Trendsetting Gemstones Fashion Guide

You can become a CEO or Manager of your own life.Whatever you find fitting and makes you shine, grab it. No doubt today marketplace is full of shiny stuff like take a tiny little gem. Yes, Gemstones are an essence of feminine fashion. Women are attracted to jewelries, and they love every bit of it because it plays a top role in adorning their personality. Likewise, there are thousands of gems you will find today, and each one has distinctive features, powers, and attraction. Yes all of them are beautiful and adds a striking look to the personality, but there are also rare types that we’ll talk about today. Each has its own significance, but there is another theory that not all gems are made for every individual. Here’s a chart that shows a variety of stones according to Birth.

Gemstone Chart

Whether you’re April, September or December, you should pick the one that appeals to you.  If you know your desired choice or willing to learn which one will suit according to your birth or style, then I’ve mention related ideas that’ll give you a proper mindset.

Fashionable Outfits According To Matching Gems

outfits for matching gemstones

Here, I’ll enumerate fashionable ideas of how you can look more appealing in matching outfits. Check out these dresses and accessories that go well with featured jewelry.


Pink Tourmaline Matching Collections

There is not much of a hype for Pink Tourmaline but these stones sure look’s pretty when you wear matching items along. To reflect more, prefer white dress with Pink combination of accessories such as the one I’ve added. Best for casual and formal occasions


Emerald Gems with Matching Outfit

Emerald Gemstone is one of a kind jewel, it’s different some any other stones out there. The most important feature is the crystal shining that captures the attention. When you prefer to wear it with any outfit, it’ll create a desirable appearance. When you mix it with green accessories., it’ll let you blend anywhere.


PURPLE SAPHIRE Matching Dress and Accessories

Besides any other stone, the sapphire gemstone has its own magnificence in many ways.  It is known as a modern stone that is exotic and offers insignia attraction. To look even more appealing, you can choose styles of matching items but I’ll prefer these purple and matching yellow accessories.


Yellow Topaz Matching Outfits

There are certain stones that you can wear with a casual dress and yellow topaz is one of them. Apart from its significance, it can match with almost every gorgeous outfit but green is the actual color for this stone.


Blue Topaz Matching V-Neck Shirt

Keeping everything same from head to toe will make you look more fashionable. For Blue Topaz gemstone, the relatively standard color is blue which should also be the color of your outfit as well.  It usually looks fancier on casual style like it is shown in this photo. It’ll let you reflect and blend. In short, the style will let you move with an impression.


Black Top with Matching White Opal

Black is a good combination when you wear it with aesthetic white opal along with featured accessories for creating a dashing personality.



women in gemstone jewelryIf you ever been to jewelry market, you would have seen beautiful and colorful sets of stones that lures everyone into its beautiful shiness. Each one has its uniqueness and effects that are treasured from different part of the world.

If you’re feeling to switch color style or want to learn about crystal fashion stones, I’ll show you different varieties of styles of jewelry by colors.





blue and green gemstone women

Ocean Bubble Pendant Necklace Earring Jewelry Set

Ocean Bubble Crystal Gems Necklace Set (Product Page)

Green Turqouise Jewelry Set

Sea Green Turquoise Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set (Product Page)

Water Drop Necklace Earrings Set and Bracelet

Stylish Water Drop Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet (Product Page)

Turquoise Ring Set 9

Turquoise Ring Set of 9 (Product Page)

Green Opal Ring

Green Emerald and Opal Ring (Product Page)

Green Opal Shape Jewelry Set

Green Opal Jewelry Set (Product Page)


Scarlet and Red Gems

Garnet Topaz Set

Garnet Topaz Earring and Necklace Set (Product Page)

Red Ruby Heart Shape Ring

Heart Shape Ruby Ring (Product Page)

Red Beads Bracelet

Beads Charms Bracelet (Product Page)

Jasper Beaded Bracelet Set and Watch

Jasper Beaded Bracelet Set and a Fancy Watch (Product Page)


black and white gemstone trend


Pearl Black and White Bead Necklace, Bracelet and Drop Earrings

Pearl Bead Necklace, Drop Earrings and Bracelet (Product Page)

Multi Gemstone Earrings Sets

Black and White Multi Earrings Sets (Product Page)

White Opal and Sapphire Earrings, Pendant Necklace and Ring

White Sapphire and Opal Pendant Necklace, Ring and Earring Set (Product Page)

Bundle Earrings Set and Necklace

Crystal Stone Necklace Set and Earrings (Product Page)

Solitaire Diamond Bridal Ring

Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring (Product Page)


rare gems

Water Drop Jewelry Set Necklace Earring

Water Drop Jewelry Necklace and Earring Set (Product Page)

Stud Square Earring

Zirconia Women Earrings (Product Page)

Gemstone Ring Set

Black & White Rings (Product Page)

Natural Labradorite Charm Necklace

Natural Labradorite Stone Charm Necklace (Product Page)

Gemstone Cuff Bracelet

 Cuff Bracelet (Product Page)

Shades of Aquamarine & Blue Turquoise Necklace

Cluster Pendant with Shades of Blue Turquoise & Aquamarine (Product Page)

The Jewelry Directory of Gemstone

Not all gems are naturally made for every individual. Before purchasing, It is important to know properties of gems and what significance role it’ll play in your life. You can learn all about birthstones by ordering this amazing 176 pages book which describes complete details about stones. This book is designed primarily for jewelry collectors.


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