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Core Ideas To Make a Perfect Clone Trooper Costume

In the fictional world, you will clearly see cloning is not a big deal. Talk about superheroes, there are even different clone version of Superman like Bizarro or Batman as a Man-Bat version that looks like a real Bat only wearing pants. But in Star Wars series, there few highly trained robotic soldiers that looks exactly like the Stormtroopers. These galactic armed forces served as a leadership and dedicated their loyalty of Jedi. Apart from that, they are superior armed fighters ready to strike and based on the TV series today, we will show you how you can become a super soldier and gear up the same way as these characters.  I’ve listed step by step items to built your Clone Trooper Costume.

Let’s Modify That Appearance

Clone Trooper Mask (Amazon)

Okay, first you need is to hide that face with a grumpy mask. Let’s put on this Clone Trooper Mask made for both adults and kids. It has a voice change function so when even you speak, your friends will think, hey is that clone trooper. Let’s see what else we got in the box.

Gloves (Amazon)

It is actually kid’s gloves but adults can also wear it and will work out just fine. It’s a great pick for your Clone Trooper Costume. Low price and probably the best there is. Now for the Shirt.

Costume T-Shirt (Amazon)

Both Storm and Clone Troopers has the same look so for that reason, I put up this cosplay Shirt that is both trendy, fashionable and perfect for your Star Wars Clone Trooper Costume.

White Utility Belt (Ebay)

To carry your ammo, you need to wear this Utility Belt based on the actual version of the character. It’s a handmade version due to lack of these belt, I added this one. See more details on the product page.

White Slim-Fit Pant (Product Page)

Premium and high quality denim for your cosplay. It is fitting and let you easily stretch without feeling a slightest stitch. Your cosplay is almost complete and you’re ready to turn into an armed force soldier.

White Sneakers (Amazon)

It’s a huge responsibility to gear up in Clone Trooper Costumes, you got to run and be in position to complete the objectives. For that reason, you must wear comfortable shoes like the featured style sneaker that matches the theme of the cosplay.  Yeah it’s done but wait, there is one more thing left to finalize the suit and you can’t go without it.

Blaster (Amazon)

Weapons are a major part of almost every costume. In Star Wars, every character hold a signature gun or Lightsaber but Clone Warriors however carry blasters to fight their opponents. Here is a toy gun, you don’t need a real one but still this replica version will make you look cool. It’s a safe play toy but still don’t do anything stupid.

There you have it, I hope this will easily help you build a great costume and dress up as the Clone Troopers. TBH, it is not really hard and any Star Wars fan can make it. Just order the required items from above and will sure to add more good stuff related to the character. Check out our more Star Wars Merchandise and Costume Guides.


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