Gift

New Years White Opal Gift (Product Page)

This last one can easily extend the duration till your marriage and you won’t even buy an engagement gift either.

Before offering any above Promise relationshipstyles, I’d suggest you select a beautiful location or a season like Valentine’s Day and then do all the honors. Above categorized rings will serve as the best token for enhancing friendship and love. If you found this guide helpful, share it with your close friend’s. (Related: Wedding Ring Ideas)

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